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Legends Rising Season 2: Episode 3 - Revolver

ClearLove will stop at nothing to elevate his team. Meanwhile Revolta and Smeb chase a Finals victory.

ClearLove's highs and lows within the Chinese scene have seen him go from one of the most loved players, to one of the most vilified, and then back again. As EDG loses Spring Finals and must watch MSI from the stands, ClearLove must again become the heart of his team and carry them to Worlds. Also, Revolta and Smeb strive to lead their teams to victory in their regional spring finals.

Legends Rising Season 2 follows some of the game's greatest pros through the hard work and sacrifice necessary to achieve greatness, in a six-part series. Do they have what it takes to become a legend?

Music Credits

“Greenery” by Cannon Division
“Chinatown” by Starcadian
“Ultralove” by Starcadian
“Liminal Space” by Ryan Teague
“Chenoot” by Josh Pearson
“Intro, Airborne, Travelling” by Ellis Island Sound
“Unfold” by Adrian Corker
“Insight (The Nextmen Remix)” by Fort Knox Five
“Darwinism” by Ben Chatwin
“I Need You More” by ATTLAS
“Preparing” by Cannon Division
“The Floppy Disc” by Starcadian
“The Only Fire (Instrumental)” by Motherfolk
“Turncoat” by Soft Error
“Bushmills” by Yppah