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Player Spotlight: Alphari

After two weeks of battle, newcomers Misfits have secured themselves second place in Group A. We pulled aside their toplaner, Alphari, to discuss his thoughts on everything EU LCS.

How do you think you compare to other top laners in Europe?

I think when comparing me to other top laners in Europe I stack quite well at the moment. Some of the good top laners right now are Wunder, Vizicsacsi, Odoamne, and I think I’m close, or maybe even with them.

Who do you think is the best toplaner in the EULCS?

I think currently it’s Odoamne or Vizicsacsi, I’m not sure though, because both of them have some weaknesses - Vizicsacsi’s champion pool I’m not quite convinced on, and Odoamne isn’t the most consistent. Overall they’re both really good. But I will be the best top laner at the end of the split. As long as I keep practicing, focusing, and respecting my opponents I will continue to improve. I think I’m already pretty good, so later in the split I should be one of the best top laners in Europe - maybe the best, I’m not sure.

I will be the best top laner at the end of the split.

Barney "Alphari" Morris

What do you think is the most important skill for a toplaner to have in this meta?

The most important skill a top laner can have is to be able to play tanks, like Maokai and Shen and all those fun potato champions. I don’t mind playing the odd tank, but ideally I want to play champions like Fiora and Gangplank as they are very fun. So in an ideal meta these champions would be good, and maybe even Yasuo or something more fun.


Right now how do you feel about Group A?

G2 is obviously the strongest team in Group A at the moment. Then, there’s us and Fnatic close to G2, but not quite there. After us there’s Roccat and Giants who aren’t quite so great but I think they have a lot of potential to improve throughout the split. For Misfits to finish first in our group we’re going to have to keep improving, and improve enough to win versus G2 convincingly. As for Group B I think there’s quite a lot of good teams - Splyce, UOL, H2K - so I think Group B is a little bit tougher.

Misfits was rated as a C-Tier team by Krepo and Deficio, how do you feel about that and where do you see Misfits overall?

Personally I don’t mind being ranked as a C-Tier team by Deficio and Krepo at the start of the split. I’d put us at least in B-Tier, because Fnatic is B-Tier and they have two unknown players as well with Caps and Jesiz - they have unknown qualities and we don’t know how good they will be. I think that is the reasoning for Misfits as well because our strong players were maybe a little questionable in the last split, like Power of Evil. So overall I’d put us in B-Tier.

I think it's quite flattering that people have said that I'm a rookie to watch, because in particular this split there's a lot of good rookies: Xerxe, Hans Sama, Caps

Barney "Alphari" Morris

You face Fnatic this week, how do you feel about their new roster?

I don’t think the new Fnatic roster is a big upgrade from last year. I think Caps is maybe even worse than Febiven and I think that there isn’t going to be a big difference between sOAZ and Kikis. I don’t think their roster is much better, they have the potential to be quite a bit better than they are now, but I’m a little dubious if they can reach that potential. I think the strongest member of the Fnatic roster is by far Rekkles at the moment, he’s always been a top-three ADC in Europe - and he still is - but he hasn’t always had top-three teammates. I’m not at all worried about playing versus sOAZ.

What is it going to take for Misfits to beat Fnatic?

At the moment we’re pretty close to Fnatic in levels of skill, so as long as we just focus on our draft and keep our communication open we’ll be able to beat them. I think I will enjoy playing against them because it’s going to be on a new patch which will be a bit more interesting than just playing on the tank patch for the past few weeks, so I think there will be more damage top laners available. I think it will be fun.

See if Alphari and the rest of the Misfits can pull out a win against Fnatic on Thursday, February 2nd at 20:00 CET on watch.lolesports.com.