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GorillA enters the LEC fray with Misfits Gaming

Misfits Gaming bolster their roster with the signing of Kang "GorillA" Beom-hyeon – we get the lowdown from the South Korean support himself.

Misfits Gaming are looking to enter the 2019 League of Legends European Championship with a bang: Fresh from signing Paul "sOAZ" Boyer from Fnatic and bringing Fabian "Febiven" Diepstraten back to Europe after his stint in the NA LCS with Clutch Gaming, Misfits have expanded their roster by signing former Kingzone DragonX support, Kang "GorillA" Beom-hyeon.

Formerly one of Kingzone’s longest standing players, GorillA first joined the team, then known as Longzhu Gaming, at the start of 2017, helping to lift the squad to a Summer Split win, as well as giving a strong performance at Worlds that same year. Kingzone would then go on to take the win during the LCK’s 2018 Spring Split, before placing second during the Mid-Season Invitational – now GorillA has his sights set on European glory, as he completes the Misfits Gaming roster as they enter the inaugural LEC season. We got the chance to quiz GorillA on what he brings to the team, and what plans he has for Europe when the season kicks off next year.

What was it like when Misfits approached you? What was going on with you at the time?

GorillA: Actually I had only been considering Korea, so when a European team – and not only that but Misfits in particular – approached me I was surprised but also thankful. At the time I was in negotiations with several Korean teams.

What is it about Europe that’s appealed to you? What’s drawn you to the LEC?

Europe feels like a very competitive region. Also, I do have good memories in Europe from the time when we got 2nd place at the World Championship [as KOO Tigers].

How do you see Misfits comparing to other teams and organisations you’ve been with in the past?

In Korean teams I’ve been on in the past, it was only the coaches and fellow players that you engage and interacted with. On Misfits, seeing that all the staff, including the owner, are really involved in player-related matters is a fresh experience for me. I think this roster has a lot of great players – if we can come together nicely we will achieve great success.

With yourself, Febiven and sOAZ joining the roster, it’s almost a new-look Misfits: are you confident with the new lineup?

sOAZ is someone that has played for a very long time in Europe, and I’m someone that has played for a very long time in LCK. I think both of us know a lot, so if we can utilise that and synergise well, then I think this will work out very well with the other players.

You’re joining a Worlds runner-up and a team of seasoned vets who have proven themselves as a strong line-up; do you think you have what it takes to push the team further?

I’ve been playing bottom lane professionally for a long time, if I’m able to create an environment in which Hans Sama is able to focus purely on his play, we will level up a lot.

sOAZ is clearly hungry after his second place finish at Worlds; he has plenty of EU championships under his belt too, but what do you think he’ll be bringing to the team?

Since sOAZ is a very accomplished player with many titles under his belt in Europe, he can play confidently against any team there. I believe that this confidence will have a positive influence on his teammates.

What’s the biggest thing you’re looking forward to in the 2019 LEC season?

Coming from the Korean league, which is focused on cautious and macro-oriented play, I am looking forward to experiencing European teams and players that are known for their aggressiveness and unique individual play-styles.

Visit eu.lolesports.com/lec for more info on the LEC and check out Misfits Gaming’s Twitter account for their latest news.