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Player Spotlight: Odoamne and Jankos

Top Lane Week continues with H2K’s top laner Andrei "Odoamne" Pascu and jungler Marcin "Jankos" Jankowski. These two have been to the Worlds’ Semifinals and back again, and have plenty of stories to tell. Perhaps the most charismatic duo in the European LCS, Odoamne and Jankos were more than happy to share some of their hard-earned wisdom with us.

How long have you known each other?

Odoamne: This sounds like a love story

Jankos [sighing]: Yeah…

Odoamne: Do you want me to say then?

Jankos [laughing]: Yeah yeah, you say.

Odoamne: Ok, so-

Jankos: No, I know! I remember. We were at a bootcamp - Roccat and H2K - and I saw Mr. Odoamne and I looked him in the eyes and just knew that he was the one.

What has been the worst moment for you two on the Rift?

Jankos: I think the worst moment for Mr. Odoamne is that I don’t like Rumble but he really likes it, so I think-

Odoamne: Ok but it makes no sense because this guy is like “you suck at Rumble so this champion is bad you know? Tanks are so good” and then he’s like “Rumble is so bad your winrate isn’t even that good” and then he goes and checks my champion page and he’s like “oh but you only played good against bad teams, it doesn’t matter” but then he’ll see the results against good teams and be like “oh but it doesn’t matter tanks are just better” and will still say to me “oh I don’t want you to play Rumble Mr. Odoamne he’s just not a good champion”. But last week was one of those therapy sessions, where you just have to face your fears, and I played Rumble against Misfits, and our synergy on the top lane there was really impressive.  

Jankos: Ok ok, Rumble is a good champion but when you can have a Maokai with 5k HP in front of you and you have somewhere to hide, and you… uh...

Odoamne: You don’t really need to do anything and just walk behind your tank?

Jankos: Yeah, exactly.


What do each of you prefer to have: carry top laners or tank top laners?

Jankos: I think he wants carry top laners.  I think Odoamne really, really wants to play carry top laners. But I think it depends.  If we have Odoamne in a 1-3-1 he still has to step up his game.  I think with tanks he is improving a lot and his team fights are good. Overall though I don’t really have any preference, I want him to play whatever he wants and then he’ll do well.

Odoamne: I love that he trusts me so much here. You have to have confidence in your teammates.


Which are currently stronger, tank toplaners or carry toplaners?

Odoamne: It depends on who you pick.  If you pick a carry like Rumble he’ll be stronger in the laning phase against most tanks, for example, but then again some tanks have an easier matchup against those carries. Rumble is probably the easiest just because his laning phase is so easy. Tanks are really strong late game, the transition from early game to mid game is really strong because tank items are so cheap and they team fight so well. But by late game - like at 50 minutes - carries will be better again. Until then, though, tanks are better.


How do you know when to gank top lane?

Odoamne: You don’t really need ganks most of the time just because you can play in different ways. Whenever a gank happens it’s basically an opportunity, just because it’s not something you bank on. Say your opponent doesn’t ward at a certain time, and Jankos is around, and I can let him know that there’s no vision and to gank now.  It’s just an opportunity, you can’t really set it up.  But you can also just force a gank to relieve pressure or push the lane, pretty much if your lane is going badly you can force a gank to make it easier for the next couple of minutes. But I also have to repay the jungler for ganking.  He comes to lane and asks if I want to push it out and I tell him yeah, and then he takes the whole wave and smites the cannon minion.

Jankos [obviously trolling]: Let’s be honest for a second, I deserve that.  I’m just so good that I can be top, mid, and bot at the same time. I can literally just helicopter across the map and me being top - he has to pay tribute for that.

Is there any champion that is not in the meta right now that you would like to see in top lane?

Odoamne: Lissandra, I’d really love to be able to play her again but she’s just too weak right now. Oh! Another champion that got nerfed really hard I’d like to play again is AP Kennen. Or tank Ekko. Those are all really fun champions, I’d like to play them again.

Jankos: I think Maokai is really strong, but he’s got nerfed lately. I’d love to see him more on Gragas top though.

Odoamne: Well I just do what my jungler tells me to do. I just want to make Jankos happy.

Jankos: Yeah, when you’re not doing what I think we should be doing I can be super annoying about it.  

You can see Odoamne and Jankos’ synergy in action when they face the Unicorns of Love on Friday, March 17 at 17:00 CET on watch.lolesports.com