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Play Morgana like Norskeren

The freshly reworked Morgana has seen a lot of play in the Spring Split so far. Norskeren joins us to explain how to maximize your potential with the Fallen Angel.

Splyce’s Norskeren is just one of many LEC supports who have brought Morgana out on the Rift in the Spring Split. She’s a very annoying pick to deal with because of her Dark Binding, which snares target in place for up to three whole seconds. The other highly valuable thing about Morgana is that she hard counters a lot of champions with her Black Shield. You don’t have to worry about Alistar or Rakan engaging on you when you have a Morgana as your support.

At the same time, she has a lot of counters to contend herself with. Essentially, the biggest issue is that Morgana’s very reliant on her Q and E. When either of these are on cooldown, she will most likely lose a trade, especially when fighting supports with longer range and more damaging abilities.

"You can’t safely blind pick Morgana because she has a lot of counters due to her low range like Zyra, Soraka, Nami and Janna."

Tore "Norskeren" Hoel Eilertsen


There are two ways to go with Morgana: Guardian or Aery.

Morgana runes 1

Guardian and Aery both synergize with Black Shield. The difference between the two setups is that the Guardian one provides you with more protection. If you do opt for Guardian, usually you’ll go for Inspiration second. In tier one of the Resolve tree, you can take Demolish or Font of Life. Once you get your ultimate, you will be able to take better advantage of Font of Life as then you’ll have a snare, stun and slow to boot. In tier three, you can opt for Unflinching instead of Revitalize, since that has some synergy with your Flash + Ult combo.

Morgana runes 2

If you go for Aery instead, in the Sorcery tree you should take Manaflow Band, Absolute Focus and Scorch. Manaflow Band is quite easy to stack on Morgana because it’s almost impossible for you to miss your W. The other two runes just increase your damage a little bit, and trump the other runes in their respective tiers.

In the Inspiration tree, you should pick up Perfect Timing, which will give you a free safe ultimate in the laning phase and possibly get you started on your Zhonya’s Hourglass, which will be a little bit cheaper if you opt for this rune. As for the second rune, you can go with either Biscuit Delivery, for more sustain in lane, or Cosmic Insight.

"Many people also do Aery + Resolve to have better poke, survivability and trades."

Tore "Norskeren" Hoel Eilertsen

Summoner Spells

Flash: A necessary spell for every champion, especially if they are otherwise immobile like Morgana. The Fallen Angel also has special synergy with Flash because it allows her to easily get into ult-range of an enemy and catch them by surprise. A Flash + Ult during a gank will almost always land you a kill or at least exhaust some enemy spells.

Ignite: Gives you some more kill pressure during lane and can help you out during mid and late game if you’re against healing champions.


Morgana skills

Passive: Soul Siphon

Morgana’s Soul Siphon is a somewhat negligible passive. Essentially, it can provide with a tiny bit of sustain during the early game, but you won’t get very much healing since it scales off of magic damage, and you’re playing support.

Q: Dark Binding 

Morgana’s signature ability, Dark Binding, is one of the unanimously decided most annoying abilities in the game. This is because this snare lasts a loooong time. Even at rank one, it’s a two second root. During invades and early game skirmishes, this is a lot of time for your allies to abuse. Later on in the game, the length bumps up to three seconds, which a death sentence in late game team fights.

"Morgana’s level 1 is great for invades because of her Q."

Tore "Norskeren" Hoel Eilertsen

W: Tormented Shadow

Morgana’s W is another somewhat insignificant ability for support Morgana because, without going full AP, it just doesn’t really do very much damage. Due to its generous range and radius, it’s very easy to land (which gives you easy Frostfang and Manaflow stacks) but it’s equally as easy for the enemies to simply walk out of the circle.

E: Black Shield

Black Shield, on the other hand, is a pivotal ability. This is what makes Morgana such a great pick into teams against heavy CC and magic damage. This one ability counters a whole plethora of champions. Additionally, it makes Morgana a fantastic support to pick when you have an immobile ADC like Draven, Sivir or Jinx.

A perfectly timed Black Shield saves Kobbe’s life.

R: Soul Shackles 

Morgana’s ultimate is one that gets more difficult to use the longer a game goes on. In order to use it, Morgana needs to be in the thick of a fight, which usually ends up getting the squishy support instantly killed. It’s more useful in the early game when the damage is still quite high and when you’re generally not fighting larger groups. Later on in the game, it can be used as a great peeling tool since it both slows, and later on, stuns an enemy. Buying Zhonya’s makes this ability useful even later on in the game, since you can pop it while golden.

"Mogana's ult isn’t that useful ‘cause you're kind of squishy and you need to get in close range to the enemy which means they can oneshot you unless you have Stopwatch"

Tore "Norskeren" Hoel Eilertsen

Ability Sequence

In most of your games you will want to max Q as it’s your most useful form of crowd control and it also hits like a truck in the early game. If you’re against an AP support like Zyra or Brand, and you’re struggling, you can opt for skilling Q two or three times then switching to E max to increase you and your ADC’s survivability.


Morgana items

You start with Spellthief’s Edge which is a normal pick for a ranged support like yourself. Morgana is pretty good at stacking it with her long ranged W and Q. Since her auto-attack range is somewhat low, you’ll more or less have to rely on these to stack it.

On your first back, aim to get a Frostfang so that you can stack to 500 gold faster and reach Eye of the Frost, which will keep the remainder of your laning phase safe from ganks. When it comes to boots, you can go with Boots of Mobility or, more situationally, Sorcerer’s Shoes. The latter are only worth it if you’re somehow quite fed or your team is winning early game. If that’s not the case, Mobility boots will help you reach lane and fights, as well as roam and ward more efficiently.

Your first big core item is Eye of the Watchers, and after that you have two options. If you are fed and your team is doing well, you can opt for the more aggressive build and buy Twin Shadows and Zhonya’s Hourglass. Zhonya’s is especially great on Morgana because it will allow you to use your ultimate mid-late game without getting instantly popped by the enemy. If you’re not feeling confident, you should instead buy support items such as Redemption, Mikael’s Crucible and even Ardent Censer if you have a fed hypercarry. You can finish off your build with more defense in the form of Locket of the Iron Solari, utility like Shurelya’s Reverie or with some more AP.

"Zhonya’s is great for Morg and it actually makes you capable of using your ultimate. But it’s a pretty expensive item for a support"

Tore "Norskeren" Hoel Eilertsen


Morgana’s laning phase can either go great or very badly. If she loses lane, she’s not going to be very useful throughout the game, because she doesn’t really bring anything special to mid game or team fights, except for her Q, which might auto-win a fight if it hits a lucky target.

"You have to be careful when using your E because whenever it’s on CD the enemy has a window to engage."

Tore "Norskeren" Hoel Eilertsen

The same actually goes for your Q too. Since W is useless in a fight and since Morgana has such low attack range (450) and since she’s squishy to boot, when both your Q and E are on cooldown, you are very vulnerable and have to play safe. If you can’t snare them or stop them from snaring you, there’s basically nothing Morgana can do to repel an engage.

After level six, Morgana is great at setting up ganks for her jungler. You can start a fight off in a risky and unexpected way by casting Black Shield on yourself then walking into or Flashing into ult range of the enemy bot laners. Assuming they can’t just Flash out or outright kill you, this is a very effective way of locking the enemies in place only for your jungler and ADC to swoop in and secure the kills.

In team fights, the best thing for you to do is stay by, and peel for, your ADC. With your snare, the AoE slow and snare on your ultimate and your CC-immunity shield, it should be nigh impossible for an enemy to latch onto your ADC and kill them. Feel free to be a little bit greedy with your shield, because in the chaos of a team fight, it’s likely that it can save someone’s life even if it’s an accident on your part. At the same time, be on the lookout to block key CC from enemies such as Rocket Grab, Death Sentence, Charm or Nether Grasp.

Norskeren’s Q onto Rumble sets up a great fight for Kobbe and Splyce.


In conclusion, Morgana is a very simple, yet rewarding, champion. She’s a great addition to almost any team that needs CC or heavy protection for their ADC. Her Black Shield is also a fantastic counter to a whole heap of champions that your team would have an extremely tough time dealing with otherwise.

A warm thank you to Splyce’s support Norskeren for answering all of our questions about the Fallen Angel. Let’s hope we see some more of his fantastic Morgana gameplay in the Summer Split!