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Krepo's EU Gold Gods

We’ve finally arrived at the halfway point of the EU LCS summer split: rivalries have formed, we’ve seen incredible upsets and 80-minute epics, and EU’s best players have risen to the top. Mitch “Krepo” Voorspoels analyses the standout performers in the EU LCS summer split, as we edge closer and closer to the finals in Krakow!


Fnatic sacrifice Gamsu to give extra resources to Spirit and Rekkles

With the first half of the split officially finished, we can begin to look at how the teams stack up against each other after 9 game days, giving us a good sample size (90 games) to start looking at team-wide gold distribution and resource allocation trends. Statistics aren’t the be-all and end-all, so I’ll add the necessary perspective behind some of the outliers. In this article I’ll take a closer look at one player (Schalke 04’s Fox), one role (Jungle), and one team (G2 Esports).

As an example, let’s take a look at Fnatic. In the above picture we’ve added the actual numbers to give you guys context on how to interpret the graphic. Rekkles earns 23.9% of his team’s income, the average AD Carry in the league is given around 23.1%. This difference may seem small, but it’s quite influential, relatively speaking. Note that Yellowstar won’t be earning more gold than Febiven, but the latter is farther away from the league average for mid-laners in their teams. While the actual percentage difference looks small, we have to bear in mind that with a sample size of 90 games these are differences worth talking about. With that in mind, let’s dive into the stats!

FOX > Eika


Fox receives a huge share of his team's gold, and for good reason

Schalke 04 is one of the pleasant surprises this split. Elements was a team that I personally thought had already hit their ceiling, and while Fox looked serviceable on Unicorns of Love, I doubted the roster swap would mean that much for a very disjointed Elements. Thankfully for Schalke 04, I was wrong. Fox is a distinguishable upgrade over Eika and has brought a lot more balance to the S04 Roster; resources can be distributed, leads can be donated, but that’s not the case with Fox: Schalke’s star mid-laner earns his advantages. In a region where mid lane talent has historically been in abundance, Fox has miraculously found room to grow and, that growth has been staggering. He is the surprise of the split, and his domination is fully backed up by stats:

  • Highest CSD@10 (+6.3) 
  • Highest CSD@20 (+11.2, second place is Ryu with 2.22)
  • Highest in Kills (73, tied with Febiven) and highest kill share in the league
  • 34.3% of his team damage share (second highest out of all players in the league, G2 Zven has 34.7%)
  • 713 DPM, second highest of mid-laners
  • Secured 9 solo kills, only surpassed by Exileh (12)

Steve and MrRallez aren’t performing poorly, but Fox’s stellar performances warrant him receiving a higher percentage of his team’s gold, meaning Steve and MrRallez receive less compared to their respective opponents. That’s a departure from the spring split, where Eika’s lower impact meant Steve and MrRallez soaked up a lot more resources, relatively speaking.

The immense pressure Fox exerts also liberates Steve, who can now perform on both tanks and carries and is starting to play with more aggression in lane. Gilius is falling into a lower-economy, high-impact, ganking-oriented style. He still needs to be more adaptive in  in pathing and be more flexible in style, however. When his ganks fail early he falls too far behind and that’s still a problem for S04; they’re heavily dependant on Gilius being even or ahead in the game as he’s the primary shotcaller.

A look at jungler outliers.

A cursory glance at the Player of the Game leaderboard will tell you Junglers are highly impactful in the current meta. They set the game’s pace and their decisions influence the game heavily, especially in the early game. This is why we’ll take a look at some of the outliers.

Team Gold Distro

The top teams give proportionally more gold to their junglers than other teams

G2’s Trick and Fnatic’s Spirit have both kept their farm-centric style from spring split. Both these Korean junglers show a lot of similarities, despite their slightly different champion pools (Spirit prefers Kha’Zix and Lee Sin, while Trick leans heavier towards Rek’Sai), though both share picks like Nidalee and Elise. They like to prioritize clearing their jungle and invading the enemy jungle, and play a style centered around tactical vision and pressure, as opposed to the more ganking-oriented approach preferred by Trashy and Gilius. However, it’s worth noting that Trick and Spirit showed in select games that they can play more aggressive early styles as well.

Trick and Spirit kill the most jungle creeps in the game (123 and 125 respectively) on average over the course of the game, but while doing that they also tax their lanes a lot in the mid-game. There’s only one jungler who kills more lane minions, and that’s Origen’s Amazing. This is how they consistently gain leads over their peers.

The only other player that stands out aside from Trick and Spirit is H2K’s Jankos. Similarly to how S04 rely on Gilius for guidance, H2K rise and fall with Jankos’ early game: when Jankos is on form, the results are spectacular. Jankos’ snowballing in the early games has generated a lot of H2K’s leads, but the team still looks lost in the mid-game. This is largely because of how inefficiently they play the mid-game (H2K as a team pick up the least CS @ 15-30 out all teams in the EU LCS). This has direct implications on Freeze’s ability to carry, which is why he has more success on utility-based marksmen.

Move over Perkz, there’s a new Sheriff in town.


Perkz receives less gold compared to other mid laners, instead Zven gets the lion's share

The introduction of Zven and Mithy to G2 is definitely noticeable; Trick still has his above-average gold share, but the bot lane receives a lot of resources. This has created a notable change in Perkz: he’s statistically no longer the stand-out mid-laner that he was in spring, that crown now belongs to Fox. Perkz has been unable to repeat the incredible performances that earned him the Rookie of the Split award in the spring, and he’s honestly struggling at times. Obviously the meta has shifted to less carry oriented mid-laners, but that doesn’t explain him overextending so often. The lack of playmaking champions, rich with gap closers and assassination potential, does seem to have affected Perkz, however. Without the influx of additional gold earned due to roams and solo kills, Perkz now finds himself a lot more evenly matched against his lane opponents in the mid-game. This occasionally leads to decision making errors, and Perkz will need to keep his hubris in-check and allow Zven and Mithy to take over.

Zven and Mithy have clearly shown that they’re the best bot lane in Europe. Their laning prowess in particular is immense, and this is heavily reflected in the CSD numbers at 10 minutes. In standard lanes, Zven consistently builds colossal leads of 16.56 creeps at 10 minutes in standard lanes. Rekkles’ 4.2 and MrRallez’ 1 cs advantages are the only remaining positive differentials, everyone else is down on average. Zven tops damage per minute for AD carries with 732 DPM and is only narrowly beaten by Rekkles in GPM (445 for Zven vs 451 for Rekkles).

Their top-laner Expect is in a similar position to former top-laner Kikis, but as a low-economy style player he can’t provide the same additional, intangible benefits to the team. Communication is lacking, as alluded to in multiple interviews, and it’s apparent in his very lackluster teleports. G2 is working on a lot of these issues, and week 5 already showed some progression as they dismantled Fnatic in a 2-0 series victory.

The numbers don’t lie

It’s always interesting to hear other perspectives and different analysis, and if you have a strong opinion on any of the outliers, please leave a comment below! While the numbers don’t lie, statistics aren’t absolute indicators of performance. They do, however, spark very interesting discussions, and I’d love to hear what you have to say!