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Player Spotlight: PowerOfEvil

Misfits have made it from the Challenger Series to the LCS Spring Playoffs in just one split. Fighting with them is their midlaner Tristan "PowerOfEvil" Schrage, who has spent the majority of his career on teams promoted to the LCS from Challenger, including the Unicorns of Love and Origen. The 19 year old from Germany has been a consistent addition to the team, and has high hopes about their chances in the Playoffs.

How strong do you feel Misfits is at the moment?

I think that we as a team are really strong if we get early leads, I don’t think we’ve lost any game when we’ve gotten any early lead. Obviously we threw maybe one game, but normally we always close it all really cleanly. I think we know how to play off our leads and how to get objectives and play for our lanes. But we as a team don’t have as much experience as we might have wanted, so if we don’t get an early lead we start to struggle to find engages. We tend to play really safe, and I think that’s the biggest issue we have, we don’t take enough risks in the mid game if we’re behind. Take the series against Roccat, for example, we had two side lanes winning and mid lane losing, and in theory we know how to properly push out sidelanes and retain midlane, get midlane turret, stuff like this. But once you’re in a game it’s completely different, so many different things can happen, something that’s different and we don’t know how to react to might come up. So then we might get behind, and the struggle begins. We need to improve on that before we play against Splyce in the Quarterfinals.


How do you improve on something like that?

We need to play more aggressive in scrims, because right now we play really calculated and don’t take many gambles. So we are going to focus more on practicing things you don’t see as much, and playing from when we’re behind. We need to practice more comeback strategies, because we have a really low rate of comebacks in the LCS.


If you win your series this week you will go to Hamburg, either for the Third Place match or for the Finals. How important is that to you?

It would be really amazing for me. I don’t think it will be a problem if we all try our best and fix our mistakes, because Splyce isn’t flawless as well. I’m pretty sure we can beat them, and afterwords I think we’d go against UoL, and we already beat them, so I’m confident in that too.

It’s my goal to win against Splyce and try my best to get our team to Hamburg, and I think we can make it.

Tristan "PowerOfEvil" Schrage

The casters often say you’re a really defensive player, is that something you agree with?

No not really. It normally depends on the draft, we often try to draft strong top laners for Alphari and strong junglers for KaKao so he can invade. So we don’t need me to play so aggressive because we just need me to play calculated and into the 1v1.  I just don’t take unnecessary risks, because right now if you die midlane 1v1 it’s a huge loss for your team. If you die once the enemy can roam to sidelanes, and the instant a midlaner goes to botlane you have to return to turret and you lose a lot of pressure. So right now just pressure in midlane is really important, and you don’t only get pressure from playing aggressive, but by playing around vision and invades.


How good is your communication with KaKao for those invades?

Pretty simple. He’s taking English lessons, so he’s getting better and better at English, but it’s still not perfect. I’m telling him when I get pushed in and when I need help to push out or need to get vision, and obviously we talk about when we can 2v2. He’s communicating all the important stuff, so it’s good enough.


How would you rate IgNar and Hans against the other botlanes in the Playoffs?

I think they’re pretty close to the other botlanes. In the Playoffs I think all roles are pretty close to each other, pretty equal, because at this point whoever is in Playoffs actually deserves to be here and showed that they are in the Top 6 of their respective role. At this point it mostly depends on draft and if you get the stronger botlanes, like Karma and Ashe which can push in early game, or Lucian and Nami who can win the 2v2. I think IgNar and Hans are good enough to beat everyone, but I also think if they get a horrible matchup they could lose as well. It also depends on how we want to play out the game, so if we want to pressure the top side and kind of “abandon” our bot lane, or play around bot side. But IgNar and Hans are really smart players, and they continue to improve week to week, and they don’t make the mistakes they did in the first few weeks.

The first round of Quarterfinals, between Misfits and Splyce, will kick off on Saturday, April 8th at 17:00 CEST on watch.lolesports.com.