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Paris at a Glance: Must-See Spots During MSI

When the final four teams ascend to the Knockout Stage of the Mid-Season Invitational (MSI) from May 18 to May 20, they’ll be playing at the Zénith Paris - La Villette in France. But Paris is much more than just an arena for the best of the best.

The capital of France is a sprawling cityscape with a lot of sites to take in and food to enjoy. Make sure you take the time to experience some of what Paris has to offer while you are in the city for MSI!


Making Your Way Around Paris

As with many major cities in Europe, Paris has a great metro system to help you get anywhere you want to go. For the most part, while you’re in Paris you will be traveling by train. We recommend that you pick up a Visit Paris Travel Pass. For €38, you get unlimited travel in the city for 5 days which should have you covered if you’re coming to Paris to see the sights and enjoy the matches. If you’re only going to do light travel during your stay, you can buy a t+ ticket. A pack of 10 (10 trips) will run you about €15 and is the cheapest option for getting around.


You’re in Paris, Now What?

Paris is host to an eclectic selection of museums, tourist attractions, and shopping districts for you to explore. We reached out to some local League fans for some tips to ensure that those of you making your way to the city will have an authentic Parisian experience. Thanks to Amaury "Baguette" Brucker and @Mousse for helping us with this portion of the guide.


Meltdown (LAN Cafe & Bar)

Meltdown is part of a chain of gaming bars across Europe with a great drink menu based on popular gaming references. If you and your mates are looking for a fun atmosphere and want to play some League after watching the matches, Meltdown is a great choice. If you happen to be in the Paris area and weren’t able to secure tickets for the Finals, Meltdown has you covered. They will be hosting a viewing party with fun activities being held during the event such as a League of Legends quiz and a 2v2 ARAM tournament. More details about the viewing party can be found on their Facebook event.


Galeries Lafayette (Shopping)

One of the most famous places for shopping, the ultra popular Galeries Lafayette is a staple milestone for any tourist visiting Paris. Located 300m from the Opéra Garnier, the Galeries offer an enormous range of products for all budgets. You will find fashion, luxury, beauty, gastronomy and cultural events gathered in the gigantic 70,000 m² of the shopping center. If you fancy an incredible view of the capital, you can go up to the 7th floor of the dome and find bars and restaurants to your liking, all the while gaining better vision coverage than you could earn in a five-man premade’s dream.

Overall, the sheer amount of leading brands available and the ability to walk through department stores under magnificent architecture is pure fun. If you fancy something more upscale, The Printemps Haussman is within 5 minutes of walking. It is an absolute aesthetical marvel of a shopping center that looks like a luxury maze. Not to mention that the terrace’s view is absolutely breathtaking.


Pho 14 (Dining)

If you ever wander around the 13th district in Paris, you’ll quite immediately notice the asian vibe that the restaurants and other facilities emanate. This neighbourhood is highly touted as the best in the entire capital to find proper asian dining and groceries. If you’re looking for the cream of the crop among all the excellent establishments, Pho Banh Cuon 14 is your best bet.

Although its modest appearance could dampen some fickle souls, its lively atmosphere inside and huge menu offering paired with very affordable pricing makes it a thoroughly enjoyable experience. The pho soup and nems in particular are must-have, and the ice tea jug is a godsent with summer time approaching. Remember to have cash on hand as Pho 14 does not take credit or debit.


Jardin des Plantes (Sightseeing)

The Jardin des Plantes (Garden of the Plants) is the main botanical garden in France and one of the most compelling touristic sites you will be able to find in the French capital during springtime. Originally founded as a royal medicinal garden back in 1626, the garden now engulfs a remarkable array of buildings, archives, greenhouses and specimens.

In addition to the vast gardens spread across the 28 hectares (280,000m²), the Jardin des Plantes hosts four main buildings called “galeries” as part of the Muséum national d’Histoire naturelle (French National Museum of Natural History):

There is even a small zoo, the menagerie du Jardin des Plantes.


Princess Crepe (Dessert)

If you like Japanese culture or have ever been to Harajuku, Tokyo, then Princess Crepe may be the place for you.  Located right inside Le Marais, Princess Crepes is a maid cafe similar to the ones you’d find in Japan. Its maids will make you big crêpes with a large variety of ingredients. The cafe itself is on the small side, so be prepared to eat outside if crowded. The kawaii atmosphere is an escape from the otherwise busy streets of Paris.

The staff can speak a little English, French, and Japanese, but language is no barrier when it comes to eating some sweets. While a little on the pricey side, if you want a unique desert experience or have a sweet tooth, we highly recommend you check out Princess Crepe. Just remember to have cash on hand as they do not take credit or debit.


Anticafe (Dining)

Anticafe is one of the more unique locations on our list. Have you ever wanted to go somewhere, eat breakfast, have some coffee, and play with toys with your friends? It probably sounds a little weird when you hear it out loud. The concept of the Anticafe is simple: pay for the time you spend in the space, not the food. For as little as €5 per hour, you’ll be able to sit down and relax while enjoying free wi-fi, drinks, and plenty of treats. Anticafe has a wide variety of toys and board games for you and your friends to get your nerd on.

Paris has a lot to offer with its many dining experiences and museums. Pick up your tickets and see what Paris has to offer during the Knockout Stage!

Header Photo by Falcon Photography on Flickr.