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It’s Time for Fantasy LCS!

We are only 1 week away from LCS Summer Split kicking off and the best way to get hyped for the upcoming action is to get together with your friends for some Fantasy LCS action. Fantasy LCS Drafts will be going live this Friday, May 26 at 4:00 PM PT, giving you almost a full week to get your drafts completed before EU LCS matches begin on Thursday, June 1.

 Here’s what you need to know to before starting your Fantasy LCS draft:

 How does scoring work?

 You have two options for how to score your fantasy league:

  • The First Two Games scoring system is exactly what it sounds like: only the first two games played in each Best of 3 (Bo3) match are worth fantasy points. This is the default option for scoring for Fantasy LCS Leagues. This option rewards players on better teams that tend to win 2-0, as both of their game wins will score.

  • The Best Game scoring system is just as straightforward: only the highest-scoring game for each pro in their Bo3 match is worth fantasy points. This tends to be a more forgiving scoring option, as teams that go to three games won’t have one of their losses taking a scoring slot.

 Remember that once you start your draft, the scoring system will be locked in and cannot be changed.


What about scoring for EU LCS matches?

 As we promised before Spring Split, we kept an eye on how the EU LCS schedule changes impacted fantasy, and we’ve decided to shake things up. Almost all of the NA starters were being drafted ahead of their EU counterparts, leading to less interesting draft decisions. For Summer Fantasy, EU LCS teams that only have 1 match scheduled for a week will have that match count for double points. This will give EU LCS players as many scoring opportunities as their NA counterparts. EU players are still higher risk, as if they have a bad match they don’t have a second day to save their week, but it also means potentially higher rewards, as a crushing day will count double. Now you can go ahead and pick Zven in the first round without feeling bad about it!


When does the Fantasy season end?

 The Fantasy season will end after Week 9 of the NA and EU LCS splits.


Where do I play?

 Head on over the Fantasy LCS website to set up or join a League. Fantasy LCS is only supported on Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and FireFox browsers so make sure you have one installed.


It’s my first time playing, where can I get more information?

 Head on over to the How to Play Guide for more detailed information.


May the drafts be in your favor! GLHF!