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Messiah’s Handles

Throughout history, people who have achieved great things earn nicknames - names that, when their stories are told, add to the legend of their escapades. Alexander the Great, Billy the Kid. Some nicknames are not as pleasant - the former President of France, Charles de Gaulle, was known at The Asparagus in the military because of his height and nose length.

In the League of Legends 2016 World Championships, we do not have an Asparagus. What we do have, though, are the three top European teams fighting for the glory of our region. Their journey on the Rift, like all of ours, began in the same humble way - picking a Summoner name. 

It’s a tough task we have all faced, and one that we all seem to approach in the same ways, whether we are Bronze beginners or seasoned World Championship contenders.

The Real-Life Nickname Summoner Name

This is an easy place to begin for most people. Our friends at school, sport or at work are prone to giving us special names, whether we like them or not. Splyce’s Kasper Kobberup picked Kobbe because it was his nickname while playing football - everyone knew his older brother, so they called Kasper “Little Kobbe”. Kobbe was the name on the back of his football trikot for 10 years, long before League of Legends entered his life.

  • G2’s Luka Perkz Perkovic is an easy one - Perkovic, Perkz. Doesn’t take a rocket doctor to work that one out.
  • Splyce’s Mihael Mehle was known as “Miky” in school, but had to settle for Mikyx because Miky was taken.

We’ve all been there. 

The Random Word Summoner Name


How did you come up with your Summoner name?

When real-life names fail, we head for random words. When G2’s Kang-Yun Kim played for CJ Entus, he was told to pick an English name. Trick was the best one he could think of, and he’s now formed a great legacy under that name, having won MVP of the EU LCS back-to-back in spring and summer.

Trick’s teammate, Daehan Ki, went with a literal translation of his Korean name - Expect.

Splyce’s Martin Wunder Hansen thought of his handle through two steps of random thought - he started with “Wunderwear”, then went with “Wunder” because it was cooler. A wise choice.

The “Why Won’t League of Legends Let Me Pick A Name” Summoner Name

Finally, when all else fails, we start throwing whatever phrases or combination of letters or numbers we can think of into that Summoner name box, just so we can start playing.  H2K’s Andrei Pascu knows that feeling all too well - after becoming tilted trying to pick a name that wasn’t taken, he tried the most ridiculous name he could think of, typing in Odoamne twice - it was finally accepted.  “O doamne” is Romanian for “oh my god.” 

We feel you, Odoamne. We feel you.

Let us know how you came up with your Summoner name, and remember to cheer on Europe as the 2016 League of Legends World Championships continue.