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Player Spotlight: Maxlore

Team ROCCAT’s Maxlore faced his former team Giants last weekend. We talked to him about how he thinks his new team stacks up, what the state of jungling is in Europe at the moment, and more!

It’s often mentioned that you’re a big leader outside of the game, do you agree with that? How did you develop your leadership skills?

I think I’m good at helping other people grow because I just really want to win, and so I think I’m the type of guy that will go the extra mile to make sure that my teammates are improving as well so we can all be great players and win the tournament.

Who is the shotcaller for Roccat?

I think the concept of a shotcaller is a bit of a meme, but right now the people that talk the most about objectives and such are me and Hjarnan. Hopefully with time it should be everybody talking about their role and what they should be doing. The concept of a shotcaller is outdated, because in maybe Season 2 or Season 3, back in those days, it would just be one guy micromanaging the team, but now it should be everyone talking. As the game has grown one guy can’t think of the potential for every single role, everybody has to participate.

Koreans are always trying to learn about the game, and EU hasn't got that kind of culture yet- so I think Night is a bit smarter at the game than Betsy

Nubar "Maxlore" Sarafian

Overall are you happy with the new Roccat roster?

Yeah, I’m pretty happy with the new roster.  I think right now the communication between Betsy and I isn’t that great, but with time we can work on it and get really good.

For Roccat as a team, how do you feel about Group A right now?

I don’t think it makes much of a difference which group you’re in right now. You just have to get to Playoffs, and then make it to Worlds.  I think our hardest opponent in our group is G2, and for ROCCAT to finish in first we will all have to buckle down and work super hard.

How do you feel about the Ten Ban system overall?

I kind of don’t like it right now because of the advantage that Blue Side gets over Red Side if you ban correctly, but that’s mainly due to the meta.  Maybe once the meta changes Red Side will be better than Blue Side, but I think it’s a bit too unbalanced right now.

We’ve seen a lot of jungle bans lately, are you worried about your champion pool being banned out?

I’m not really worried about my champion pool.  I have a lot of niche picks I can bring out if everything meta gets banned.

Do you feel like you have more or less control as a jungler here in Season 7 compared to Season 6?

I think this meta has more carry potential for junglers, but at the same time when it gets to mid/late game I’d rather be on a utility champion like Gragas - I think he’s really broken, you can carry the game just by flashing and ulting.  If I had to pick a jungler that I wish would be competitively viable again I’d choose Gragas or Nidalee.  Gragas because of how broken he is, and Nidalee because in the patch before she was the best carry jungler, and it was really satisfying to dominate and control the enemy jungle and put the enemy jungler on a leash.

On stage I play a lot less aggressive than I would in scrims or solo queue, and I'm looking to change that this split

Nubar "Maxlore" Sarafian

Tune in on Saturday, February 4th at 19:00 CET to watch Maxlore and the rest of ROCCAT go up against Fnatic.