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LEC 2019 Summer Player Rankings revealed: Who’s number one?

Who did you pick as your number one player ahead of the Summer Split? Find out right here.

With the Spring Split done and dusted, the Mid-Season Invitational concluded and G2 Esports on top of Europe, it’s time for a whole new season to start – and the Summer Split is upon us. But before the LEC teams descend on the Rift, we asked you to vote for your top player picks for the Summer Split start – and the results are now in. 

With so many players in contention from the likes of Broxah and Cabochard, Nemesis to Jiizuke, and plenty more pros, the votes are now in, and we’ve tallied up the results to show you who just who you think will be on top over the course of this split.

There could only be one overall number one winner and the results are in:

G2 Esports’ Caps is marked as your number one, repeating your top pick from Spring.

The esteemed midlaner had a standout Spring season, and with G2 taking the win at the Spring Finals and at MSI, you’re confident Caps will show off another devastating season along with his squad.

But who else will be making an impact? See the full results, below:


  1. G2 Wunder
  2. VIT Cabochard
  3. OG Alphari
  4. FNC Bwipo
  5. MSF sOAZ

Wunder was your runaway favourite top player, with almost twice as many points as the second ranked – while the following positions were incredibly close.


  1. G2 Jankos
  2. FNC Broxah
  3. SK Selfmade
  4. OG Kold
  5. SPY Xerxe

Jankos knocks off Broxah as your top jungler for Summer – can the Fnatic star surpass expectations?


  1. G2 Caps
  2. OG Nukeduck
  3. FNC Nemesis
  4. VIT Jiizuke
  5. MSF Febiven

Caps is your runaway favourite in the mid, while the tallied votes for Nemesis and Jiizuke was a close call.


  1. G2 Perkz
  2. FNC Rekkles
  3. S04 Upset
  4. SPY Kobbe
  5. OG Patrik

The race for first place here was the closest – will Perkz outshine the rest of his bot lane peers this Summer?


  1. G2 Mikyx
  2. FNC Hylissang
  3. OG mithy
  4. MSF Gorilla
  5. S04 Ignar

Mikyx surges in here as your top support player, knocking down Gorilla, Hylissang and Ignar from their places in Spring. Will he match your expectations?

Will Caps live up to your number one pick in Summer? Is Jankos now the best Jungler in the EU? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.