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Newsflash Week Two: Who can keep their momentum alive?

With Week 3 of the LEC just around the corner, let us fill you in on all the action you missed over the last seven days.

The action continued into a non-stop Week Two of the LEC Summer Split, but don’t worry if you missed anything – we’ve got everything you need to catch up with the latest in the League.

We’re back with another Newsflash, your one-stop shop for all things EU League of Legends. Week Two brought plenty of dominant displays, fresh blood to the studio and even a bit of MSPaint. Let’s run through the biggest talking points from the week.

From the bottom to the top

Everyone knows that Europe loves its ties, and Week 2 of the LEC ended in pretty perfect symmetry, as only Fnatic and G2 Esports were able to separate themselves from the chasing pack. The two teams go into Week 3 undefeated and will battle for European supremacy as they meet on Friday.

On the other end of things, Team Vitality and Excel are still struggling to find any purchase on the Rift as they both slip all the way to the bottom of the standings. Excel this week brought in Son "Mickey" Young-min, who’d previously played for Golden Guardians and Team Liquid. However, the Korean mid wasn’t able to stand up to the might of EU, as Excel once again could not find a win.

Misfits Gaming shuffled up their roster coming in to Week 2, bringing in former 1907 Fenerbahçe Esports jungler, Thomas "Kirei" Yuen. Having had a pretty stellar performance at MSI, the hope was that the Dutch star could rectify some of the communication issues that the team was having.

Things looked pretty bright in his first game as Excel all but gift wrapped him first blood with a mismanaged invade which lead to a snowball victory for the rabbits. Their performance on Day 2 also had a lot more promise, however, we’re not sure what Febiven has done to deserve the wrath of Gorilla, as the support blasted his teammate to an early death. 

Now it wouldn’t be a week of the LEC without G2 finding new and unique ways to amaze us. In a game that averaged over 1.3 kills a minute, G2 showed us that it’s not only Wunder, Caps and Mikyx who can pilot Pyke – Perkz has a pretty mean hook on him too. The Bloodharbor Ripper is now a quadruple flex for the MSI champions, and makes me wonder if the only reason Jankos hasn’t played it yet, is that G2 want to give the other teams a chance.

Little legends in the making

Now the big news outside the LEC last week was Teamfight Tactics! Inspired by Autochess, Riot have created a ‘round-based strategy game’ where you battle against seven other opponents using champions from the League of Legends universe.

There was much debate about what to call the new game type; should it be ‘autochess’? ‘A Multiplayer Automatic Battle Arena’? Or my personal favourite from tehleach on Reddit, a ‘Drafting Auto Battler’ or DAB for short.

With TFT hitting live servers on patch 9.13, we don’t have long to wait before you can battle it out with your little legends, but I’m pretty sure most of us are going to feel the same as Wunder did during his game versus Vitality.

Meanwhile, this week we announced that the LEC Summer Finals are going to Athens, the birthplace of the modern Olympics. The Olympics date all the way back 720 B.C. where Orrhippos ran naked after losing his shorts while racing. Let’s hope our players can stay a little more clothed when they compete for the title in September.

Can Vitality revitalise?

From a team that defeated RNG and Gen.G at Worlds last year, to a team that can’t even muster a domestic win, Vitality look like one of the worst squads in the LEC.

Why does it matter you might ask? Someone has to come last. Yes, someone does, but to see a team fall so far from grace, to see a coach who told us – who told Europe – ‘To stay true to ourselves, that anything is possible if we just believe’, is just disheartening to say the least. Medic certainly hopes that they can turn things around.

This week of games has left us wondering though, maybe Kikis has the right idea?

Make sure you tune in on Friday, as this week we have the fight to see who has the best Pyke in the LEC as G2 take on Fnatic, while Excel face off against Vitality. Can Vitality put an end to their current losing streak? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!