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Play Mundo Like WhiteKnight

We’ve seen a crazy amount of new picks during the EU LCS Summer Split, but one we definitely didn’t see coming was the revival of Dr. Mundo.

Helping us show you everything there is to know about Mundo is Unicorns of Love’s Matti "WhiteKnight" Sormunen.

Mundo’s resurgence has been brought on by the mages that are currently seeing frequent play in bot lane, since these champions are nowhere near as adept at killing Mundo as ADCs are making Mundo very hard for teams to deal with in this meta. He’s also a very safe blind pick since, even in bad matchups, it’s easy to go even by just farming from a distance with Infected Cleaver.

His weaknesses are his lack of hard CC, a weak early-game, and Grievous Wounds greatly weakening his Ultimate. But, in this meta, Mundo’s strengths definitely outweigh these weaknesses.

Runes and Summoner Spells


Primary: Resolve

Grasp of the Undying: The only option for Mundo, Grasp of the Undying has good synergy with him since Masochism already promotes auto-attacking, and it’ll slowly help you stack HP, a stat Mundo loves.

Bone Plating: This is taken on pretty much any champion that goes into Resolve, and Mundo is no exception. It greatly increases your tankiness in the early game and makes you very strong in short trades.

Second Wind: This synergizes greatly with Mundo’s relatively high sustain in lane, and ensures he stays healthy despite the HP he may lose from frequent use of Infected Cleaver.

Revitalize: Mundo has a lot of healing in his kit between Adrenaline Rush, Infected Cleaver and Sadism, so this rune will boost your healing from all these sources.

Secondary: Inspiration

Perfect Timing: Used well, this rune can have an amazing impact by saving your life or even stalling long enough to get an enemy killed in your place. Used badly, it’ll accomplish nothing. Alternatively you can replace it with Magical Boots if you just can’t seem to use Stopwatch properly.

Approach Velocity: Since Mundo has very frequent slows from Infected Cleaver, this rune is amazing and helps him stick onto targets even better than he already does.

Summoner Spells

Flash: As usual, Flash is used on almost every champion in the game and Mundo is no exception. It has a billion and one uses, from flashing in to get a kill, to flashing away from danger, to flashing over walls and flashing to dodge abilities. As a Summoner Spell it’s irreplaceable, even though Ghost may also seem a tempting option on Mundo.

Teleport: Despite the recent nerfs to Teleport, this remains a staple on top laners with low kill potential like Mundo, and absolutely mandatory for all top laners in competitive play. For Solo Queue, it’s not as valuable and you could probably get away with running Ignite or Ghost instead, but Teleport is the most popular and successful secondary Summoner Spell on Mundo regardless.


Mundo's Skills


Passive: Adrenaline Rush

There’s not much to talk about here, it just gives you some extra HP regen. It’s worth mentioning, though, that since it scales on HP it makes HP a valuable early stat on Mundo, more so than other champions.

Q: Infected Cleaver

By dealing % of current HP damage while also having a minimum base damage, these cleavers are going to hurt no matter who they’re hitting, whether it be a full HP tank or a low HP squishy champion. It costs HP to cast, but refunds 40% upon hitting a target, or 80% upon killing it, meaning it can be quite detrimental to spam for harass if you keep missing, but is fine if you can land it or if you want to use it to last hit from a distance.

It deals an intense 40% slow for 2 seconds to the target it hits, meaning if you can keep landing cleavers on a target while chasing them they should find it impossible to get away. While chasing, it’s recommended to not immediately throw Infected Cleaver but to spend a few moments studying their movement first, so as to better predict when and if they’ll juke when you throw it.

W: Burning Agony

At the cost of a set amount of HP every second, Mundo gains a strong Sunfire Cape-like effect, dealing magic damage per second in an area around him and also decreasing the duration of Crowd Control. The damage it deals is greater than the HP it costs, so it’s pretty much always smart to turn this on in fights so long as the enemy is in burn range.

E: Masochism

This ability has both a Passive and an Active. The Passive is that every time Mundo takes magic damage or pays HP to use an ability his magic resist increases by 2%, stacking up to 6% at rank 1 and up to 30% at rank 5. This greatly improves Mundo’s tankiness against mages.

The Active is that, for five seconds, Mundo gains a huge amount of AD plus even more AD based on his missing health, and his next auto attack gains 25 range and deals a % of his max HP as bonus damage. This gives him great damage output onto a target if he can just stick onto them enough to keep hitting them, which is why Infected Cleaver’s slow is so useful. Also, make sure to remember that this is an auto-attack reset, meaning it’s most effective to do a regular auto-attack first before using Masochism to get a second one off very quickly.

R: Sadism

Mundo regenerates a large % of his max HP over 12 seconds, and gets a massive movement speed boost for the duration. While this spell is active, Mundo is possibly the tankiest champion in the game provided he stays alive long enough to gain full healing from it. The movement speed boost also means this spell is great for chasing people down and escaping from sticky situations.

This ult also has amazing synergy with Gargoyle Stoneplate. If you activate Stoneplate near 3 enemies during Sadism (you don’t have to activate it before, just at any point during Sadism), during Stoneplate’s four second duration you’ll receive double healing.


Skill Order

At level 1, you’ll want to start with Infected Cleaver since it’s both your best form of harass and a great way to last hit if you want to avoid taking free damage from the enemy laner. At level 2, you’ll take Masochism as it’ll give you the most damage and Burning Agony doesn’t give you enough utility to compensate. At level 3 you should usually take another point in Infected Cleaver for better harass, but if you want to all-in for a kill you can also take Burning Agony instead.

First, you’ll want to max Infected Cleaver for maximum harass and overall damage in lane. You’ll want to max Masochism second for the next biggest damage increase as well as some additional tankiness, and max Burning Agony last, while of course putting points into Sadism whenever possible.




Starting Items

Doran’s Shield is the best starting item for Mundo as it gives the best tank stats and sustain that you can get for such a cheap price, making it the perfect starting item to farm up and scale as a tank.

Core Items

Against AD matchups you’ll want to rush Sunfire Cape, while in AP matchups you’ll want to rush Spirit Visage. When rushing Sunfire Cape you should then build Spirit Visage for its amazing synergy with your ult, whereas if you already rushed Spirit Visage you have the option of either building Sunfire Cape for armor and damage, or Warmog’s Armor for more overall tankiness, then building whichever item you didn’t get. You’ll want to get Gargoyle Stoneplate as a fourth item, unless you need a situational item sooner than that.


For Boots options you have Ninja Tabi and Mercury’s Treads. Ninja Tabi is ideal in AD matchups or vs heavy AD teams, while Mercury’s Treads is best to deal with high CC or high magic damage comps.

Situational Items

Titanic Hydra is a very good snowball item that you can build after Sunfire Cape or Spirit Visage while ahead, since you can deal insane damage to squishies with the double auto-attack reset and bonus AD from Masochism, but it’s not smart to build it while behind. You should build Thornmail against teams with high sustain and auto-attack reliance, Randuin’s Omen versus high crit damage comps, or Adaptive Helm against high magic damage comps.


Laning Phase

Dr. Mundo is not a complex champion and his laning is not something that requires much explaining. Last-hit with auto-attacks when you think it’s safe to do so; last-hit with Infected Cleaver if you want to avoid taking damage from an aggressively positioned opponent; and look to harass with Infected Cleaver as much as possible.

If you’re confident you can win an all-in and that you won’t be ganked, you can run the enemy laner down with Infected Cleavers to try and get the kill (Approach Velocity is very useful here!), using your Ultimate if you’re confident it will net you a kill or burn the opponent’s Flash.

Don’t forget to reset your auto-attacks with Masochism, and activating Burning Agony will also deal a significant amount of damage during all-ins.

If you don’t find yourself winning lane, that’s okay, remember that Mundo’s early-game is generally considered weak but he makes up for it by also having a very safe laning phase, so while you may not be able to beat your opponent, at the very least you should be able to do a good job of staying more or less even in CS without dying in lane.

Mundo scales amazingly, so as long as you can survive the lane you should be able to perform well throughout the rest of the game.


Team Fighting

In most cases, as Dr. Mundo you’ll want to try and disrupt and, if possible, kill the enemy carries during teamfights to keep them preoccupied, as they’ll be forced to focus you since your damage is too big to ignore while your tankiness is too high for them to have much of an impact over the fight.

Alternatively, you can also play team fights out by choosing to peel for your carries. This can be smart if the enemy team has high damage threats that want to get onto your carries who you can help burst down before they do much harm. However, this also frees up the enemy carries to do what they want, so it’s not without its drawbacks.

Don’t overthink too much when to use your Ultimate for maximum efficiency healing– It almost never matters. Just use it as soon as you think you could use the movement speed to get onto your target quicker, or right before you get CC’d in case you happen to get chain CC’d and burst down.

Often you’ll find yourself tagged with Grievous Wounds either from Ignite, Executioner’s Calling or Morellonomicon. There’s nothing you can do about it if it happens, you just have to accept that this is a strong and common counter to Mundo and that, even with the reduced healing, you’re still going to be extremely tanky albeit not quite as effective.


Dr. Mundo is one of the best blind pick top laners in the current meta with great scaling, and is especially good into mage bot lanes and immobile carries. If you’re looking for a safe top laner to play, Mundo is definitely one doctor you should look into!


We would like to extend a huge thank you to UoL WhiteKnight for taking time out of his busy schedule to help us understand the intricacies of Mundo better in order to write this guide.

Make sure to follow his social media!