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Five picks that marked LEC’s eighth summer week

Week 8 gave us Garen bot and Soraka top. We also have our first playoff spots locked in. Here are the top five champion picks of the week.

The first teams have locked in playoffs, but for most of our contenders it’s still a tight race. This week we saw the return of Qiyana to the Rift, along with some other “special” picks. The first place spot is still in contention, and while it’s likely that G2 Esports will grab it, both Splyce and Fnatic still have a shot at it. Lower down the standings meanwhile, Origen, Team Vitality and Rogue are all still fighting to clinch the final few playoffs spots. Let’s dive into the top five picks of this week to see what picks pushed teams to victory in this past weekend.

Norskeren’s Rakan : 1/5/14 vs SK Gaming


Norskeren Rakan

Norskeren’s perfect ultimate won Splyce the game.

Tore Hoel "Norskeren" Eilertsen is considered one of the best supports in the LEC, yet he hasn’t shown up in our champion picks round-up before. This is mostly due to the fact that other players in his team make more highlight worthy plays. However, this week his Rakan plays against SK Gaming were too great to ignore.

SK Gaming’s jungler Oskar "Selfmade" Boderek set up his team for success in the early game. The team were pretty far ahead, up until Splyce started playing the map.

The game became really close, up until the very last team fight around the Elder Dragon. In the beginning of the fight it looks like SK Gaming has the objective secured, but then Norskeren swoops in for a perfect five-man Rakan ultimate, turning the fight in Splyce’s favour and ultimately winning them the game.

Finn’s Qiyana: 6/0/7 vs Schalke 04

Finn Qiyana

Rogue dominated Schalke 04 with Finn carrying through the top lane.

Finn "Finn" Wiestål is one of those players that most people don’t seem to notice because he isn’t the main carry of the team. Yet, in this game against Schalke 04, he showed up when it mattered the most.

Rogue had Schalke 04’s number the entire game. It seemed like everything Rogue tried worked, and all Schalke 04 could do was stand and watch as Rogue took over the Rift. In this final team fight, Finn sneaks up behind Schalke 04 and delivers a beautiful Supreme Display of Talent which wipes out the entire opposing team. All Rogue had to do afterwards was walk the victory march through the mid lane to Schalke 04’s Nexus.

Wunder’s Soraka: 0/2/11 vs Misfits

Wunder Soraka

Wunder looked for redemption after last week’s disappointing Garen game.

It probably started as a joke when Rogue’s Twitter account asked G2 Esports to play Soraka jungle in their Friday game. Yet, Martin Nordahl "Wunder" Hansen replied to them: “What about Soraka smite top?”. After last week’s Garen performance, Wunder had something to prove.

Wunder saved his Soraka pick for Misfits, but this time around it didn’t seem like it was the first time he played it (unlike with his Garen pick). Misfit’s idea was pretty good: AD Kennen shuts down Soraka pretty hard. In the later stages of the game, Soraka wouldn’t be able to match Kennen in the side lane. In the final moments of the game, Kennen was split pushing near G2’s inhibitor towers but through some great outplays Kennen was forced back. This meant that G2 could all-in Misfits in their own base and take the victory.

Rekkles’ Garen: 4/3/8 vs Team Vitality

Rekkles Garen

Rekkles showed the rest of the LEC how a true Garen main pilots the champion.

Garen has seen a sudden increase in popularity in the LEC. Last week it was picked up by G2 Esports, and this week it was Martin "Rekkles" Larsson’s turn to show what he could accomplish on the champion.  

Garen and Yuumi make for a truly disgusting combination. Of course, we all saw that the early game was terrible, but as soon as Garen gets a few levels under his belt and Yuumi is able to stack the Mejias, the duo become nightmare fuel. Garen and Yuumi together were able to hold the entire Vitality squad in their base while the rest of Fnatic simply rushed the baron. Yuumi is also able to scout for Garen, using her prowling projectile while Garen pushes forwards. While this might have been a one time thing, we certainly hope we can see this again sometime soon. 

Trick’s Sejuani: 10/1/13 vs Misfits

Trick Sejuani

Trick is on a rampage, and this might have been his best game of Summer yet.

Schalke 04’s Kim "Trick" Gang-yun is a fairly convervative jungler. He doesn’t necessarily favor heavily ganking his lanes or power farming. He simply falls somewhere in between. However, against Misfits, Trick showed his true colours.

10/1/13 in a 33-minute game is insane, and the score-line doesn’t even tell the whole story. Trick read his opposing jungler like a book, and carried all three lanes at the same time. He converted one gank into another, all while keeping his farm up to a reasonable level. 

Back when he was on G2 Esports, he was often praised for his masterful pathing, which this game showed. Misfits’ over-aggression was brilliantly countered by Schalke 04’s jungler, which in turn gave Schalke 04 a massive lead. The game was never really close, and after a few big fights, Schalke 04 destroyed Misfits’ Nexus in the mid-game.

Who played Qiyana better? Finn, Caps or Jankos? Let us know in the comments.