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Kold on Exileh: It’s easy to point at one guy and say "This guy is underperforming"

Jonas “Kold” Andersen is the Danish jungler for Unicorns of Love. We asked him about LCS going to Denmark, the game against H2K, playing Jarvan and joining the Unicorns.



Santorin before the game against UOL

Today you played against Santorin, another Dane who also played in NA and came back to EU. What were your thoughts going into the game?

We played against each other three or four years ago at Danish LAN events, and also in the Challenger Series. We have quite a long history, and when he was in NA and I was in EU we would discuss jungle theory. He’s one of the guys I’m closest to in the League scene, so it’s always fun to play against people you know well. We’re both kind of struggling at the moment on our teams with both of us being at the bottom of the table so that’s obviously not ideal for either of us. But when you’re in the game you don’t really think too much about it.

We found out a couple of weeks ago that the Spring Finals will be in Copenhagen, how did you feel about that?

Oooh! Right when I saw that the finals were going to be in Copenhagen in the Royal Arena I was super hyped. This is a huge step for Denmark as a country and esports in general. I’m just a guy who loves esports - if it’s League of Legends, or Counterstrike, I just love watching it. There was a huge CS:GO event just a couple of months ago in the Royal Arena and it was just exploding in Denmark, it was all over the TV. I think this is going to be the step for League of Legends to get people in Denmark to realise people actually want to watch this! So generally I’m just happy for League of Legends and esports to get more attention in Denmark. Because we have a tonne of people in Denmark that play video games, and it’s time for the media to pump it up a little bit and put more focus on it- because it’s just exploding.

In a recent study we did, it was shown that the most common nationality in the EU LCS, at 7 players, is Danish. What is it about Denmark that produces so much talent?

I think Danish kids are just spoiled! We have too much freedom to play video games, and that’s why we just magically get a lot of good players. That’s my take on it.


You had a rough start to the season as the only team to go 0 - 4, but you finally managed to turn around your luck this week. What changed?

we don’t want to have that feeling again: that feeling of going off the stage and not even feeling like you played your best.

Jonas "Kold" Andersen

After last week’s losses, we went back home and sat down for a few hours to talk about how we felt the games went. Some of the losses were easier to deal with, especially the games where we felt like we played well. But we also had games where we just didn’t perform at all, and those are the hardest ones. We all came to the conclusion that we need to try even harder.

We addressed some problems, and we’ve seen some improvement this week. It’s not like when you’re a struggling team, you don’t know how to play, we’re just not on the same page all the time. We’re doing too much stuff at the same time, and people are talking over each other, so we’re just trying to fix all of these small things to make UOL a good team. We’re slowly getting there, it’s not perfect at all, but I can see improvement every week.

But overall we just remind ourselves every week that we don’t want to have that feeling again: that feeling of going off the stage and not even feeling like you played your best. This week, I had the mindset that I don’t want to leave the studio without a win- and I think that showed in our play today.


Exileh’s been under fire recently for being the weak link on UOL. What do you think?


Exileh looking thoughtful during the game versus H2K

It’s always easy to point at one guy and say “This guy is under performing” or “This guy is not doing his job” but in the end, we go back home and study the games and we understand why we’re making these mistakes. Sometimes it looks like Exileh is just the guy making mistakes, but it could be WhiteKnight not calling miss on his top laner roaming, or stuff like that. He knows he had one bad game against Schalke where he didn’t perform as he wanted. But he has a lot of knowledge about the game but sometimes tries too much at the same time and this is what he’s working on. If he can get his confidence back from his prime in Unicorns, he will be a scary player. So we’re working on it.

You guys had a great team fight just before you took baron where Exileh picked up a double kill. How were the team comms at that point?

This was the first time where we were in a state where we felt like we almost had the win. We’re pressuring them everywhere and it was just about time for us to win the game. Everyone was talking all over the place -five people were all talking at the same time, it was hectic. It was hard for us to hear what was going on. I had to tell everyone to calm down a little bit, to set it up properly so we could talk one at a time. But it was a great feeling honestly. I could just feel how excited everyone was that we finally got to the point where we could win the game, you know? Even though it was a slightly chaotic, it was a great feeling.


JARVAN IV: The Exemplar of Demacia


In your game against H2K, you finished with 2/0/7 on Jarvan. What do you think about him as a champion right now?

Jarvan is overall a safe champion that you can pick into almost any composition. He has a super strong early game and team fighting. He doesn’t really counter anyone, so you give a lot of freedom to the enemy jungler, but if you’re good at Jarvan and you play well you will always go at least 50/50 in the match-up. Back in Challenger Series, Jarvan was probably my favourite champion but he went out of meta for about two years.

Is Jarvan good in solo queue at the moment or is he better for competitive?

I think Jarvan is one of the tanks you can definitely also play in solo queue. If you get ahead early game, you can build full damage and just one shot people. He’s a very diverse champion, and he’s fairly easy to play even at lower elos.

What’s your number one tip for learning to play Jarvan?

Hit your E-Q. And then, if you want to be a montage Jarvan player, go into the Training Mode and learn how to do E-Q-Flash combo, and you’ll look like the best Jarvan out there.

Advice for playing against Jarvan?

You usually want to play something that beats him in a 1v1, like Kha’Zix or Rengar. Or, pick something that can team fight better than him like Sejuani or Zac. It depends on what you like. But generally, if you can dodge his combo, you’ll win the trade.

What Rune Page do you take?

Electrocute, Sudden Impact, Zombie Ward, and Relentless Hunter for Primary. For Secondary, I always go Inspiration for free boots and Stopwatch. These two items provide so much value, and Stopwatch… well, we all know how disgusting this item is.



How would you describe your team?

We have WhiteKnight and Samux, they’re both quite similar, they’re very lazy and sleepy: they stay up late, wake up late, need their coffee in the morning, that kind of thing. But WhiteKnight has this hidden funny side to him. We make jokes where we act like we’re ten years old and we think everything is funny and we talk about weird shit. We have bad humour, but we think it’s funny so it’s fine. We usually make fun of Sheepy a lot and that’s pretty funny. Sheepy reminds me of a Granddad, like you’ll tell him something and then fifteen minutes later he’ll ask “Did you tell me that, or not?”. Then me and WhiteKnight make fun of him and we have our own things and Sheepy just looks at us like “WTF are you doing?”

We also have Totoro, I think he’s hiding that he can be a super funny guy but he’s still getting used to the setting and stuff. There are small incidents where I’m like “What the hell just happened with him?” Like just today, we were waiting to play the game and he walked into the room and he started doing this weird dance where he would wiggle his arms at his sides and then in front of him. Then he just gave us this innocent smile after. But it was in the prep room backstage so nobody else saw. But I’m sure his personality will come out at some point. And Exileh is kind of like a try hard kind of guy who just puts a lot of effort into the game whenever he practices. He’s very focused on playing and he’s more like the serious guy.


From left to right: Coach Sheepy, manager Mathias, Kold, Exileh, Samux and Totoro.

It’s kind of like a big family, you know? They’re as much part of it as we are, just from another side of it.

Jonas "Kold" Andersen

Have you had many interactions with the Love Hurts Crew yet? How have they welcomed you into the fold?

Obviously they’re here at the studio every week, which is great. They’re supporting us a lot. But some of the members are also close to some of the management, our new manager Mathias, Sheepy and Audrey. They all know the Love Hurts Crew, so there was one time where we went to a bar and some of the LHC were there. It’s kind of like a big family, you know? They’re as much part of it as we are, just from another side of it. So it’s really good.

The Love Hurts Crew was out in full force today, and they had a big sign that said “Happy you made it in time, Samux” - do you know what that was about?

Basically, when we were supposed to come back to Berlin after the Christmas break, Samux missed his flight. And apparently this isn’t the first time he’s missed his flight, so I’m just surprised… how do you even miss your flight? I can’t even understand how you’d do that. But apparently it’s happened to him twice already! I’m rather disappointed in Samux… I don’t know how he can do this.


What do you guys do during your free time? Do you all go to the gym?

We do yeah… some of us… mostly me… not so much the others. Our manager is going as well. I mean… when you have guys like WhiteKnight and Samux who are quite lazy and wake up late, and go to bed very late… you don’t really have time to go to the gym.

If the other guys were going to arm wrestle, and you were just judging the competition- who would win?

It’s probably between WhiteKnight and Exileh. We both know both Samux and Totoro’s arms are quite small, no offence to them, but they would have to compete for the last spot.


Tomorrow you’re playing against Vitality- how do you think it will go?

Vitality is kind of a weird team to me, because initially going into the split I thought they were going to be one of the worst teams judging from practice and how they were playing in scrims. But they play very different on stage, you can see that they’re very confident and they don’t hesitate in making plays. Since four members of the team have been together for quite some time, they seem to play way better on stage. Right now it doesn’t matter who’s at the top and who’s at the bottom, it’s about how you play on the day. We’ll have to play confident and play our best to be able to compete against them, but I’ve seen from practice we can definitely beat them.

What would you like to say to your fans?

Right now most of the fans that support me are the Unicorns fans. All of the Unicorns fans go to the studio every week to support us even when we lose. It just… it means a lot. Just in general, the people who are supportive when you’re having a rough time, it feels great. So I hope they will keep supporting us and I hope we can start showing a better performance and get to playoffs where we want to be.

You can follow Kold on Twitter @KoldLoL and the rest of Unicorns of Love on @UnicornsOfLove.