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Player Spotlight on UOL Vizicsacsi

Victory may have slipped through their fingers in Hamburg at the Spring Finals, but Vizicsacsi, along with the rest of the Unicorns, are determined to not let it happen again. After going to bootcamp in Korea in preparation for the Summer split, the Unicorns look stronger than ever.

It was only a couple months ago that the Unicorns of Love were poised to win it all. Playing on stage at the 2017 Spring Finals, fans believed that they would be the ones to finally overthrow G2 Esports and claim the crown of EULCS Champions. But despite their best efforts, the Unicorns couldn’t muster up enough magic to secure the win, losing the series 3-1.  They didn’t let the defeat get them down, however, and have since redoubled their efforts, determined to take the Summer Split and make it their own. A huge factor that will determine whether or not they succeed will be their star top laner and the MVP of the 2017 Spring Split, Kiss "Vizicsacsi" Tamás.  Having been with the team since their entry into the LCS, Vizicsacsi has stood by his fellow Unicorns through it all on their quest to finish first in Europe and earn a ticket to the World Championships.


Kiss "Vizicsacsi" Tamás

How was the bootcamp in Korea?

I think it was really good for us because we could practice in the most competitive environment. In Korean SoloQ there are players from three different regions and it was really high quality, I felt like I could learn about top lane matchups from every single game. You also have seven ping, which is like playing on stage, so you can do whatever you’d do on stage which makes you feel like you can try-hard more. Other than that the quality of the players is really high, they react faster and are better mechanically, and they know their champions better. Even when they’d have to fill into a role they don’t normally play they were really good. For example, there was a support player who was also a Singed OTP, and whenever I faced him in top lane I was like “damn, this guy knows his Singed better than anybody back in the West”. I was really impressed by Korean SoloQ. We had the chance to play with LCK teams, which was good too. We didn’t play too much with them, but it was good experience to see how they operate and what picks they like. Overall I’d say it was a really good experience, and it meant that everyone was practicing every day 14 - 15 hours, and it was really good to have that preparation before the split.

Looking back on Spring, how do you feel about UOL’s performance?

I think we started off good, and we secured first place in our group. Overall we played good, but in the Playoffs I feel like we fell off a bit, and I’m not exactly sure why. I think that’s something we need to look back on as a team, and everyone can say their opinion on why that happened. I think we have good chances this split.


Vizicsacsi with UOL's manager Romain

We’ve seen a lot of Galio recently, what makes him such a strong pick?

He’s very solid in the laning phase, and you can wave clear with the Q. Basically, you can push in 90% of the matchups. He’s really solid. His only counter I’d say is Fiora, because her whole kit counters his. She can even dive Galio later on, at like level 16 she can dive him under turret. You can’t even harass her down, because she goes double lifesteal items. Other than her there’s no real counter to him, and he just provides so much for the team: zone control, and you can have champions that go in and he ults on top of them, so it's really hard to team fight against him.

What other champions are you seeing a lot of in the top lane in the current meta?

In Europe it’s Gragas, Kennen, and Shen that are the top priority. I saw a lot of Jarvan top in Korea, though, and Wunder tried him as well, so maybe he’ll come into Europe. Gnar and Rumble are still pretty playable, and so is Jayce. I think these will be the main picks for now.

What are your thoughts on Rift Herald and how it affects top lane?

I don’t think it’s too useful, and we could see in our series today that if you take it like Vitality did you give up positional advantage. I don’t think that’s worth, because then the enemy team pushes you away from the midlane turrets in exchange. It’s hard to push with Rift Herald because you need a lot of tempo advantage in other lanes to utilize it and take one or two turrets. But I think in competitive play you can’t even take two, one is the most you can hope for. It’s an objective I’d only go for if all the outer turrets are down and dragon is down as well. If there’s nothing else to play for you take Rift Herald and try to siege a second tier turret, and that’s when it’s really good. It’s good when you’re ahead, but if both teams are even you should probably leave it.


UOL during their fan meet after a swift victory

Which top laners do you think will give you the hardest time this split?

Expect and sOAZ are really good, sOAZ stepped up big time compared to the previous split. He looks really solid, and I think he’s somebody that plays tanks really well and it’s hard to break him. I’m looking forward to seeing how Profit does because he’s a well known top laner from SKT. The other top laners remain the same: Odoamne, Wunder, and Alphari are all really good. I think top lane has a lot of competition, so it mostly comes down to how coordinated you are with your team.

What are your personal goals for this Split?

Of course I’d like to win, but other than that I want to build team synergy more. If we get to Worlds I want to not only participate, but go for something bigger. If we go there I want to make sure everybody tries their best and we can get out of Group Stage and achieve more. I think that’s the ultimate goal for everyone. This split will be building team synergy and building ourselves up, and in the meantime trying to reach number one.

The Unicorns of Love's next match is against the Mysterious Monkeys on Friday, June 9th at 20:00 CEST on watch.lolesports.com.