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Get ready for Rift Rivals

How will your region stack up against its fiercest esports adversaries? It’s time to set the record straight at our new cross-regional event, Rift Rivals. Rift Rivals will be held across the world during July 3-9.

How will your region stack up against its fiercest adversaries? It’s time to settle the score at our brand new cross-regional event: Rift Rivals.

What is Rift Rivals?

Rift Rivals will be held across the world during July 3-9. The event will pit regional rivals against each other in grudge matches for glory and bragging rights.  

Five tournaments will pit teams from all 13 regions with their closest rivals and re-open old wounds as they face their nemesis on the Rift. Each tournament will vary in numbers of invited teams, venues, and format - but every event will pair one region against each other, so you won’t see any games between teams from the same region (no Telecom Wars or the Battle of European mascots).

Teams were selected for Rift Rivals based on the most recently completed split (Spring or Split 1) rankings and will be seeded accordingly for the start of the event. For example, Europe’s G2 Esports will be seeded as EU #1 at the start of Rift Rivals: NA vs. EU. Read on for more details about format at each of the tournaments.

What are the rivalries? Formats?


Latin America North vs. Brazil vs. Latin America South


City: Santiago, Chile

Venue: CLS Studio

Dates: July 5-8


Latin America North (LLN)

  • Lyon Gaming

  • Just Toys Havoks


Brazil (CBLOL)

  • Keyd Stars

  • RED Canids


Latin America South (CLS)

  • Isurus Gaming

  • Furious Gaming


North America vs. Europe


City: Berlin, Germany

Venue: EU LCS Studio

Dates: July 6-8


North America (NA LCS)

  • TSM

  • Cloud9

  • Phoenix1


Europe (EU LCS)

  • G2 Esports

  • Unicorns of Love

  • Fnatic


Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) vs. Turkey


City: Moscow, Russian Federation

Venue: LCL Studio

Dates: July 6-9



  • Virtus.pro

  • Vaevictis Esports

  • M19

  • Vega Squadron


Turkey (TCL)

  • SuperMassive eSports

  • Oyunfor.CREW

  • 1907 Fenerbahçe Espor

  • Team AURORA


Southeast Asia vs. Oceania vs. Japan


City: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Dates: July 3-6


Southeast Asia (GPL)

  • GIGABYTE Marines

  • Ascension Gaming

  • Mineski


Oceania (OPL)

  • Dire Wolves

  • Legacy

  • Sin Gaming


Japan (LJL)

  • Detonation Gaming

  • Rampage

  • Unsold Stuff Gaming


Korea vs. LMS vs. China


City: Kaohsiung

Venue: Kaohsiung Exhibition Center

Dates: July 6-9


Korea (LCK)

  • SK Telecom T1

  • Samsung Galaxy

  • KT Rolster

  • MVP



  • Flash Wolves

  • ahq e-Sports Club

  • J Team

  • Machi


China (LPL)

  • Team WE

  • Royal Never Give Up

  • Edward Gaming

  • OMG


How do I watch?

Below are the languages that the broadcast will be available in for each of the events. All of the Rift Rivals events will be available on Lolesports.


Latin America North vs. Brazil vs. Latin America South

  • Portuguese

  • Spanish


North America vs. Europe

  • English

We’re working with European broadcast partners to get the EU vs. NA event in more languages, we’ll confirm the languages and how to tune-in on EU Lolesports closer to the event.


CIS vs. Turkey

  • Russian

  • Turkish


Southeast Asia vs. Oceania vs. Japan

  • English

  • Japanese

  • Vietnamese

  • Thai

  • Indonesian

Korea vs. LMS vs. China

  • Traditional Chinese

  • Simplified Chinese

  • Korean

  • English

  • Vietnamese

  • Thai

  • Indonesian

Where can I learn more about Rift Rivals?

Stay tuned to Lolesports for more the information about the event including the full match schedule and ticket information.