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Player Spotlight: Mithy

Alfonso "Mithy" Aguirre Rodriguez, hailing from Spain, is the Support player for G2 eSports. Mithy made his first appearance in the LCS during Season 3 when he played on Lemondogs, and since then has played on Ninjas in Pyjamas, Origen, and now the reigning European champions G2. Along with Jesper "Zven" Svenningsen, his ADC, Mithy is often referred to as the “Best Botlane in the West”, but it wasn’t always that way. We pulled Mithy aside to ask him about his transition to G2 and his history with Zven.

How does G2 right now compare to G2 last year?

I think we’re playing more organized than we were in Summer Split.  Back then - and even still now - we’re a pretty young team, but in the Summer it was basically: Zven and I knew each other, Expect was new, and Trick and Perkz knew each other, so we didn’t know how to play together as a team. We also didn’t know how we wanted to play around each other because Zven and I were used to being played around, Perkz was used to being played around himself, and actually Expect was used to being played around too when he played in China in the LPL.  So it was very messy.  It also was difficult to communicate with Expect - he didn’t know English - so it was hard for us to get the basics - like wave control, when to fight, minion wave priority, vision - and now that we’ve established the basics we can work on deeper layers. There’s still a way to go, though, and it’s still hard for us, but I think we have the right idea and are on the right track.

You’ve mentioned before getting “mental blocks” in game before, how do those affect you when you’re in-game?

It’s not so much a mental-block, it’s more of a “I don’t know what to do” moment, where the way that I want to play is not the way that I can play. So I need to adapt to playing a different way, and that’s really hard to do in the game because there’s not one best way to play.


You and Zven have been referred to as the “Best Botlane in the West” for about a year now, do you still think you are the best?

Personally I never really cared about having that label or not, because it’s just a label for media and fans, a way to create hype.  For me personally I just want to be the best version of myself that I can possibly be, and I think Zven wants the same for himself and that we want the same thing for us as a duo. What we want over everything is to win.  I would gladly be labeled the “Worst Botlane in the West” if it meant I could win Worlds, I wouldn’t mind that.  In general, the best thing is to win, and if you just work well with your team - even if that means not gaining a lead on botlane and playing towards a different side - then you just go for it and do it, and sacrifice yourself for your teammates. They have to do the same thing for you, it depends on how the draft works and who you’re playing against.  Some teams play very heavily towards bot lane, others towards mid or top, so it depends on whether it’s a good idea to go all in on a botlane 2v2 where a better bot-laner will carry the game, or maybe it’s better to just play passive because of the way their team plays.  In that situation, you just let another lane carry you. But overall I think Zven and I are good, I think we know what we have to work on, and there’s a lot of things that we probably don’t know we have to work on and we’re trying to figure those out.  But in general we’re trying to be the best versions of ourselves that we can be.

Do you feel like you still learn a lot from other bot-lanes in Europe?

I don’t think I learn from other bot-lanes in terms of map movements and pressure, but I do learn from everyone - every support, a lot of the ADCs - about matchups and how they play their matchups and champions. I think there’s a lot of supports in Europe right now that are much better than me on certain champions and how they play their lanes, so I always keep an eye on them and how they play their laning phases.  I’m always willing to improve, but in terms of conscious decisions that we make, like when we base when we do and when we pressure when we do and how we move on the map, I think Zven and I are probably one of the best bot-lanes in Europe. Another botlane that’s also really good at moving together is Misfits’ bot-lane.  Then, on Unicorns, Hylissang is really good, I’d say that he’s the best right now in terms of what he does and how he pressures. But I think for bot-lane synergy and moving as a unit - making plays together - Misfits does a really good job, but it’s their support and jungle, not support and ADC.

I would gladly be labeled the “Worst Botlane in the West” if it meant I could win Worlds

Alfonso "Mithy" Aguirre Rodriguez

Were you and Zven always this good at playing together as a unit?

No, it went step-by-step, because at first I didn’t know half of the things I know now, and Zven didn’t know even 1/8th of the things he knows now when he first joined Origen.  The first thing we worked on was 2v2, just playing the lane, and it moved on step-by-step from there.  Now we talk even less about the 2v2 aspect and more about how we pressure and where we move and where we should stand or control ward or clear their control ward.  Before, it was more about pure skill and laning, talking about how we could have played the lane better and how we could have played the 2v2 better.  Now, it’s about how we could have impacted the game in a better way and how we could have helped our team in a better way.

How close are you and Zven?

We’re pretty close, but I wouldn’t say we’re like “super close bros” or know everything about each other or anything like that.  But we know each other's’ personalities, we know when each other is mad or when we’re ok, we know when we can talk to each other and how to approach each other.  Sometimes if I’m a complete dick he’ll give me some space, and I’ll do the same for him. At the end of the day he is my friend and we do a lot of things together, but it’s hard for us to go one step further and have him be a really good friend because he ultimately is my teammate at the same time.  He’s also three years younger than me, so that plays into it as well, even though mentally I’d say he’s actually older than me - in terms of maturity and League.  But outside the game we like different things. So there’s some things that we share, and we live together all day every day, but I also want my space and he wants his.

Mithy, Zven, and the rest of G2 face their next opponents, the undefeated Unicorns of Love, on Thursday, February 16th, at 17:00 CET on watch.lolesports.com.