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MSI champions G2 coach GrabbZ on the team’s greatest enemy: Complacency

G2 have continued their winning ways into the first week of the LEC, but they know there are more than a few teams still breathing down their necks. We speak to head coach GrabbZ about respecting opponents and keeping complacency at bay.

“We’ve heard that at 35 minutes an Elder Dragon should spawn, which we haven’t seen in a long time,” G2 head coach Fabian “GrabbZ” Lohmann says with a smile. “We just wanted to see if it spawns or not.”

Since the start of the year we’ve become used to seeing the European and MSI champions ending games at 20 minutes, or even before, on their route to global dominance. In Week One of the Summer Split, in a rematch of the LEC Spring Final, it seemed like Origen finally gave them a challenge in a game that went beyond 35 minutes. In the end, the result was as we’ve come to expect, with G2 taking home a hard fought victory and a 2-0 record going into next week. However, G2 know they can’t become complacent.

GrabbZ G2

GrabbZ knows G2 can’t get cocky.

“We opted into a bit more of a scaling composition this time around,” says Grabbz. “Usually it doesn’t go too well when we go scaling, as you could see at MSI. But Origen are a slower team so we thought we could get away with it. 

“But they pressured us more than I thought they would, especially in the early game. I think we had a rough start with our comp. We should’ve played better. The game got hard early, and then in the mid game especially with Kennen we didn’t respect the flank. The game was close.

“Even though in the end it looked convincing, Origen are still by far the best team we’ve come up against so far in Europe. The same way we will grow, they will grow as well, so I can’t wait to play them in a best of five later in the season.”

GrabbZ, of course, is assuming that his team will make another run deep into the playoffs, and with the way G2 have played since the start of the LEC, it’s hard to argue with him. The scary thing is, he believes they can do even better. 

“I think people still have the misconception that we are a meta-bound team, that we only play for the early game and stop opponents, but we don’t care what we have to play. We just see champs that are currently strong and play them. However, we still do the same mistakes, so we know what we have to improve on."

“We haven’t beaten Invictus Gaming yet at all, so how can we call ourselves the best team in the world? As long as we don’t beat them, they are the best.”

Fabian “GrabbZ” Lohmann

And, despite being MSI champions, beating the likes of SKT and Team Liquid on the way to the title, there’s still one team that evades them. If G2 make it to Worlds, as everyone expects them to do, they have a score to settle.

G2 GrabbZ

GrabbZ believes there’s still room to grow.

“Of course everybody’s hyped in Europe right now after MSI, and rightfully so, but we are well aware that we’re not the best team in the world. We played one best of five against SKT, and it was a close one. We haven’t beaten Invictus Gaming yet at all, so how can we call ourselves the best team in the world? As long as we don’t beat them, they are the best.

“We were made aware against Liquid and SKT that they have better objective setups, so that’s something we can improve on, and we have other issues to work out. Even though on social media we like to make fun, we’re not looking down on our competition in the LEC. This region is strong enough that if we go cocky into a game, we’re going to lose, even against middle or lower tier teams. So, we take this very seriously and try to improve as much as we can, so we can represent Europe right at Worlds.”

“If we get too cocky at any moment we’ll just get the bill at Worlds.”

Fabian “GrabbZ” Lohmann

Europe will certainly be seen as a force to be reckoned with for the rest of 2019, and even though G2 overcame other regions at MSI, they know as well as anyone how tough it will be to stay at the top.

“Against SKT we had to kinda cheese with the mage bot because blue side has an advantage. The way they see the game is really good, and we could see how fast they adapt. Korea is still not to be made fun of. Even Liquid is good. Sure, a world record win, whatever, but they’re not a bad team. If we get too cocky at any moment we’ll just get the bill at Worlds. We know we’re not the best team we can be right now. We know we have more potential and that’s what we’re working on.

“That’s what this roster was built for. We didn’t come here to say ‘we only want to play against the top.’ We want to be the top team. Suddenly we’re MSI champions. Our expectations are to win every game, and I know we can do it as long as we respect our opponents.”

Will G2 Esports successfully defend their Spring crown and battle their way to Worlds? Or will their rivals put a dent in their Summer campaign? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.