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Vote for who YOU think will be the best in LEC 2019 Summer Split Regular Season!

Who do you think will be the standout players of the next split? Cast your ballot here.

With the Mid-Season Invitational done and dusted and the sun now starting to peek out from behind the clouds, it can only mean one thing: Summer is fast approaching. With just a few short weeks to go until you can watch your favourite LEC teams descend on the Rift once again to battle it out for the title of Summer Split champion – and to book their ticket to Worlds – there’s plenty to get excited about. 

But before we get to the starting games of Summer, we want to know who you think will be the players to keep an eye on this season, so it’s time for the public vote. Forget about the Spring Split; form is often a fleeting thing, and the players who were on top a few months ago might all too easily lose their momentum – or step up yet another gear.

This is about testing your knowledge, and predicting this split’s top players over the course of the regular season. Here’s what we need you to do:

  • Select your top five players from each position.
  • Rank those five players from first to fifth.
  • And at the end, select one from your five top ranked players who you predict will be the best overall performer during the Summer 2019 Regular Season.

Make sense? Once you’re ready, take the poll below, and give us your full thoughts.

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Look out on June 5 for the reveal of the full results, and who you – the public – think will be the best players on the Rift this summer.

Author notes: 

For those wondering, we got rid of the expert pre-selection we used in the Spring Ranking, as it took too much power away from your fan vote – and now that the rosters have stabilised more, we felt more comfortable letting you guys sort through all of the players yourselves.

On how we chose which players on a roster to include: Anyone expected to be a LEC starter on Day 1 can be selected. Beyond that, the decision was based mainly on the amount of recent professional experience. As an example, for Misfits we decided to include both Maxlore and Kirei (as both have recent pro experience at the highest level), while not including a player like LIDER – who some of you might have on your radar – but who has not played at the highest level yet, and is not expected to start.

Who do you think will be the reigning players on the Rift? Let us know, and tune in on June 7 to see if your chosen picks live up to your expectations!