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Your MVP of the Summer Split is...

The 2017 Summer Split awards are coming to an end, but we still have one person left to crown: the MVP of the 2017 Summer Split!

In a Split full of upsets, baron steals, and new rivalries, one player rose above the rest, truly embodying the meaning of “most valuable player”, bringing wisdom and leadership to his team both on and off the Rift. It was a landslide victory for our MVP of the 2017 Summer Split, and in the eyes of many, it was a long time coming.

To see how voting worked, check out our earlier article here.

IN FIRST PLACE:  Martin “Rekkles” Larsson - ADC, FNC - 78 Points



"Rekkles was the clear MVP for me this summer split, not just because of his outstanding gameplay with the team, but also because of the determination he has shown to reclaim his spot as number one AD Carry in Europe. The young Swede is merely 20 years old but has come a long way since his professional debut in 2012, and many thought his star might have faded at the beginning of 2017. However he fought hard and overcame the odds with his team to reclaim their spot at the top of EU LCS. That's what champions are made of."

Eefje “sjokz” Depoortere

Ever since Rekkles joined Fnatic in 2012 he’s been viewed as one of the most impressive players in Europe.  Rekkles helped Fnatic make history when they had a perfect win record in the 2015 EU LCS Summer Split, going 18W-0L. The team carried that success into the 2015 World Championships, where Fnatic made it all the way to the semifinals. Things have been rocky for the legendary squad since then, with Fnatic being unable to defend their crown in 2016, where for the first time they didn’t make it to the World Championship. The 2017 Summer Split has been an upward swing for Rekkles, who captained his team of rookies and veterans and claimed the top spot in Group A. Though they were eventually defeated by Misfits in the semifinals, Fnatic still have a chance to make it to the 2017 World Championship through the Regional Qualifiers.

"Rekkles is without a doubt been the most talked about European player in 2017, and with that has come a lot of pressure to live up to expectations. The playstyle of Fnatic in the Summer Split was defined by Rekkles, from his initial champion pool of Kennen and Twitch to the post-Rift Rivals setup with Ashe and Sivir, everything about Fnatic has revolved around their veteran ADC. When you think about value it’s not just about playstyle, but also about success, and Rekkles was certainly the standout player of the Summer Split Regular Season."

James O'Leary

Throughout his career Rekkles has been known for picking champions outside of the norm, originally his Vayne, and over recent years has mixed the likes of Kennen and Twitch into his champion pool. Rekkles is a player unlike many others, a hybrid of phenomenal individual skill and team play, with the stats and results to back it up. He was rank 1 for almost every AD Carry metric during the Summer Split Regular Season, topping the charts for KDA, CS Differential, and Damage Rating, while maintaining the lowest death percentage of any ADC.

IN SECOND PLACE: Paul “sOAZ” Boyer - Top, FNC - 34 Points

IN THIRD PLACE: Mads “Broxah” Brock-Pedersen - Jungle, FNC - 26 Points


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Rekkles, and the rest of Fnatic, will take to the Rift when they play in the Third Place Decider Match on Saturday, September 2nd at 17:00 CEST on watch.lolesports.com.