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LEC 2019 Spring player rankings check-in: Who’s lived up to expectations?

Who’s gone above and beyond in LEC play so far? Did any dark horses surprise us all? Ender goes over your picks from pre-season.

We’re at the end of the Spring Split regular season, and what a season to date it’s been. We’ve witnessed shocks, upsets and surprises galore, and there’s surely more in store on the way. Some teams have prospered, others have fallen by the wayside, while some pros have risen up to the occasion and delivered some incredible plays.

Speaking of; cast your mind back to January, right before the season kicked off. We asked you to vote for your favourite players and choose your top player picks, and now at the tail end of the season, we’re going to revisit those choices with help from Christy “Ender” Frierson, as he breaks down the top picks from your votes – and tells us who he thinks are the top performing players in each position. And a reminder: the players in the graphics are from the January poll.


Overall player


You voted: Caps

Ender: As expected, Caps has been in top form so far this split and is decisively the best midlaner, and best player, in the league. Honestly, the only reason he hasn’t had any standout games is because both he and the rest of G2 have been so dominant throughout the split.

Is he still the best in the league? What about in the world? Who does he stand up against?

He’s still best in the league. Not at the level of being best in the world yet, although he could surely challenge up against the likes of Rookie and Faker.

Who would you pick as your overall player of the split so far and why?

My MVP vote is for Cabochard. Cabo has been a central carry force for an exciting Vitality line-up that currently sits in second place. He dominates the top lane during the laning phase by securing strong matchups and uses his pressure to work wonders with Mowgli in the early game. He also leads his teammates into the fight late in the game as one of Vitality’s primary initiators.

Top 3 players by position

Your Top 3 Top Lane Picks

How has Bwipo performed relative to expectations?

Bwipo has not lived up to the hype of the fans from the offseason. A large part of this is because of Fnatic’s poor results early in the split, but he has just had to play a conservative style of top lane because of how Fnatic prefers to play towards bot lane in most games. He often falls behind in the laning phase because of this and has to make up for it with solid performances in teamfights.

What about sOAZ? Any standout moments to you? And Wunder?

No, he has not impressed on this Misfits roster. The last time sOAZ played a game that I was really impressed with was versus Fnatic in Week 3. I would currently rate Wunder meanwhile as the second best top in the league behind Cabochard. It's easy: if you’re on G2 you’re definitely Top 3 and Wunder is no exception.

Who would be your Top 3 top laners for the split so far?

Cabochard, Wunder and Bwipo.

Your Top 3 Jungle Picks

How has Broxah performed this split?

Broxah has been one of the top performers on Fnatic, especially in recent weeks. That being said, he has not managed to impress enough to match the pre-season expectations of the fans. A good moment from him was his Nocturne level 2 tower dive bot lane.

Jankos: Any standout moments to you?

Jankos has surpassed expectations. He plays the exact style to fit G2: Go hard early and match his laners’ aggression.

Let’s talk Maxlore. Has he delivered?

Maxlore has fallen far short of expectations. Fans expected him, and the rest of Misfits for that matter, to be some of the best players in the league, but he has not been able to have as much impact in his games as you would expect.

Who would be your Top 3 junglers for the split so far?

Jankos, Xerxe and Kold.

Your Top 3 Mid Lane Picks

We’ve talked about Caps already. Is he still your number one mid pick?

Yes. Dude is smurfing.

Did the fans get Jiizuke right too?

Another yes! Jiizuke has been the main carry of Vitality and has really stood out on some of his signature picks. His Ekko and Fizz were especially fun to watch.

How about Febiven?

No. Febiven has generally disappointed. Although recently, his play has improved and has given Misfits fans hoped after good seeing good Irelia play and Febiven stepping up with some carry performances.

Who would be your Top 3 mid laners for the split so far?

Caps, Jiizuke and Nukeduck. 

Your Top 3 Bot Lane Picks

Has Rekkles maintained his gold standard? Do you think he can have another run like Fnatic did to the Worlds final last year?

Rekkles has underperformed this split along with the rest of Fnatic. In their current form I don’t think they could have a similar run to 2018 if Worlds started tomorrow. The team has fixed some of their issues and are on the rise, but still have a long way to go.

Has Hans Sama eclipsed him, perhaps?

Hans Sama is an interesting story because in some games he looks like he did in 2018: smurfing in lane and dominating the rest of the game. In others, he does not look coordinated with GorillA, he makes mistakes in the 2v2, and has very little impact in the game. Overall, he has come close, but not quite matched fan expectations.

Let’s talk Perkz. What’s your take there?

Perkz has surpassed expectations. He’s fit in very well to G2 and has proven that non-marksmen bot lane picks are still viable in his hands.

Who would be your Top 3 botlaners for the split so far?

Upset, Perkz and Hans Sama.

Your Top 3 Support Picks

Has GorillA been able to transfer his skills across leagues as we predicted?

GorillA has not lived up to the expectations. He and Hans Sama have not had the consistency in lane to place him this high on the list of supports.

How has Hylissang performed relative to expectations? Any standout moments to you?

Hylissang though is back on track to challenge as one of the best supports in Europe. 

And Ignar?

Another underperformer. Ignar continues to make questionable decisions, he gets caught out, and hasn’t gelled fully with the rest of his team.

Who would be your Top 3 supports for the split so far?

Mikyx, Mithy and Hylissang.

Do you agree with Ender’s sentiments? Think another player has been missed out? Let us know in the comments.