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Player Spotlight: G2 PerkZ

After a hard-fought victory against Fnatic during Week 1, we pulled G2’s midlaner PerkZ aside to chat about his time in the offseason, how his team sizes up against the competition, and much more.

What have you been working on during the offseason?

In the off season I worked on my school exams, and I finished about 80% of them. I can finish the rest next year, so that’s good - I got rid of some stress. I also originally thought I wanted to take a break from League, but then I got motivated to play SoloQ again and ended up only taking a four-day break. I played for almost ten hours every day, just like when I was in school. I really wanted to be ready for the new season. I also spent a lot of time with my family and friends, like at Christmas. There’s been a lot of changes to the game though, so I’m not good right now, it’ll take me awhile to get really good again.

As a midlaner, how does 10 bans affect your preparation?

As a midlaner I really like the change. For a long time my champion pool has been pretty wide, I can play all sorts of champions. In this offseason I’ve only been playing mages - like Cassiopeia, Syndra, Morgana, or Taliyah - so now my champion pool is really big, and it can affect the draft a lot. I can play a lot of matchups differently, so I really like the meta right now. Well, I don’t like it yet because I’m not good at it, but I will like it when I become really good.

Are you at all worried about your champion pool being banned out?

My champion pool can’t be banned out. I’m not being cocky, I just play a lot of champions.

My champion pool can’t be banned out. I’m not being cocky, I just play a lot of champions.

Luka "PerkZ" Perković

Do you feel like you have more or less impact on the game as a midlaner in Season 7 compared to past seasons?

Compared to Season 6, midlane in Season 7 is much more influential because it is the centre of the map, and now all the champions are played to pressure lane and then move to side lanes, where before they were played for scaling or team comps and so on. But now, midlane is counterpick, win your lane and put your pressure into a side lane. I like the meta.

Why didn’t G2 make any roster changes?

G2 didn’t make any changes because we were all really happy with each other and respect each other as players, and the plan that we have is for the long-term. When we joined this team we were thinking about the long goal, like playing for a year together, because just playing for three months you can’t really achieve much, at least not as a team. Not making roster changes, even after a failure at Worlds, was really good for us and strengthened our bonds, because if we stick together in such a loss we can only make even greater things.  I think every player from our team has a really high potential, and we all know that’s why we stuck together.

Do you think G2’s overwhelming success in the EU LCS has put pressure on you to succeed in the future?

Since winning Spring Split last year it has put pressure on me, but so long as I control my emotions I’ll be able to perform at my highest level and ignore it. As of now, I’m still not able to do that, but I’ll be able to soon.

How do you feel the Group Draw went for G2?

We picked Splyce for the other group because we thought they were going to be the strongest team after a couple of weeks since they’ve shown some good things in scrims already. After that we were expecting to get Unicorns of Love or Fnatic put into our group, but Splyce picked Misfits for our group. So I think overall the group draw went really well for us, I don’t mind what team I play against because you have to play against everyone to be the best. I think in our group Fnatic is the second strongest team after us. As for the other three, I don’t know how strong they are yet, we have to play them on stage to see.

What team do you think will be the biggest challenge for G2 to face?

I think the biggest challenge will be Fnatic because their midlaner is really really good. After them I think it will be H2K, because their midlaner Febiven is also really good. Those two teams will be the biggest challenge.

What is it going to take for G2 to finish first in your group?

I think we just passed the first test for us to finish first in our group - winning against Fnatic in our first series. We are looking forward to winning versus every team, including beating Fnatic again during Week 10. That’s what it takes for us to be first.


See if G2 can continue on their path to another first-place finish when they faceoff against Misfits on Saturday, January 28th at 17:00 CET on watch.lolesports.com.