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Take a closer look at the LEC

The EU LCS is evolving. We’re now League of Legends European Championship – LEC for short. Here’s the FAQ on everything you need to know.

What does LEC stand for?

LEC stands for League of Legends European Championship. It’s the new name for the European League of Legends Championship Series (EU LCS), the top flight of professional League of Legends on the continent. But it’s so much more than that too.

Oh? So what does it really stand for?

We want LEC to be the most engaging esports league out there. Our mission is to bring our diverse community together through our shared love of the game, and create unforgettable moments through peerless competitive play. We unleash together. That’s our proposition, and we hope you’ll join us in it.

Why change the brand?

We wanted a name – and design – that better captured our unique brand, as well as our attitude. We want people to feel like they belong, and be proud to be different. We’re the exception to what’s expected of us, which is why we decided to set aside our old name for something original.


What's with the new logo?

We wanted a distinctive badge that LEC could call its own, so we came up with this mark that represents the explosive energy of the league, and the clash of Europe’s best teams.

How will the league format look in 2019?

We’re looking largely at keeping things the way they are, perhaps with a few minor refinements. We’ll have more news to follow in the coming weeks.

Who are the teams?

The first LEC season will be contested by a mix of teams old and new, drawn from across Europe. There are world champions, Rift Rivals victors and split winners in there, along with some returning faces and other squads making their European debut:

  • Fnatic

  • Schalke 04

  • G2 Esports

  • Misfits Gaming

  • Origen

  • exceL Esports

  • Rogue

  • SK Gaming

  • Splyce

  • Team Vitality

You can read all about the LEC teams here http://eu.lolesports.com/LEC.


Who are the on air talent?

Stay tuned for the full 2019 season line-up of our brilliant LEC broadcast team.

When does the season start?

Teams will descend onto the Rift on Friday, January 18th 2019 as the first LEC game gets underway.

What is going to happen to EU LCS?

For all intents and purposes: nothing! LEC is the evolution of the EU LCS, the next page in the history books of top flight European competition. It’s a new look, a new feel, but much of the DNA – our culture, our history and our traditions – that made up the EU LCS is still intact. It’s the next step in our journey to becoming the most engaging esports league out there.


Can we have some new wallpapers?

With a new league and new brand, it’s time for a fresh look for your PC and smartphone. Show your support for the 2019 LEC season at home and on the go with our custom wallpapers, letting you fly the flag for European League of Legends wherever you are.


Visit instagram.com/lolesports for mobile versions.