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How can I watch Rift Rivals 2017?

It’s about to go down! Teams are about to hit the Rift and throw down for glory and international bragging rights at Rift Rivals 2017. Wondering where and when you can tune in and who’s going to be on-air sharing all the action? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Check out this guide and see which of your favorite casters will be on the desk for Rift Rivals 2017, plus find out when and where to catch the events covered in English. Keep in mind that there’s more even Rift Rivals action during the week, but these broadcasts won’t be in English.

NA vs. EU 

The action is sure to be fast and fierce as North America and Europe face off July 5-8 in Berlin, Germany. Be sure to pick your side and get ready for a serious slugfest! 

If you’re looking for additional information on the updated NA vs. EU format and how to buy tickets, check out our primer here and get yourself caught up.

Where to Watch

Twitch Streams: Riot Games 

YouTube Streams: LoL Esports

When to Watch 

Wednesday, July 5: 8:00 AM PT / 17:00 CEST 

Thursday, July 6: 8:00 AM PT / 17:00 CEST

Friday, July 7: 8:00 AM PT / 17:00 CEST

Saturday, July 8: 9:00 AM PT / 18:00 CEST

Looking for exactly when your favorite team plays? Check out our NA vs. EU schedule announcement.

Who’s Casting?


What happens if there’s a tie? What's the prize pool? Read the official ruleset for Rift Rivals: NA vs. EU here.

LCK vs. LPL vs. LMS

Buckle up and watch some of the world’s most feared regions square off in a contest of regional pride. It’s going to be one hell of a show from Kaohsiung on July 6-9.

Where to Watch 

Twitch Stream: RiotGames2

YouTube Stream: LoL Esports

When to Watch

Thursday, July 6: 11:00 PM PT / 14:00 GMT +8 

Friday, July 7: 11:00 PM PT / 14:00 GMT +8 

Saturday, July 8: 1:00 AM PT / 16:00 GMT +8

Sunday, July 9: 1:00 AM PT / 16:00 GMT +8

Who’s Casting?


GPL vs. LJL vs. OPL

Tune in as up-and-coming leagues battle it out for their slice of international dominance. Some of the hottest teams in the region will be squaring off, don’t miss it on July 3-6. 

For Rift Rivals updates from Ho Chi Minh City, check out the event hub, follow @OPL on Twitter, and like the /OceanicProLeague on Facebook.

Where to Watch 

Twitch Stream: OPL

YouTube Stream: OPL

When to Watch

Monday, July 3: 1:00 AM PT / 15:00 GMT +7

Tuesday, July 4: 1:00 AM PT / 15:00 GMT +7

Wednesday, July 5: 1:00 AM PT / 15:00 GMT +7

Thursday, July 6: 1:00 AM PT / 15:00 GMT +7

Who’s Casting?


If you’re looking for extra info on all the Rift Rivals events, check out our massive primer here, where you can get all your format, team, and language questions answered. 

The action’s about to heat up, so make sure to keep it locked to Lolesports.com and follow us on Twitter @Lolesports so you can tell us who you’re rooting for during #RiftRivals2017!