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Caps: “The lion doesn’t concern himself with the opinions of sheep.”

Caps, 18, is the Danish mid laner for Fnatic. We asked for his thoughts after the harsh criticism Fnatic faced for their rough start to the season, how the team felt after the tough loss to Misfits in Week 3, and how he bounced back with his Aurelion Sol pick versus ROCCAT.


Last week we interviewed Betsy and he ranked you as third in EU, and said that you’ve gotten worse since your first LCS split. What do you think?

I think Betsy’s opinion is pretty irrelevant, I personally rate him as the 9th mid in EU. So you know what they say, the Lion doesn’t concern himself with the opinions of sheep? I completely disagree with him. I might have dropped in individual skill because I’ve learned so much elsewhere, and this split is just up to me to get my own performance up while also participating in the team.

Who are the top 3 mids in EU right now?

Caedrel… he seems pretty doomed.

Rasmus "Caps" Winther

I won’t rate anyone who’s a rookie, because I haven’t seen enough of them and they’re new to EU LCS. If I don’t judge rookies or myself, I’d rate Perkz as the top, and then there would be a gap. After that, it would be all of the rest of the mids, they’re somewhat the same and I don’t feel much difference between them. Nukeduck and Sencux are under Perkz, and then underneath them is Exileh and that’s only if I’m counting non-Rookies. I think Jiizuke is performing really well right now, but it’s hard to say how he’ll keep going. I have a lot of respect for Blanc and I think he was really good last year as well. Nisqy is… I’m not sure, he seems to be struggling right now, but he’ll probably pick it up and become better than he is right now. And Caedrel… he seems pretty doomed.

Currently Vitality, Misfits and Giants are sitting at the top of the standings table. What do you think about that?

They’re definitely not the three teams I was expecting to see at the top of the standings. None of the EU teams are that good right now, and Vitality and Giants probably won’t stay at the top for long. Vitality isn’t that bad, but Giants is pretty bad.

Vitality and Giants probably won’t stay at the top for long

Rasmus "Caps" Winther

It seems like Fnatic are having a rough start to the season.

Last year we just played the game and the main thing we talked about was champions. But this split we changed a lot of things up, we’re focusing more on practicing certain macro aspects of the game. I like the new focus, it might take awhile before we get used to it completely but in scrims we’re starting to be comfortable with it and now I feel like we just need to be as comfortable and focused on stage. Before we had more of a clear plan and we played reactively and instinctively, but now we want to play the game as correctly as possible.

Rekkles has been underperforming, according to Deficio and Minitroupax, but he went 6/0/0 with a 100 CS lead vs Hans Sama, and he went 8/0/8 with a 200 CS lead on HeaQ. Why has his performance suddenly picked up?

I think Rekkles was always good. The whole team are learning a lot of new things and as a result we’re playing worse. You have to take one step back before you can take two steps forward, you know? It just happens that Rekkles was in the spotlight for the community, because he’s consistent and he’s always known for performing well. And then when the team underperformed, he got the negative spotlight.

Victory lap

Fnatic high-fiving fans after their victory against ROCCAT



Caps, visibly stressed during the Misfits game

The game against Misfits was heartbreaking for Fnatic fans. How did you bounce back after such a long game?

It was definitely tough. The game was basically won, we were so far ahead. I want us to be able to close out the game as quickly and cleanly as we do in scrims, but we weren’t able to which stressed me out and I made a lot of mistakes. That added on to the stress, and then I couldn’t focus, I was doing many bad things and I threw the game hard. The best I could do was to let someone else take over, even though I was fed and it was up to me to carry the game, when I get that stressed out I just need to sit back and let someone else do the talking.

Coming into the game versus ROCCAT, I could see that we were obviously the better team, I just had to calm down and try to focus. As long as I stay calm and focus on thinking straight the game should be ours. I was heartbroken after the Misfits game though, I couldn’t sleep to be honest and I was just thinking all night.

I was heartbroken after the Misfits game

Rasmus "Caps" Winther

We saw that both sOAZ and Rekkles were stacking tears in their inventories at the end of the game. Can you describe the atmosphere on the team?

I don’t think it was that bad, because everyone realised that we had a huge lead because we were a better team than them. Misfits are probably the second best team behind us, so the fact that we could get in a winning state against Misfits that easily proves we’re a strong team. I think it came down to us not being able to focus. Even though it sucks, and it’s something we need to work on, it doesn’t hurt as much as if we were just bad at the game and none of us had a clue about what we’re supposed to do.

EU Mic Check Week 3 - at 3:35, we hear Fnatic's team comms as Rekkles and sOAZ decide to sell their items and buy tears.

You used the Fnatic deathbush strat used twice during the game against Misfits. What’s the thinking behind this strat?

I think the death brush just comes naturally, sometimes you’re just in a state where you have nothing to do, or they won’t expect it. So it’s all a mind game. I think it’s just something that comes naturally and you can’t pre-plan it, it’s something that comes out of a bad fight or a seige.

I’m not sure why we do it more than other teams, maybe it’s something to do with the Rekkles and sOAZ combo, but it’s hard to say because I haven’t played with other teams so I don’t know what their communication is like. We recognise, “Hey we can’t do anything here,” then we see a wave and if we think an enemy will go for the wave, then we wait for them to come.


You finished 6/1/6 on Aurelion Sol. You used to be known as a Aurelion Sol one trick, and you got a pentakill with him in Challenger Series, but he’s not meta right now. Why did you bring him out against ROCCAT?

I haven’t actually played that much Aurelion Sol, I played two games, one on Friday and one on Saturday and we hadn’t scrimmed with it, so the pick was kind of out of the blue. I think we ended up with a lot of mid bans in the ROCCAT game and while I had a bunch of picks I could choose between, in this scenario I felt Aurelion Sol was the best.

It became a bit difficult because of the whole invade with Sejuani invading Zac, and all three of us, sOAZ, Broxah and I got really far behind which is hard for Aurelion Sol. If you fall behind you can’t contest the wave. But luckily, my bot lane was showing up and I was still as strong in team fights as I normally am.


What are Aurelion Sol’s strengths and weaknesses?

Aurelion Sol is strong in the early game because in pretty much any match-up he can push the wave and he has a lot of roam pressure. He can go enemy jungle or both sides, so both sides have to respect him. And in late game he’s strong in fights, if he gets to hit stuff with his stars anything will die. He can hit a lot of targets at once depending on what team composition they have.

He has a unique kit, so his weaknesses are weird. He has the stars so he’s weak in melee range, and he has no range so he doesn’t have wave clear if you can’t go up to the wave. You can’t just Syndra Q-E the wave, or Azir W-Q from afar. He has to actually go up to the wave. So for example today, when I fell behind it was hard for me to do anything and survive. So in that sense it’s a kind of a snowball champ because if you fall behind you it’s going to go really bad, and if you get ahead you can always take the wave and that’s really good.

the best way to play Aurelion Sol is not trading at all and only hitting the wave and then roaming. It’s also the most toxic way to play him

Rasmus "Caps" Winther

Do you have any tips for someone if they want to pick up Aurelion Sol as a champion?

When I first played Aurelion Sol I tried to fight enemies a lot because I wanted to practice hard-hitting with the W and practice my 1v1 with the enemy. But I think the best way to play Aurelion Sol is not trading at all and only hitting the wave and then roaming. It’s also the most toxic way to play him, because it’s really frustrating for the enemy mid to constantly say “enemy mid is roaming!” and it’s toxic for the rest of the team as well, but that’s probably the best way to play him.

What Runes do you use for Aurelion Sol?

There’s two runes right now, Glacial Augment and Phase Rush. Both are good, I’m not sure which one is better as I haven’t played him much recently. In EU LCS we're still on Patch 8.2, so I used Glacial Augment with Perfect Timing and Magical Footwear, but I probably prefer Phase Rush.

Runes 1

The Glacial Augment page that Caps used during Patch 8.2 - now no longer possible on Patch 8.3

For the Phase Rush tree, I’m not sure which is better. Nullifying Orb is strong in some match-ups, but for example against a Corki it doesn’t do that much. So I’m not sure if I would go Manaflow Band or Ultimate Hat, I think either of them are fine. Then I would always go Celerity and Waterwalking.

In the secondary tree I’d go Precision, with Presence of Mind because it’s really strong on Aurelion Sol and gives you unlimited mana. Then I’d finish with Coup De Grace.

Runes 2

The Phase Rush rune page for Aurelion Sol


How did you feel when you found out the Spring Finals are happening in Copenhagen?

I’m definitely excited for the Copenhagen Finals! I hope we can make it there. After last year, we realised that we should probably take it one step at a time so we focus on the regular season. But it would definitely be amazing if we could make it to the Copenhagen Final and win it.

The promo video where the Spring Finals location was announced to be the Royal Arena in Copenhagen.

Your family is from Copenhagen and you seem very close. Can you tell us about them?

My brother Christopher is pro in DOTA under the tag “Ryze”

Rasmus "Caps" Winther

I have older two brothers (28 and 38) and an older sister (33), and all three of them played games when they were younger. My brother Christopher is pro in DOTA (under the tag “Ryze”) as well so I guess that kind of helped when I decided I wanted to move out and live with video games. That definitely helped with my parents because my brother already was a pro. When he did it, he was a bit older and had already finished college, so it was difficult at first for me when I told my parents I wanted to leave school, but here I am.

Last year, there was a time where my parents came every weekend, especially during Playoffs they would come for all of our matches. They were at both of our third place matches, and my Dad also wanted to come to China but I wanted to focus on playing so he didn’t end up coming. We live in the middle of Copenhagen, so they drive and take the ferry to come to EU LCS.

Do you have any closing words?

I want to thank all of my fans, I think the Fnatic fans have always been really supportive since we were struggling in Spring 2017 until we became strong in Summer, despite failing in Playoffs. Even though we might not look that strong right now, I think we are a lot stronger than we look. Once Playoffs come around, we will show what we’ve learned and we’ll be unstoppable.

Once Playoffs come around, we will show what we’ve learned and we’ll be unstoppable.

Rasmus "Caps" Winther