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Player Spotlight: Cabochard and Djoko

In this Top Lane Week edition of Player Spotlight we talk to Vitality’s top laner Lucas "Cabochard" Simon-Meslet and his partner in crime, Jungler Charly "Djoko" Guillard. Both originally from France, this is Cabochard’s fifth consecutive split in the EULCS and Djoko’s first split on the starting lineup of a team in the EULCS. The duo has been praised for their synergy, despite playing together for such a short amount of time.

As a relatively new player, Djoko, how was it joining this team and forming a relationship with Cabochard?

Djoko: It was pretty good for me because before this I was in Challenger Series, and it was totally different. I've become pretty close to Steeelback and Cabochard - because I can speak to them in French - and they're players you can respect. Steeelback and Cabo both really helped me with the game and outside the game.  It’s really good to play with them, because Cabochard was like my rival when I was on Millenium and he was on Vitality - he was playing Olaf top and I was playing Olaf jungle and we were fighting for who was the best Olaf. It’s good, because we can share our champions and flex Rengar or Olaf, it's all good.


So, who IS the better Olaf player, and why?

Cabochard: Between us? It’s been set in stone. We both know who won with Olaf specifically.

Djoko: It was pretty close, but it’s ok, next time I will win. In 1v1 - and with ultimate timing - it’s Cabochard, but I’m better with axes.

The two of you share a champion pool, but you also share carry-potential. Who is the better carry?

Djoko: I think I’m a better tank and he’s a better carry.  To be honest I like tanks, like Rek’Sai and Gragas, those kind of champions.  When you can make a hard engage then your team can just carry it’s good for me because when I got Graves or Kha’Zix, if you don’t have a Shen it’s very hard to engage, you have to bait them in. When you’re a tank you can just go in and take a good opportunity because you see them on the map, and it’s easier for me.

Cabochard, how important is it for you to have a team with other players from France on it?

Cabochard: It’s always important that you can share the same things culture-wise. But, at the end of the day we’re still a team that isn’t fully French, so at least on the Rift we have to keep it fully-English.  But then when we play ping-pong we can shout in French, but otherwise we keep communication in English.


How long have you two known each other?

Cabochard: We played in SoloQ against each other for two or three years already, and at first it actually started with some trash talk there. We both like to trash talk for no reason, and in SoloQ I saw he was answering it.  So when we would get into game I knew we had something to prove, and then you just want to get better.  I was playing Top and he was playing Jungle, and I knew he was always camping Top.  So if I knew he was on the enemy team sometimes I’d pick Jungle and try to fight him.

Djoko:  True story, when he was playing in Top I’d almost never lose in SoloQ, but when he was playing in Jungle I’d almost always lose.  It’s fun, he’d get Lee Sin or Elise and then I’m doomed.

You guys have two wins now, how confident are you feeling going back to playing against the Group B teams?

Cabochard: From our scrim results we’re actually quite confident. We play Origen this week, and then we have to see how we’ve improved against H2K, Unicorns, and Splyce.  Relegation isn’t an option, we’ll just have to see if we can clinch a Playoffs spot for third place.  But it’s quite tough.

Djoko: It’s very tough, but we’re still going to try.


How does the recent meta shift affect your goal to make it to Playoffs?

Djoko: I think if the meta is around Camille, Fiora, Lucian top then Cabo can shine on it [laughing], he can prove that he’s really good and beat the other guy in 1v1.  For me it’s really good that Gragas is back, I played him last week and felt my magic coming back when I used my ult and caught their carry.  So yeah, I don’t know if we can be the best team, but I think we can still make Playoffs. I’m still confident.

What is your favourite moment you two have had together on the Rift?

Cabochard:  When he picks Elise and ganks top at level 3 it’s a good moment to share.

Djoko:  It’s a good moment to share, but after I fail my cocoon and fail my repel I’m like “hmm, Cabo won’t be happy about this, time to go bot”.

Cabochard: It’s fine, it’s ok.


Out of the two of you, who has the bigger voice on the team?

Djoko: Overall I think Cabochard has more, but I’m getting more confident so I can start to shotcall like I was on Millenium in Challenger I was the only voice on the team. I know I have the brain for it, but in the LCS everything changes, you have to adapt.  Right now I’ve been in learning mode, but I understand the game so I can start to shotcall.

Cabochard:  I think it’s also very champion-dependent too, when Djoko is on Gragas he’s super confident and has good engages, but on Graves he’s not as much because you can’t just ult in. We’ve had him for two months, maybe a little less, and he’s getting really confident on stage and is becoming really good, so it’s something we can work with moving forward.

Cabochard, Djoko, and the rest of Vitality return to the EU LCS stage when they face Origen on Thursday, March 16 at 17:00 CET on watch.lolesports.com.