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Player Spotlight: Hjarnan and Wadid

After starting the the 2017 Spring Split without winning a series for six straight weeks, Roccat have finally turned things around with four series wins in a row. Two of Roccat’s newest players, ADC Petter "Hjarnan" Freyschuss, from Sweden, and support Kim "Wadid" Bae-in, from South Korea, played no small part in creating this new success, and pulled them aside to see how they feel about the current state of their team.

What is the communication between you two like when things go wrong?

Hjarnan: We usually just say “it’s fine” and it isn’t a big deal.

Wadid: Yeah or we just laugh, we just try to use it for our next situation. It happens, it’s whatever.

Hjarnan: Usually we get things right when we go in, but it’s not 100% of the time of course. Sometimes we don’t think about the TP for example, but if it’s 2v2 it’s usually pretty correct. It’s the times where we don’t think about if we can ask our toplaner to TP or their toplaner has TP, so extra lanes coming in and stuff.

What was the communication like when you two first started playing together?

Wadid: First of all I tried to talk a lot.  I was a tryout, so I thought that I needed to show off my skills. But now we’re really friendly with each other, and we just know how to win the game.  We don’t need to talk about it, my body just moves.


What’s the favourite moment the two of you have as a duo?

Hjarnan: We have fun every day together in SoloQ and in scrims.  If it goes well for us in scrims it’s just really fun, and I don’t have a specific moment that was super funny or anything, but that’s because we’re always laughing and having fun.

Wadid: We’re even having fun when we’re losing game, you know? We just enjoy the moments.

Hjarnan: Yeah, so we always DuoQ when we can.


As a duo, is there anything you feel like you need to work on improving right now?

Wadid: We need to work on finding our preferred comp for patch 7.5, because we’ve only played on it for one week, so we need to find some OP champions.

Hjarnan: There isn’t one champion or strategy that will let us win against every enemy every day, but if you win sometimes and are humble, then you won’t struggle in your bad matchups as much.

What champions would you love to play if you could?

Wadid: Sivir meta for Hjarnan, no?

Hjarnan: No! Jinx! Jinx meta.

Wadid: Please buff Jinx Riot, please? But for me maybe Bard, I was a Bard one-trick-pony in Korea, but I can’t play him anymore. It’s really hard for me, because it’s really important to win lane, but Bard only has damage on his Q.  His W is actually useless, and his E is also not a fight skill, and also R.  How can we win with Bard? Please buff Bard also Riot.


What is the strongest botlane in the meta right now?

Hjarnan: I know what he’s going to answer, he thinks it’s Ashe and Lulu .

Wadid: No actually, because the new Warlord’s Bloodlust [on Patch 7.5] gives some movement speed, and I think that’s more important for lane fights.  If you pick movement speed with Ashe or Varus or Jhin, you’re able to get easier trades.  But if you’re good at Ezreal like LCK players he’s also pretty good.


How would you rank Roccat against the other teams in Europe at the moment?

Wadid: It’s getting better, no?

Hjarnan: Our scrims are getting better.

Wadid: Our on-stage power.

Hjarnan: Yeah, I guess that’s true.  I’d say we are probably 6 or 7, something like that.

Roccat's next match will be against Misfits on Friday, March 24th at 17:00 CET on watch.lolesports.com.