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Play LeBlanc like Febiven and Humanoid

Misfits Gaming’s Febiven and Splyce’s Humanoid teach us how to make the most of The Deceiver, LeBlanc.

LeBlanc has seen a steady rise in priority over the past few weeks, becoming one of the champions with the highest presence in the LEC. To find out just why, and for tips on how to succeed with her, we spoke with two pros who have a strong knowledge of The Deceiver: Misfits Gaming’s Febiven and Splyce’s Humanoid. Each pro has proven their worth with LeBlanc, and they’ve given us the lowdown on how to succeed with her on the Rift.

LeBlanc is a strong burst mage assassin who allows you to dictate the pace of the game – during the laning phase, at least. You can choose to do anything from farming passively to playing aggressively; the opponent doesn’t really get a choice in how the lane goes and has to play around you with respect.

She can slot into any team comp and fits their game plan perfectly well; she forces opponents to respect her out of fear of getting slain outright. She’s an extremely scary opponent to face as you always feel that you can die at any time. She is also relatively safe due to the fact that it’s hard to gank her or lock her down, while she doesn’t have many bad matchups in the current meta, apart from Lissandra, who many players say isn’t even that bad of a matchup if you take Cleanse.

"LeBlanc can be picked in literally any team composition. The most important thing is making plays and pressuring the enemies. She is viable with and against anything."

Fabian "Febiven" Diepstraten

But like all champions, she has a couple of weaknesses. One is that her waveclear isn’t the greatest, meaning that it can be difficult to hard push a lane as her. Another is her vulnerability to Crowd Control. If she gets hit by a CC, she can get focused down and killed before she has a chance to escape. She also relies on being able to blow up squishy targets later in the game. If there are no squishy targets or champions that she can one shot, then her effectiveness goes down quite a lot.

"If you don’t get ahead early game and cannot one shot someone then she is pretty useless. She also gets outscaled by many champions."

Marek "Humanoid" Brázda


LeBlanc runes

Electrocute is your go-to keystone always on LeBlanc. It is by far her best keystone as it gives the additional damage needed to ensure you have the power to finish off your priority target. Follow up with Taste of Blood, Ghost Poro and Ravenous Hunter. These runes will allow you to trade aggressively while also helping you sustain after taking a trade.

Dip into the inspiration tree and pick up Magical Footwear and Minion Dematerializer, too. As for shards, you should always grab Adaptive Force in the Offensive and Flex sections. Change your defensive option depending on your lane match up. Pick up Magic resist vs an AP focused champion such as Sylas, or Armor vs an AD focused champion such as Zed."

You can grab Sorcery secondary into a Tank or melee matchup where you can stack Manaflow Band easily. Take Transcendence or Gathering Storm also from Sorcery.

Marek "Humanoid" Brázda


LeBlanc skills

Passive: Mirror Image

The moment of stealth you get when Mirror Image activates can be a godsend in various situations. It can give you just enough time for your spells to come off cooldown, or give you time to escape an unfavourable fight. You can also play some mind games and act like the clone is the real LeBlanc, baiting the opponents into attacking it.

Q: Sigil of Malice

The damage applied via the mark from Sigil of Malice is one of the main reasons LeBlanc is able to burst so easily. It deals a boatload of damage in tandem with your other abilities and can really surprise someone who isn’t expecting the burst.

W: Distortion

Distortion can be used both Offensive and Defensively. You can get very creative with your usage of Distortion and make a lot of plays with the ability to return to the spell cast location. Distortion deals damage in an Area of Effect, meaning that you can decimate health bars if the enemy team group up.

Humanoid using Distortion to blow up two targets at once

E: Ethereal Chains

One thing that many people don’t realise is that Ethereal Chains grant true sight, meaning that if someone stealths and your chains latches onto them, you will be able to see them. You can lock down opponents for a very long time with Ethereal chains making it a strong way to set up a gank as the root duration can let your teammates get onto the target easily.

R: Mimic

Mimicked abilities deal more damage based on the rank of Mimic. You have lots of options available to you once you can get a point into Mimic. If you want to burst a single target hard, you can mimic your Sigil of Malice for an additional mark proc. If you want more mobility or AoE damage, you could go for Distortion. If you want more CC, Ethereal Chains is the way to go. 

Skill Sequence

W > Q > E

You’ll start with Distortion at level 1. At level 2 it depends on your plan. If your jungler is able to gank, you can go for Ethereal Chains. If laning normally, you’ll usually go for Sigil of Malice. Follow up by Maxing Distortion, then Sigil of Malice and leave Ethereal Chains to last. 


LeBlanc has a large variety of combos that can all work in specific situations. Here are some of the main combos outlined, and when they’re best utilized.

Q W auto

This is a good combo when you want to go for a short trade. This will minimize the amount of damage you take in return while maximizing your damage output. You’ll proc the Sigil of Malice mark and your Electrocute with this combo.


This combo should be a good way to scare your opponent and take a lot of their health in the process. You want to E before using your Q to ensure you land the chain for the CC. Many players won’t be expecting you to engage on them and landing the CC is more important than proccing the mark early into the fight. The stun from Ethereal Chains will proc the mark anyway, making it less important to Q early.

Humanoid using this combo to chunk out Sencux

"I like to use this combo to set up a gank, or to fake a gank. You will usually scare the opponent and can easily force a flash out of them, especially if they are an immobile champion."

Fabian "Febiven" Diepstraten


This allows you to either gain a lot of distance in a short period of time, or deal a ton of AoE damage depending on how you use your Distortions. You generally want to use this one in a teamfight and usually you won’t want to stick around for Ethereal Chains to proc the stun. You can reactivate your Distortion and (hopefully) get yourself back to a safe position.


This is your one shot combo and should be used to 100 to 0 a squishy target or deal a significant amount of damage to a somewhat tankier target.

Febiven using this combo to one shot Jeskla


This is good for locking down one specific target. You can use this one to peel for your ADC, allowing them to free hit the enemy front line champions as they’ll be rooted for a long time by you.

"The best tip I can give for LeBlanc is to play her a lot, learn her combos, and learn when each combo is useful!"

Marek "Humanoid" Brázda


LeBlanc items

Start off with a Corrupting Potion. It will give you sustain in lane and allow you to win trades easier. Get a Dark Seal on your first recall to enhance the healing powers from Corrupting Potion along with giving you some decent early game stats.

Rush Luden’s Echo as your first item. You’ll need it to assist with your waveclear as well as giving you some Cooldown Reduction, Mana, and Ability Power. You should look to finish off Sorcerer’s Shoes at some point before or just after getting your Luden’s, followed up by an Oblivion Orb. These two items together give a large amount of Magic Penetration, which is exactly what you want on a champion like LeBlanc. From there you can either choose to upgrade your Oblivion Orb into a Morellonomicon then build towards a Defensive item such as Zhonya’s Hourglass or Banshee’s Veil.

If you want to skip the defensive item and build it later on, you can choose to go for a Rabadon’s Deathcap next. You get a huge damage spike once you complete Rabadon’s as it provides you with an additional 120 Ability Power and also amplifies your AP by 40 percent. Void Staff is a viable pick up if the opponents have a lot of Magic Resistance and you need a way to get through it. You should always get these two items at some point in your build.

"You should finish off the Morellonomicon if the enemy team has a lot of lifesteal or healing. It’s good to get against champions like Vladimir and Ezreal. I also really like the extra tankiness it gives you."

Fabian "Febiven" Diepstraten

Laning Phase

LeBlanc is usually the one who controls the pace of the lane. You should generally look to pressure the opposing mid laner as hard as you can, whether that’s by freezing the wave and forcing them to overextend, leaving them vulnerable to a gank, or by pushing them in and roaming with your jungler to gank other lanes and secure vision.

You can deal a ton of damage with two abilities, allowing you to take short and favourable trades against most of the other mid laners in the current meta. By simply using a Q W auto combo, you can proc your electrocute and leave your opponent on half health without them being able to retaliate at all. If you manage to land this combo, the enemy will most likely be scared and will be forced to respect your damage while remaining weary when extending in lane in fear of being ganked.

"Learning how to freeze the wave is really important as LeBlanc. It forces the enemy to overextend, which allows you to set up a gank on them easily."

Marek "Humanoid" Brázda
Humanoid freezing the lane, forcing Sencux to overextend, allowing Xerxe to gank and kill him.

Mid Game

You should look to side lane in the mid game. The enemy will be forced to react to your presence, and no one should be able to 1v1 you at this point in the game. This means that you’ll be very hard to deal with and will usually draw two or more enemies to your lane, allowing your team to have a numbers advantage on the other side of the map. This will allow them to force objectives and get them for free. If the enemy decides to only send one person to you, you should be able to kill them, or at the least, force them to recall. Your goal is to create pressure while getting CS, XP, and maybe a few towers in the process.

Febiven forcing multiple members of XL to deal with him, but still gets the tower and inhib

Late Game / Teamfighting

In a teamfight, your job is to get into the enemy backline and create havoc, one shotting a squishy target if you get the chance to. This will generally be the opposing ADC. You should try your best to get a flank and remain unseen in order to get the element of surprise, but if that isn’t possible, you should still try to go for the squishy targets as you aren't much of a tank killer. Wait for an opportunity and strike when they least expect it. A good LeBlanc player will always find their way onto the back line and can be a nightmare for the opposing team to deal with.

Great teamfight from Febiven showing LeBlanc’s strengths

In some cases, if your ADC is a lot stronger than the opponents, your main priority should be to peel for your ADC. You can do this by Mimicking Ethereal Chains and locking down anyone that tries to engage onto your ADC. The freedom you provide to your carry by doing this can allow them to pop off and carry a team fight.


LeBlanc is an assassin mage with a plethora of ways to make your opponents lives a living hell. If you’re looking for a strong mid laner with the ability to take the game into your own hands by making plays and messing with your opponent’s heads, then give LeBlanc a shot!

Have Febiven and Humanoid opened your eyes to playing LeBlanc? Let us know what you think in the comments below.