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Player Spotlight: Hans Sama and IgNar

Team Misfits has surpassed all expectations, largely in thanks to their ADC Steven "Hans sama" Liv and Support Lee "IgNar" Dong-geun, who are arguably the most hyped bot lane in Europe since G2’s Zven and Mithy. 17-year-old Hans Sama got his start in the European Challenger scene, while 20-year-old IgNar began his competitive career in Korea, later moving to the EUCS where he joined Misfits. After eight weeks of play in the European Championship Series we caught up with the “new kids on the block” to see how their transition to the LCS has gone.

Hans Sama, how much did you know about IgNar before you started playing together?

Hans Sama: I knew that he was in the LCK, on Longzhu and KT Rolster. I was amazed that I was getting the chance to play with such an experienced player, and he also has some of the same hobbies as me, like watching anime and stuff. So I started to play with him in the gaming house back in Challenger Series, and it was really fun.


IgNar, did you know anything about Hans Sama before you joined Misfits?

IgNar:  Before I met Hans I heard he's a really talented AD from Selfie, he’d say things like “oh we have a new AD, Hans, he’s really good!”, and I heard Selfie say that he’s an otaku, like me.  When I met Hans he was drawing a lot of manga so I thought "I can't beat him, he's a real otaku", but then we started talking about anime and it was all good.

Speaking of anime, what is each of your's favourite anime?

IgNar: Weebs! Weebs!

Hans Sama: IgNar you’re a weeb.

IgNar: Honestly, I watch so much I can’t choose.  But maybe One Piece is my favourite, because I watched it so long ago and it’s such a long series, I feel like I grew up with it.

Hans Sama: Same as him, I’ve watched a lot of anime.  I think my favourite is Steins;Gate, it’s a really smart anime and exciting to watch.  There’s other anime I also enjoyed, like Sword Art Online, the first season of that really helped me get into anime to begin with. Now, watching anime and drawing manga is my biggest hobby.

IgNar:  Yeah, me too.  Normally I don’t go out much, I hate going outside, so I prefer to stay inside.  Sometimes I imagine that if I didn’t watch anime life would be really boring, because I can only do things in games. So yeah, my biggest hobby is also anime.

How did it feel when you guys first made it into the EU LCS?

Hans Sama: I think we kind of expected it, but for me when we won the game and qualified for the LCS I had this feeling of “I did it, it’s finally done”.  I’d been aiming to be in the LCS since I was 14, and I finally made it, and it feels really good.


We’ve seen a shift in the meta recently with a bunch of new ADCs being played, why do you think that’s happening now and how do you feel about it?

Hans Sama: I think this meta is more counter-pick when it comes to ADCs.  You can pick Ezreal, you can win lane with Kalista with stronger support, but if you blind pick Kalista you can get counter picked. I think the third game last week I shouldn’t have picked Kalista actually, because Caitlyn is a stronger lane. I think Lucian is a good answer to Kalista as well if she doesn’t have a strong support.

IgNar: Kalista is a good champion, but is only good in mid game.  In really really late game she’s pretty bad, so if you pick Kalista you need to fight more and have a fast tempo. You also shouldn’t pick her blind, because then they can just pick Caitlyn and Lulu and completely win.  

If you could play any champions in the bot lane and have them be competitively viable, who would they be?

IgNar: I like Alistar a lot, so I’d like to be able to play him on stage.  He’s really bad in this meta though, so maybe later I’ll be able to pick him.  When I first started playing I got really famous because I pulled off a 5-man knockup on Alistar, so he’s my best and favourite champion.  

Hans Sama: For me it would be Draven. I used to be a one trick Draven, back in Season 4 or 5. I love playing him, it’s the easiest way in SoloQ to get a lot of gold.


What is team communication like for you guys in scrims and on stage?

IgNar: At first Hans Sama didn’t talk a lot, but now he’s changed and talks a lot both in scrims and on stage.  I think on stage we all talk a lot, but I think the ones who talk the most are me, Hans, and Power of Evil. We’re starting to communicate more, and also more deeply.  On stage our communication is better than in scrims because we talk a lot, and in scrims we sometimes just banter and laugh with each other.

Hans Sama and IgNar will face Roccat’s botlane duo of Hjarnan and Wadid on Friday, March 24 at 17:00 CET on watch.lolesports.com.