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Player Spotlight: Klaj

Fnatic Academy’s Swedish support Johan "Klaj" Olsson is no stranger to the European League of Legends Championship Series, as he joined Fnatic’s main LCS squad back in the Spring of 2016, even playing with them in the Spring Finals. Since then he has moved to Fnatic Academy, where he’s joined the ranks of three other LCS veterans to fight his way back to the main stage.

What have you been doing since the last time you played in the LCS until now?

After the 2016 Spring Finals in Rotterdam, Fnatic decided to bring back YellowStar and I moved to Fnatic Academy, but it didn’t work out with that team. I took a bit of a break from League at that point and just had fun and partied, that’s why I have the nickname “Party Princess”. After that Fnatic let me try out for Fnatic Academy again, and I was picked up. We chose some more players, and now we’re here.


How was the Spring Split of Challenger Series for you?

This split was tough and really long. We started with tryouts, then went into Open Qualifiers, and it’s actually more stressful than you would expect. Every match is important, so you have to win every match. But this roster has always been working together, and we’ve all been happy with each other. So everything is good with the team in that sense.


Is it important to you that you make it back into the LCS?

Since I never really played in Challenger Series before - I went from SoloQ to Fnatic - I kinda haven’t done this whole thing before, so it’s a nice experience. But I want to qualify back into the LCS again for sure.


Do you trust your team enough to know that you can make it back into the LCS?

Yeah, I trust my team. We are very confident in each other, and we trust each other a lot. So I think we have the best chance out of the four teams in the Promotion Tournament to make it into the LCS. We have four former LCS players, plus Nisqy, and we just mesh super well together.

I’m confident in my team, we’ve been through a lot these past five months and when it really matters we always show up.

Johan "Klaj" Olsson

How has it been helping Nisqy as four veteran LCS players?

So we joked back at the start that Nisqy didn’t even know how to leave his lane, he was always just sitting and lane and would never leave his turret. After one week he started to move away from his lane, and he was like “holy shit I actually feel useful now”, and since then he’s come a long way.  Right now when we scrim we tell him to use white noise, for example, because that’s what they use in the headsets on the LCS stage and it helps him get used to it.


What would it mean for Nisqy to join the LCS?

I think for Nisqy it would mean a lot, because when we started doing this he wasn’t sure if he wanted to join our team or not. He felt that he was comfortable with his situation in France playing in French tournaments with his team. But we managed to convince him to come to us and he gave it a shot, and for him to actually play in the LCS would be fun. He’s new and inexperienced, but I think he’d do well.


The Promotion Tournament is double elimination, so how will you mentally come back if you lose your first series?

I think it doesn’t matter if we lose the first one, because every time we’ve been under pressure we’ve always managed to get through it and win the last important match.  For example, we did that with PSG, and before that it was Kinguin, and so on. I’m really confident in the team’s ability to pull it together when it really matters.


How do you prepare for a team like Origen, that hasn’t won a single series in the split?

Origen is a team that hasn’t won a series, but the three teams we’re facing are pretty similar in how they play, so I don’t think we need to prepare for one team necessarily, we can prepare for all three together and focus on our own game. If we do that we’ll win.


Do you agree with the casters who all say that Giants is the strongest team in the Promotion Tournament?

I think Giants is pretty strong. I think the strongest two teams are us and Giants, but I’m not sure how Misfits Academy will do because they managed to beat Schalke 04. Origen hasn’t won a series yet, but maybe they will still show up, nobody knows. It would be fun to face Giants because they are three Swedes, and I’m a Swede as well so it would be fun to win against them.


Klaj, Nisqy, and the rest of Fnatic Academy will face LCS veterans Giants Gaming on Thursday, April 6th at 17:00 CEST on watch.lolesports.com.