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Five picks that marked the 2019 Rift Rivals EU vs NA

The LEC players showed up in force in the EU vs NA battle and we saw some great performances from many different players. Which ones stood out the most?

This year’s Rift Rivals once again showcased why the LEC has a claim to be the strongest league in the world right now. After G2’s win at MSI, their rivals Fnatic capped off a strong performance this weekend by crushing TSM and gifting their region the win.

But victory or not, Rift Rivals is always fun to watch as it usually comes with at least one or two games with some interesting compositions. Pyke, for example, showed up in style this weekend, arguably made popular thanks to G2 in recent weeks. With recent changes, it will be interesting to watch how the meta potentially changes over the coming weeks, and how EU teams lead the way after a strong first half of the year so far.

Below are the five players and picks that helped their team to victory.

Mikyx’s Gragas: 9/1/6 vs Cloud9

Mikyx Gragas

Mikyx’s level 2 Gragas kill set up the snowball for the rest of the match.

G2’s Mihael ‘Mikyx’ Mehle had one of the strongest Gragas games we’ve seen of late.

His first blood against C9 less than three minutes into the match gave an early glimpse as to how the rest of the game was going to go as Mikyx and the rest of G2 triumphed over C9. 

Mikyx shows his skill on Gragas in his first blood of Rift Rivals 2019 against C9’s Sneaky.

The bot lane duo of Mikyx’s Gragas and Wunder’s Neeko were on point throughout the whole match. Wunder’s Neeko is definitely an honorable mention and nearly made one of the top five picks this week.

Jankos’ Lee Sin: 6/0/2 vs Cloud9

Jankos Lee Sin

Jankos had an incredible game on Lee Sin as he punched and kicked his way through C9’s health bars.

G2’s Marcin ‘Jankos’ Jankowski has always been a favorite jungler to watch. He has a wide variety of champions he’s absolutely superb at, including Lee Sin. The same match as above, G2 all-around were playing phenomenally and it wasn’t close at any point.

See for yourself above. Jankos’ first kill comes early in this game as well, right around the four-minute mark.

His smart playstyle allowed him to keep his health bar above zero all game and was a large factor in G2’s domination over C9.

Mithy’s Pyke: 5/1/6 vs TSM

Mithy Pyke

Mithy helps take the new Pyke meta meme to another level against TSM.

Origen’s Alfonso ‘Mithy’ Aguirre Rodriguez has had a strong split this year and carried that over into this weekend’s Rift Rivals.

The recently popular Pyke meta has been a blast to watch and Mithy made OG’s win against TSM look easy as he was one step ahead of them the whole match.

Watch in awe as Mithy goes in with a beautiful flash play to take down Zven, grabbing him his second kill in the match and helping keep his bot lane ahead of TSM’s throughout the rest of the match as they go on to win 17 kills to three.

Bwipo’s Gangplank: 7/1/10 vs Cloud9

Bwipo Gangplank

Bwipo has every reason to smile as he helps carry his team to victory over C9.

Gabriel ‘Bwipo’ Rau is arguably one of the best top-laners in the world right now and his performance this past weekend didn’t give anyone a reason to argue otherwise.

Fnatic sent C9 packing in a fairly dominant fashion after a great top lane performance by Bwipo who took advantage of some mistakes made by his top lane opponent, Licorice.

Bwipo nabs his first kill with the help of Broxah after catching Licorice in a bit of a sticky situation and begins the Gangplank snowball that helped carry Fnatic to victory over C9.

Kold’s Rek’Sai: 9/0/9 vs Cloud9

Kold Rek'Sai

Kold can’t believe how C9 just let him run all over them.

Jonas ‘Kold’ Andersen is always in the conversation when it comes to top junglers and his Rek’Sai pick against C9 proved exactly why. Origen ended up taking the win in just 25 minutes, racking up 25 kills as a team; 9 of them coming from the OG jungler.

Here, Kold comes in with a beautiful first blood that not only started the rampage that he went on the rest of the game, but also helped his bot lane secure an early foothold in the match that heavily factored in to OG’s victory.

Wunder’s Neeko and Caps’ Twisted Fate nearly made it to the top picks of the week. Were there any other picks that you thought stood out? Let us know in the comments below!