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Expert picks for the LEC 2019 Spring Player Ranking

See who our panel predict will make the biggest impact during the 2019 Regular Season.

The inaugural League of Legends European Championship season begins in less than two weeks, and to celebrate, we’re asking you to pick who you think will outshine everyone else on Summoner’s Rift in the 2019 Spring Split Regular Season.


To help guide your choices, we ran our own internal poll, quizzing some of Europe’s top casters and analysts to get their views on who will be the three best players in every position this Split. They’ve pooled their wisdom to create their shortlist of picks below (all presented in alphabetical order, to avoid any arguments getting too heated); take a look, see if you agree, then have your say by adding your own two picks for every position in our player prediction poll, and ranking them all from 1st to 5th.


Our expert panel is comprised of LEC’s Trevor 'Quickshot' Henry, Andrew 'Vedius' Day, Daniel Drakos, Christy 'Ender' Frierson, Indiana 'Froskurinn' Black, Aaron 'Medic' Chamberlain; Summoner's Inn Live’s Franz Streckhardt, Nico 'Sola' Linke, Maxim Markow, Pascal 'KrokettenKalle' Becker, Jona 'JustJohnny' Schmitt, Christian 'EisOhneWaffel' Thamm, Niklas 'Bart' Eigen; PGE’s Marco Soranno, Gabriele Bonanno; LVP’s Victor 'Wolk' Fernandez.


Look out on January 18 for the reveal of the final rankings, which will happen during the first Ready Check of the year.




  • Won back-to-back EU LCS titles in 2018.
  • Made it to the World Championship Final in his rookie year


  • Longest standing European pro player.
  • Five EU LCS titles, six Worlds appearances.


  • 2018 Spring and Summer All Pro Top Laner.
  • Outstanding performance at 2018 Worlds, defeating Royal Never Give Up to qualify for the Semifinals.




  • Two consecutive Worlds appearances since becoming a pro player in 2017, back-to-back EU LCS titles in 2018.
  • Considered one of, if not the best, Junglers at Worlds 2018.


  • Known as the First Blood King, consistently in the top tier of Jungle performers over his career.
  • Two Worlds Semifinals appearances (H2K and G2).


  • Proved to be a strong contender on the international stage at Worlds 2017.
  • Seen by many as a strong player with missing pieces around him in 2018, now part of an improved team.




  • Reigning EU LCS Regular Season MVP, back-to-back EU LCS titles in 2018.
  • #9 on Worlds 2018 Top 20 list, 2018 Worlds Finalist.


  • 2018 EU LCS Spring Split Rookie of the Split.
  • Had his international breakout performance at Worlds 2018.


  • Staple of the EU LCS since 2013 and highly rated by pros and experts throughout his career.
  • 2018 EU LCS Summer Finalist with FC Schalke 04.


Bot position

Hans Sama    

  • Had his breakout performance in 2017 Summer Playoffs and at Worlds 2017.
  • Was already considered a strong Bot Laner, expected to profit from the addition of GorillA.


  • Considered to have great mechanics and strong laning, already played several ADCs in the mid lane.
  • One of the most accomplished EU players with four back-to-back EU LCS titles and multiple international performances.


  • The longest standing ADC in Europe.
  • Two-time EU LCS Regular Season MVP, four EU LCS titles. Worlds Finalist 2018.




  • Considered to be one of the best supports in the history of the game.
  • 2015 Worlds Finalist, 2016 Worlds Semifinalist (both versus SKT), three-time LCK champion.


  • Returning to EU after a year in LCK.
  • Integral part of Misfits Gaming's Worlds 2017 Quarterfinal team that went to five games versus SK Telecom T1.


  • Regarded by many pros and experts as the best mechanical Support in Europe.
  • 2016 Worlds appearance with Splyce.