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“Mediocrity is something that I always detested”: Konstantinos-Napoleon "FORG1VEN" Tzortziou aims to make a splash in his LEC return

After a long hiatus, FORG1VEN is ready to return to the LEC stage – here’s what he had to say.

Konstantinos-Napoleon "FORG1VEN" Tzortziou is back in the LEC, flying Schalke 04’s flag. The Greek ADC left the League of Legends pro scene to attend to his military service, but is back and ready to make a splash. FORG1VEN is one of the European ADC gods, well known for his mechanics and outplays when it matters the most. Older readers will remember the outplays that he made with Caitlyn in the 2016 World Championship. He lined up his Caitlyn ultimate to kill the enemy as he was reviving from his Guardian’s Angel. While this might be one of his most memorable plays, it’s certainly not the only jawdropper he’s pulled off.

FORG1VEN has played in several smaller tournaments while doing his service, but 2020 is going to be a definite step back into the spotlight for him. How does the Greek ADC god feel about his return? Is he confident, or still as cocky as he was when he left the scene in 2016?

Returning to the stage

The question in all of our minds is, how good is he going to be? During his military service he wasn’t able to play much, just about two or three games of ARAM a week. 

“I could only be home for about 14 hours a week,” FORG1VEN says. “Since you’re in the army, life is different so playing video games feels less important.” 

He did try to keep up with patches and updates however, and he didn’t find it hard to come back into the game. “League of Legends is like riding a bicycle, the principles of the game that I created and developed have stuck with me,” he adds.

Age itself doesn’t make a difference to Schalke’s ADC, now 27. He was the oldest player during 2016’s Worlds and it didn’t make him feel special then. “Since I have played the game at its highest level for over seven years, most of the players look up to me because of my vast amount of experience.” FORG1VEN says that he uses the phrase “When the moment comes or counts, I am there for you” a lot, but still means it.

Even after all this time, FORG1VEN doesn’t doubt his ability to play League of Legends at the highest level. He still thinks he can compete with Europe’s best. “At the start it can feel a bit weird, but I was always one of the best stage players in league. I always liked playing under pressure since the stakes are higher.”

The Greek ADC says that people remember him for the strong presence that he had inside and outside the game. He told himself that he wouldn’t return to the stage if he didn’t feel confident that he would be able to produce the same results as before. He reveals: “Mediocrity is something that I always detested, I don’t want people to remember me like that.”


FORG1VEN’s goals for 2020 are clear: he wants to be at the top again. Schalke are the key to that: he thinks that his team is more likely to overachieve than to underperform. 

“I don’t really have expectations or demands, it’s just based on my gut feeling, I see us at the top and it’s highly probable,” he says frankly. 

"I see us at the top and it’s highly probable"

Konstantinos-Napoleon "FORG1VEN" Tzortziou

The Greek superstar admits that it still depends on a lot of variables like scrim practice, meta and chemistry of the team. Nevertheless: “The overall team goal is to place equal or better than last seasons.” 

He also says that his team will soon realise that people want them to fail, because of his past. “I will personally do whatever it takes to win. I always give teams an identity and push them to the limit, but this time I’ll do it in a more graceful way.”

The game itself has changed a lot; mages even have a place in the bot lane meta now. FORG1VEN never really had a large champion pool, but excelled at the few champions that he played. Yet, he is not afraid of the change. “I’m aware of the games state right now, and I know how it all works. I always played the meta, but I’ve got picks against mage picks too.”

Misfits is the team that FORG1VEN thinks is the most underrated right now and he's excited to play them in spring. “They have what it takes to make play-offs, even if they are the last placed team in it.” He adds that it’s way easier to perform as an underdog, because players can go in without big expectations. 

Will FORG1VEN take the LEC by storm like he wants? Or will his return to the big stage be rougher than he thinks it is? How has the LEC grown without him and is there still a place at the top for the superstar Greek ADC? We’ll have the answers for you when the LEC Spring Split starts again in January.

What do you think about FORG1VEN? Do you think he has what it takes to stand at the top again? Share your comments and thoughts below.