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Our favourite plays, fails and memes of 2016

The arrival of the 2016 All-Star event marks the conclusion of the 2016 League of Legends esports season. Over the last year we’ve seen the fall and rise of EU, the rise and fall of NA, and SKT’s fingers clamped as tightly as ever to the arms of its throne. What better way to close out the year than run down some of the plays, memes and fails that symbolised the incredible year of League esports action!


That Ashe Arrow

Sure, YellOwStaR’s cross-map Enchanted Crystal Arrow snipe during season 1 Worlds was spectacular, but PraY’s game-winning equivalent against SK Telecom T1 in the semifinals of Worlds 2016 was simply on another level.

CLG’s big Surp-ryze

In a tense game 5 of a semifinal, you often need to pull off something extra special to break the deadlock, as poor Piglet found out.

Prrrrrrimera Sangre!

Speaking of pulling off something a little special, this level-1 invade was pure magic. As the Spanish casters so eloquently put it, “Get Rrrrrrrrrekt!”

Gamsu goes berserk

Following up Huni was always going to be a hard act, and though Gamsu didn’t work out as Fnatic’s top-laner long-term, he certainly announced his arrival in the EU LCS in brutal fashion.

Smeb melts European dreams

Trigger warning for European fans, but we could not in good conscience ignore perhaps the biggest individual play at Worlds 2016, and who better to pull it off than ROX Tigers’ Smeb.

ANX’s Poppy + Anivia synergy

This year’s sensational Wildcard Albus NoX Luna charmed esports fans worldwide with their risky, fast-paced gameplay and positive attitudes. This ingenious combo between mid-laner Kira and top-laner Smurf highlights the creativity that endeared ANX to so many.

FORG1VEN’s exquisite Caitlyn ult

When you want to leave a legacy as a player, one way to do it is to produce one of the coolest, calmest match-winning plays on record. FORG1VEN deftly dispatched EDG with a perfectly timed Caitlyn ult and a confident wave of a finger. I think we all know what he means.

PraY and Peanut pull off insane 2v4

We could have included 10 plays from this series alone. PraY earns his second spot on the list (with the help of Peanut) as ROX somehow wins a 2v4 fight against SKT.

Hylissang’s tournament winning hook

EU LCS fans will know all about Hylissang’s nasty Thresh, but the Chain Warden’s been out of commission for a while. During the recent IEM tournament in Oakland, however, Hylissang showed that when you need to come out swinging in game 5, Thresh’s hook is still oh-so-deadly. What a way to win your first tournament!

Bengi’s weird and wonderful first blood

After winning three world championships, Bengi has no shortage of big plays to his name. This Lee Sin master class from the recent KeSPA Cup, however, may be his most creative and unusual yet.



xPeke’s intense kiting on Sivir

Role-swapping is a tricky affair, as xPeke would know after making his second role-swap in his career. The veteran mid-laner took over the ADC position in Origen after they removed FORG1VEN, but it’s clear he could use a little practice, judging by his… focused kiting.

Billyboosted TP

We said goodbye (and hello again!) to Dignitas this split, but they certainly left us some memorable moments before being relegated. This teleport from top-laner Billyboss being one of the best… or worst, to be more accurate.

DIG+REN’s double double execute

After Dignitas showed us just how pear-shaped a turret dive can go, the Rift Herald decided to level the playing field. This is just kind of pitiful.

Scumbag Kikis

If there was ever a fail that summed up G2’s MSI performance, it’s this one. Kikis dutifully launches Faker’s Ryze within range of Perkz, and we all know what happens next. Feels bad man.

How to shake hands after a draw?

Everyone knows Europeans love draws (or ties for Americans), but one thing’s for sure: EU LCS players didn’t quite know how to react to them...

OHQ headbutts the camera

We don’t really need to say much about this one. Just watch and laugh.

PVPStejos’ happy feet

Perkz had a pretty rough Worlds to go with his poor MSI performance, and it didn’t help when Albus NoX Luna’s jungler PVPStejos ran rings around him on Elise.

Ruler nets back into an Ori ult

Playing in the final of Worlds is the most high-pressure environment in League esports, and while Ruler performed well throughout the tournament, he was known for succumbing to the occasion on one or two occasions. This is the first...

Ruler throws game 5 of Worlds

...and this is the second. Only this time, he threw the game for his team. In game 5 of the final of Worlds. Yikes.

PoohManDu forgets to shake Tryndamere’s hand

That awkward moment when you’re so busy admiring your medal and absorbing the crowd’s reverent cheers that you forget to shake the co-founder’s hand…



Sjokz and Wolf selfie

Wolf’s crush on Sjokz

It’s never easy to confess to your crush, but you can always follow in SK Telecom T1 support Wolf’s footsteps: get a translator to do it for you. At a live event. In front of millions of viewers. He even got a souvenir selfie!

When MMD found out he’d be laning against Impact

Pro players often tell us one of the main reasons they enjoy international tournaments is because they get to compete against the best from other regions. Flash Wolves’ top-laner MMD, however, was clearly not excited by the prospect of having to face C9’s Impact. Thanks to YouTuber user Lazy for the hilarious edit!

The Origin of the LemonNation gif

One can only imagine what exactly was going through LemonNation’s mind after his team lost to Immortals, but whatever it was… he clearly liked it.

Phoenix1 rises

After struggling through their debut split in the NA LCS, new organisation Phoenix1 finally added jungler Inori to their roster, and their form quickly picked up. Dash, Crumbzz and MarkZ paid tribute to the rising organisation after they secured their first series win in the NA LCS.

GBM wants swag

One of the best parts of going to the LCS is the chance to pick up some swag during the breaks between games. If you’re a member of the audience, that is. Poor GBM, all he wanted was some swag. Yes GBM, you are a human too.

TSM locks in the Teemo

Nobody thought they were actually going to follow through. TSM’s owner Reginald promised his team would pick Teemo if he got 20,000 retweets by the next day’s games. He reached the goal with ease, and fans waited with baited breath to see if TSM would lock in League’s own lucifer…

EU > NA confirmed

We’d hate to be so petty as to perpetuate regional rivalries… so we’ll let Unicorns of Love manager Khagneur do it for us. The Frenchman let the world know which region would end the year on top, following Unicorns of Love’s 2-1 victory over NA LCS winners TSM at IEM Oakland.

Likkrit inspires us all

Not only does Likkrit rival former Dignitas AD carry Imaqtpie for the most luscious locks in professional play, but turns out he’s also a great inspirational speaker too. His speech to the San Francisco crowd after losing to G2, but still qualifying for quarters will go down in League esports history.



Now that you’ve seen some of our favourites moments, we want to hear about yours. What was your favourite play, meme or fail from the 2016 season of League of Legends? Drop them in the comments below!