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Player Spotlight: Memento

Jonas "Memento" Elmarghichi is the jungler for Giants and originally hails from Sweden. He has played in a regional league, a wildcard region, Challenger, and two different teams in the EU LCS. We sat down with this well-travelled player to probe his thoughts and gain some of his hard-earned wisdom.

What do you think of the reworked Warwick?

I think the reworked Warwick looks pretty cool actually, it can be really strong but I think the biggest issue right now is that nobody actually knows what the champion does. So everyone is really confused when he starts running up to you and they run for their lives, and when you’re low there’s the scary sound so you just hug your tower. It’s so scary actually.

How do you, as a competitive jungler, learn what Warwick can do?

I think I just have to spam Warwick to learn what he does - maybe 20 games or something - and then I’ll be a god at him.

How different is spamming 20 games of SoloQ versus six scrims on Tournament Realm?

It’s a big difference between spamming SoloQ and scrims, ‘cause with scrims you have to give it your all - like 110% - and it’s a lot more mentally exhausting.  So with SoloQ you can relax a bit, when you get a lead you can start doing random stuff and go into the enemy jungle - go for solo kills - and go for montage plays of course.

with scrims you have to give it your all - like 110% - and it’s a lot more mentally exhausting. with SoloQ you can relax a bit

Jonas "Memento" Elmarghichi

When you look at the ten ban system in the few weeks of competitive play, how did it impact you as a jungler?

The 10 ban system didn’t really impact me as much as it did others, like maybe mid or top lane, because I think you always - or almost always - pick your jungle first or second rotation, and then the other bans come in.  But you usually pick jungle, ADC, and whatever you want, probably Support, and then you ban out the top laners you don’t want to face, or something else depending on what the enemy picks. But I don’t think it matters that much to jungle, I have a pretty big champion pool - I can play whatever, I can play more than ten champions, so it doesn’t affect me that much.

Are you at all worried about the champion pools of your teammates with the ten ban system?

I don’t think the ten ban system really affects my teammates either, they all have a pretty decent champion pool and I don’t think we’ll ever end up in a situation where one player is completely banned out. So I think the ten ban system is fine for us, I really like it actually.

How, as a team, do you prepare for picks and bans on stage?

We sit together on the sofa and we look at a screen and we go through different scenarios of what we would do if our opponents pick this or that, and what we want to play and what we think is strong into other champions. When we find something we all agree on, that’s what we decide to do.

There have been a few times already that Giants have missed a ban, are any of those intentional?

They’re kinda accidents and kinda intentional, because sometimes we don’t actually know what we want to ban.  If we ban one champion, then they might get another - now with the new system, when the countdown reaches 0 it’s done. Before, it would reach 0 and you would still have maybe two seconds and then you can ban it, but not now.

How does communication work when you’re in-game on the Giants squad?

The communication in our team works by everyone spam-giving information, what we can do, what we can’t do - like if we have pressure, if we can move out of our lanes, etc.  We use that information together and all give out our ideas about what we can do, like if we can go for Baron, if we can’t go for Baron, things like that.  We all agree on one idea, and we just do it.

If you had to pick one person on your team you say is a “captain”, who would it be?

It’s me of course, I’m the captain.

Do you guys ever speak Swedish to each other in game?

Not in-game, but we speak Swedish a lot outside of game.  We have a lot of memes we laugh about in Swedish that we can’t translate to English.  It might not be great for our teammates, but they shouldn’t have picked three Swedish people if they didn’t want us to speak Swedish.

If Giants were to be a DJ group, what would your name be?

It’s kinda this meme on Twitter already that we’re “Swedish House Mafia” because we’re three Swedes, so if we had a DJ group we’d probably be called that.

If you were to think of one element of your play that you’re unhappy with, what would it be?

I think I’m only unhappy with my Ivern play against G2.  I played really scared, and I didn’t really play towards the potential that champion actually has, so I have to improve on that. On my team I’m mostly the one who does the shotcalling, and I go ham - if I see an enemy I’m going to go ham. But I can’t do that with Ivern. So that’s the only thing I’m unhappy with, and I think I’ll be better next time.

If you compare yourself to the other Junglers in Europe, where do you think you rank?

Right now - if I’m not playing Ivern - I think I’m rank five or six.  But I’m aiming to be a lot higher actually, we’ll see how it goes.  To climb up that ranking it’s on both my teammates and myself, individually I can improve on so many things I’m already aware of, and I’m working really hard. With my team, we can work better as a team, and with the better team work we become better individually as well, and move up the rankings.

Who is the number one Jungler in Europe right now?

A lot of people say Trick is the number one jungler, but I actually think it’s Jankos.  Actually, I think it’s just because when Jankos is versus me he always… mutilates me.  He has the same playstyle as me, we would like to find the enemy jungler and kill each other, but everytime I face him I plan to go to his red buff and kill him, and then he’s already in my jungle and kills me.  He’s always five steps ahead of me, and that’s why he’s my Kryptonite. But I think Trick is also really good, he’s smarter than Jankos but not as good mechanically or snowballing leads.  So I think they might share rank one, but with different strengths.


Memento returns to the Rift when Giants face the undefeated Unicorns of Love on Thursday, February 9th at 17:00 CET on watch.lolesports.com.