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Five picks that marked LEC’s sixth summer week

This week was once again full to brim with upsets and wonder plays. These were the five picks that made them happen.

Week 6 was filled with upsets and interesting picks. It was also the first week were the LEC’s games were played on patch 9.14, which brought a lot of changes to the game. While the mid meta seems to revolve around Corki and Azir, players from other lanes brought a ton of surprises, including the champions they rolled with. Let’s dive into our top five picks of the LEC’s sixth week.

Trick’s Sejuani: 3/0/7 vs SK Gaming

Trick Sejuani

Trick landed every clutch ultimate and ended his carry performance with no deaths.

Kim "Trick" Gang-yun has been on a rampage lately. While he had some trouble adjusting to Schalke 04’s style, it seems like he has finally found his footing. His jungle style revolves around closely shadowing his laners, making sure that he can gank at a moment’s notice. In this game against SK Gaming, his early game focused jungling helped Schalke 04 secure the victory.

Trick was actively shadowing his laners since the very beginning of the game. A few ganks in the mid lane give him priority to push his advantage. When the mid game came around, Schalke 04’s lead was already getting out of hand. SK Gaming seemed helpless and could only watch when their nexus exploded.

LIDER’s Akali: 12/3/7 vs Fnatic


LIDER was absolutely popping off against Fnatic.

The new Misfits are a blast to watch. They are extremely aggressive in the way that they approach the game, which results in a lot of kills. This also means that, like G2 Esports, they want to outplay their opponents at an individual level. Adam "LIDER" Ilyasov was one of the key players to make that happen in their game against Fnatic.

LIDER was able to built an early lead in the mid lane, which he was able to extend to the side lanes. After he got a few kills under his belt, he became unstoppable. Near the end of the game he was able to keep Fnatic under their inhibitor turret, just by being there. The threat of a fed Akali alone is able to turn a game on its head. LIDER’s individual performance gave Misfits the edge in their upset victory against the Fnatic powerhouse.

Xerxe’s Qiyana: 4/1/7 vs Schalke 04

Xerxe Qiyana

The creative Splyce jungler debuted his Qiyana in a brilliant way.

Andrei "Xerxe" Dragomir has always been known for his off-meta picks. In this game against Schalke 04 he locked in the new champion – Qiyana. The assassin is certainly not meant to be played in the jungle since she lacks any form of sustain, yet Xerxe was able to make it work.

Qiyana lacks a good clearing speed and sustain in her kit. This means Xerxe had to improvise, and ganked the mid lane pre-3 minutes for a quick first blood. He was able to extend his lead with more early game ganks in the bot lane picking up another kill and an assist. Qiyana is very scary when she’s able to get the snowball rolling, which Xerxe most certainly did. While Splyce had some issues to close the game, in the end Xerxe’s Qiyana gave his team the early game edge that they needed in order to overcome Schalke 04.

Expect’s Rumble: 6/1/6 vs Misfits

Expect Rumble

Expect’s Rumble ultimates brought the victory home for Excel Esports.

Excel Esports is on the rise, and after their first 2-0 week it looks like they figured out what works for them and what doesn’t. Ki "Expect" Dae-han played a crucial role in both their victories this week, a great performance on Irelia on Friday and an even bigger display of skill with Rumble on Saturday against Misfits.

Expect seemed to be everywhere this game. He was able to keep the enemy Vladimur pushed into his tower, while roaming and getting kills on the enemy mid laner and jungler. His equalisers were textbook, burning down Misfits members every time his ultimate became available. Expect is slowly but surely getting back into form, just like the rest of Excel Esports.

Wunder’s Annie: 5/0/10 vs SK Gaming

Wunder Annie

We’re still not sure if Annie top is viable or if Wunder is just insanely good.

We can all agree that G2 Esports loves their off-meta picks. Almost every week we see new things from them. In their game against SK Gaming they opted in for a Tristana mid lane, Yasuo bot lane and Martin Nordahl "Wunder" Hansen’s Annie in the top lane. 

Annie is rarely picked in the toplane because she suffers from extremely low health in the early stages of the game. The mage also is heavily dependant on her passive to stun enemies and set up kills or escape ganks. This means that she is easy to camp once she loses her Flash. However, Wunder was able to not only gain an advantage, he was also able to keep the enemy Poppy from roaming because he exerted constant pressure.

After a fast paced early game, where G2 Esports racked up a couple of kills, it was time for Annie to shine. Wunder landed a lot of key ultimates on multiple targets which set up a great crowd control lock and a lot of damage. This meant that G2 Esports could start snowballing their mid game, like they always do, and finish the game before the 25-minute mark.

Caps’ Tristana and Mikyx’ Rakan could have easily made this list too. Who would you have picked? Let us know in the comments.