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Player Spotlight: H2K Jankos

After Week 1 of the EU LCS we sat down with the the First Blood King himself, Jankos, to get his thoughts on everything from the state of the meta to how he views himself as a player.

How do you feel about the change to Bo3 and is it good or bad for H2K?

I think Bo3 is good for everyone. It makes everyone test things and not be afraid to lose one game, even though the whole series is important you can still lose one. But one team has to win and one has to lose, so you can go 2-0 and you know you’re better, and you don’t care as much. But last year, if you went 1-1 it was so difficult to live with it, because you knew that with one more game you could win.

How do you feel about the 10-ban system?

It’s very enjoyable for the viewers, they can enjoy new picks and bans - like Signed or Nocturne or Kha’Zix. This wouldn’t be happening without 10-bans, because everyone would just be picking the OP champions. I think the 10-ban system is what League needed, it feels so much more fresh and is much more enjoyable now that I can play whatever I want. It’s very fun right now, I like it.

How does 10-ban affect your preparation?

With 10-bans you have to adapt on stage more. Last year, everything that would happen on stage we’d already discussed in our house. But now we prepare a little bit, then so much happens on stage - we can pick so much stuff and we can just adapt. It’s a lot of mind games, and nobody has figured it out yet perfectly. It’s super fresh. We figure it out all on stage, that’s why you see bans that come out one second before.

If I would be the best Jungler in Europe, instead of learning from others I would be like holy shit I'm so good, why would I care about anyone when they have to learn from me? And I don't want to be in that position.

Marcin "Jankos" Jankowski

Do you feel like you have more or less control over the game as a jungler compared to what you had previously?

I think it’s similar. You can be a tank for your team or you can be a carry, like Nocturne or Kha’Zix or Rengar. Jungling is in a really good position, and I think this meta is fun. I think we’ll see a lot of new champions, because the OP junglers will be banned.  Like, new Warwick seems very strong, so I think we’ll see him for sure. Overall I feel like jungle impact on the game is big.

Overall, are you happy with the new H2K roster?

We started to build a new team, and there’s still a lot of work to do. So if you ask me if I’m happy or not, the answer is probably yes, but I can’t say for sure yet. For now, we’ve started playing in LCS and playing scrims, and some days are the worst days and we’re sad but other days are good and we’re happy. But I’m happy to work with these people because none of them are cocky and none of them have a really big ego, everyone is trying to work together, so basically it’s really good. We’re all trying to work for the same goal. Right now it feels like G2 is one step ahead of everyone, but I think we can catch up to them. I think we can beat them.

At what point is communication more valuable than raw skill when you’re trying to figure out who to add to a team?

I think raw skill is very good, because when you have a lot of it you can learn the communication. But if a guy is bad but has insane communication, you cannot expect him to win the game.  Even though he can say everything there is to say, he’ll lose his lane or won’t know when to roam or stuff like this. But it’s good if you have both. If you have five really good players on the team but no communication, the game is lost. You cannot play in a team like this because everyone will focus on themselves. You need at least one person with really good communication on the team, but you also need people who can just play the game and be good.

What did Ryu bring to the team as a midlaner that you’ll miss?

He was a huge voice in the team that’s now missed, and now that we have Febiven who talks less which makes me feel like I have to talk more and I have to make big decisions.  Maybe once Chei and Nuclear become more comfortable in English they’ll be able to shotcall with me, but without Ryu it feels like it’s more on me when it comes to talk in the game.

Are you worried about how Febiven will perform given that he had a lackluster Summer?

I think he’s a good player, but his team in Summer 2016 just didn’t really work together so it was hard for him to perform. From playing with him the last three weeks I can say he’s very good, maybe he doesn’t talk as much because he likes to be quiet and make his own thing, but when I talk to him about what he should do he executes it really well. I’m happy with him.

For H2K as a team how do you feel about Group B right now?

I didn’t think about our group just yet. I kind of don’t care who we’re against, I just want to play any opponent I have in a week and prepare for them. I think we can be in first place in our group; the biggest contender to do well right now is UOL, but Splyce is improving as well and I think the three of us should go to playoffs. I’m not sure about other teams, all I do know is that UOL looks scary right now.

Watch Jankos and the rest of H2K return to the Rift on Saturday, January 28th at 16:00 CET on watch.lolesports.com.