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Maxlore: "Gilius needs to learn to Smite before even coming close to my level.”

After taking SKT to five games at Worlds, Misfits returned to the EU LCS with two roster swaps. We spoke to Maxlore about the changes, his supposed rivalry with Vitality's Gilius, and how he ranks other EU junglers.


How did you spend your off season between Worlds and now?

I spent most of it with family and friends. I also tried some sports out and it was pretty fun. I tried basketball, I tried to sign up for dodgeball—I don’t know why, but they didn’t let me—and football. Basketball was my favourite in the end, even though I wasn’t that good it was just fun because every time you shoot or play you feel like you’re getting better, and that feeling is nice.

I also streamed during the off season. I’m not streaming as much now due to the fact that EU LCS is happening right now and you have to plan your days around doing solo queue and VOD reviews. I’m streaming less but it’s still going on once or twice a week.

I noticed on your Instagram you got a cat during the off season.

He’s bloody cute, but he’s an aggressive little rascal! I thought he looks a bit like Rengar, because he actually has the grey fur and he has orange eyes similar to Rengar’s.


How did you feel when you found out Ignar and PowerOfEvil were leaving the team?

I was pretty sad because we got really close near the end at Worlds, not just as teammates but as friends. It was sad to hear but I was also looking forward to getting to know my new teammates, Sencux and Mikyx. But Power and Ignar are active on Twitter, so it feels good to keep in contact with them even though they’re ages away. I hope they both do really well and in the ideal scenario we all win our regions and meet up at an International event and have a Misfits reunion.

How have Sencux and Mikyx settled onto the team?

They’re both kind of jokers so they’ve settled in both in and out of the game. Of course, in game, we’re still a new team so we haven’t completely blended but I really feel like we’re a lot closer to being on the same page and thinking about the game in the same way than I was in any team at this point, only two weeks into the Split. We’re still trying to become more efficient but they’re meshing in really well and they’re learning really fast how we want to do everything.


Sencux, Alphari and Maxlore after their win against Vitality

Hans sama

Hans sama fist bumping fans after the win versus Vitality

Has anyone changed on the team recently?

Hans sama was a lot more quiet in the beginning of Summer Split, but towards Worlds he got a lot more vocal and confident in himself, so that’s been good to see. So far in Spring Split, his confidence has been growing but sometimes he needs to calm down.

What kinds of things do you do together as a team?

We all enjoy the same kind of things because we’re gamers, so it’s really easy to connect. Occasionally we play some games together other than League, and we have days where we go out as a team and do something, like Laser Tag or whatever. Or we go with other teams as well and have a meeting and do something like that. G2 was a team I hung out with a lot in the past year, both their new roster and their old. I think we’re going to hang out with more teams, especially FC Schalke 04, since they live really close to us.


How do you feel about the game against Vitality today?

I’d say our performance today wasn’t too great, we should have lost to Vitality but we didn’t. So we have to learn from the mistakes that we made today. Today we were either playing incorrectly or they were playing really good. Either way, it was kind of tough for us and they performed better than I would have expected, but they didn’t win. They made a few mistakes that might have cost them the game but even though they should have won, that doesn’t mean they deserve to win.

Vitality had a confident win against Fnatic yesterday, what do you think happened?

Vitality are really good at punishing mistakes, but their team play isn’t that great yet. I think their team play is decent. Today, against us, they played good until a certain point and then they really trolled. But if they fix that, they’re going to keep smashing people, and if they don’t—or if other teams stop messing up individually or stop messing up in general, you’re going to see a lot longer games against Vitality and people winning against them.

Tonight, Vitality had a great early game and took 3 towers by 12 minutes, and an inhibitor by 18:40. How did you stay calm and turn it around?

We just didn’t give up. At that point I think there was a slight bit of panic on the team, but it was overruled by our will to win. We knew there was still a chance to win if Vitality messed up, which they did, so we knew we could win the game.

At 22 minutes you jumped in and stole baron while asleep from Zoe’s Sleepy Trouble Bubble. What did you think about that?

Yeah, I’m a good Smiter! That’s it, really.

Is this you showing Gilius who’s the better jungler?

Gilius needs to learn to Smite before even coming close to my level.

Maxlore and Gilius shaking hands

Maxlore and Gilius shaking hands after Misfits' victory

We saw in the opening video that Gilius sees you as a rival. When did that happen?

I don’t know, but the trash talking is fun.

Did you have someone else in mind to be your new rival after Trick left?

No, they’re all just pebbles on my pathway to Nirvana.

You managed to finally kill Minitroupax, the unkillable ADC - he’s not died once until his game today.

Wait, that was his first death? [He starts laughing.] I’m the fantasy point destroyer.

He’s on my Fantasy LCS, so thanks for that.

That’s unfortunate.


Misfits fan meet during EU LCS Week 2


I saw on Twitter lots of your fans were spamming the nuggets meme after your win.

I want to get rid of this nuggets meme but it keeps coming back! I was really enjoying the nuggets in Korea and I ended up being on the nugget hype train. Maybe it went too far and it stuck.

To finish up, do you have anything you want to say to your fans?

I know why you’re supporting me, it’s because I’m awesome! Thanks for that. [He laughs.] Honestly, I was feeling pretty down after the loss against SKT, however the support from the fans really helped cheer me up. So thank you for sticking with me.


You can follow Maxlore on Twitter and Twitch, and Misfits on Twitter.

Maxlore and the rest of Misfits will be taking on Fnatic in the final game of the day on Friday February 2nd. Tune in when the broadcast begins at 18:00 CET on watch.lolesports.com.