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Match of the Week: G2 Esports Versus Misfits

A match over one year in the making is on its way to the Rift. All eyes are on these two tied-for-first teams: Misfits and G2 Esports. To understand their rivalry, though, it’s necessary to jump backwards in time.

All in the Past

The stage is set: EU LCS Summer Split 2017. Week 3. Misfits earns a pick on G2’s jungler, forcing G2’s Luka “Perkz” Perkovic to use his Galio ult without results. With a fury of Xayah’s feathers, Misfit’s Steven “Hans Sama” Liv assaults their backline while Nubar “Maxlore” Sarafian insecs G2’s Jesper “Zven” Svenningsen back into the fray. Capitalizing on the chaos, Misfits crushes G2 and walked away with a 36-minute win.

This was the last time Misfits defeated G2 in a game. Since then, Misfits has been swept by G2 in both Week 9 of the 2017 Summer Split and in the Finals of the EU LCS Summer Playoffs.


It's Been a Long Year

In the year since Misfit’s victory, Misfits and G2 have both had their fair share of upheaval. Petter “Hjarnan” Freyschuss and Bae-in “Wadid” Kim have taken over G2’s bot lane while Martin “Wunder” Hansen plays top. For Misfits, former mid laner Tristan “PowerOfEvil” Schrage and support Lee “Ignar” Dong-geun are long gone; enter mid laner Chres “Sencux” Laursen and support Mihael “Mikyx” Mehle to take their places.

Despite both teams playing with their revamped rosters in the Spring Split, this Week 4 contest feels different. Both teams enter with a perfect 6-0 record, smashing their opposition in every game thus far. Misfits and G2 are on a collision course for first place heading toward the midway point of the Split.

Misfits might have the edge over G2 heading into the Week 4 matchup. G2 are traveling back from North America after a fairly successful Rift Rivals, which might leave them fatigued. And while G2 played respectably, they were felled by a tough loss to Echo Fox.

A Clash of Two Styles

Everyone knows what G2 does well: the squad plays the funnel comp to perfection but still finds ways to win when forced to play a more “traditional” style. Perkz has been fantastic all summer and Wunder has been tremendous manning the top lane.In Rift Rivals specifically, Wunder smashed everyone, destroying every Korean top laner NA attempted to match up against him. Wunder enjoys playing top lane carries and even brought out the reworked Aatrox during his stompfest. Misfits will have their hands full, especially if G2’s Wunder and Perkz are playing at peak performance.


Unlike G2, Misfits clearly believes that having an ADC is the optimal way to play. Hans Sama looks to be every bit the top ADC in the league, even picking Draven twice to show off his versatility in the new meta. He always seems to position well during teamfights, and is aggressive early and often.Standing right by Hans Sama’s side is none other than Maxlore. The Misfits jungler has had a great season playing carry junglers, namely Taliyah and Camille. Maxlore controls vision, plays around objectives, and has unreal pathing. Somehow, he’s always in the right place at the right time.

While both Hans Sama and Maxlore have played great, the real story for Misfits is their mid laner, Sencux. The Summer Split meta has been incredibly kind to Sencux. The Misfits mid has played Yasuo, Swain, Irelia, Lulu and Aurelion Sol during this Split alone, and he’s performed on every single pick. Sencux has found a way to play various styles and can adapt to whatever Misfits needs in a team comp. Whether Sencux supports, roams around the map or plays a fighter, Misfits knows they finally have a consistent mid laner. Sencux has gone from Misfits’s main weak point to a clear strength.


Funnel Strat Frailties

G2 may have shown a chink in their armor during their visit to Los Angeles. Their lone loss against any EU or NA team came at the hands of Echo Fox. G2 ran their patented funnel and looked poised to take a win against the shaky Echo Fox squad; however, Echo Fox’s Joshua “Dardoch” Hartnett had other ideas. Dardoch played a hyper aggressive jungler in Kindred and forced a dive four minutes into the game, grabbing a double kill for Echo Fox to secure their lead and eventual victory. Misfits should take some notes from Echo Fox’s ever offensive jungler’s playbook. Maxlore has had the tendency to pick aggressive champions all Split and, just like Dardoch, performs well when given the early game advantage.

Misfits have already proven they can win against a funnel comp during Week 1 against Fnatic, but Fnatic did not have as polished of a funnel strategy as G2. Misfits will have to prove that they can handle one of the best funnel teams in the world.


The Method to the Misfits Meta Madness

It’s probable that Misfits will put Hans Sama on an aggressive ADC. Draven could be a great snowball pick to watch out for. But the two wildcards on the team to keep your eyes on will be Maxlore and Sencux. Maxlore will likely look to play an early game jungler. Lee Sin, Camille and Tayilah are all great options. As long as Maxlore can force fights and invade with his team, G2 will not be able to free farm all game. The hardest player for G2 to predict, however, will be Sencux. The Misfits mid laner should play a pushing mid into G2, but do not be surprised if he brings out a new, wacky and fun pick.

Misfits and G2 face off in the Match of the Week on July 13th at approximately 22:00 CEST.

Who do you think will win? Let us know in the comments below!