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Player Spotlight: Wunder and Trashy

From almost being relegated to competing on the World Championship stage, Martin "Wunder" Hansen and Jonas "Trashy" Andersen have been with Splyce through it all. Both have been praised for their strong individual play as well as their impeccable coordination, and for our last Player Spotlight of Top Lane Week we put Wunder and Trashy on the spot to see how they feel about the current state of top lane.

Do the two of you ever DuoQ?

Wunder: Nope

Trashy: No, because it always ends the same way when we Duo. We’ll have a really good game, then we’ll have one game where the enemy jungler ganks top then it’s over.  If the enemy jungler ganks top then it’s over and we just run in circles.

Wunder: We’ll have good games and then I’ll press “Play Again”, but if we have bad games I definitely don’t press that button, because I get super into it.  If he goes for a cheeky dive and it turns out to a double kill to the enemy top laner I’ll definitely not play again.

Trashy: It sounds like it’s only me inting, but he ints sometimes too.  I think it’s ok after a long day of scrims if you don’t have to duo, what we built was through scrimming and I don’t think we need to DuoQ to build it more.

Is it better to have a carry in the top lane, or a carry in the jungle?

Wunder: For sure carries in the top lane, because this guy - he does 4k damage on Kha’Zix. Actually, on Lee Sin too.

Trashy: For us it’s probably better to have carries in the top lane, but it’s mostly because Wunder is the kind of player that wants to carry the game.  

Wunder:  If you are able to carry the game then you should carry. I’m just looking at my jungle when he plays carry junglers like Graves and is just a farming guy, but then he just gets muzzled or something and we just lose with all that CS.

Trashy: I don’t really have a comeback since that actually happened, but it usually goes better when we play carries in scrims. But I’ve always been a jungler that likes playing more engage champs and champs that can set your team up.  So back when we had a lot of success in Summer we used that style a lot, and I think it’s the best style for us, though we can play all styles.

Is it easier as a top laner to pick up carry champions when it’s your jungler’s job to support you?

Wunder: It’s hard to say.  I can play tank top laners and we can play carry junglers, but it feels like you can get more done in the game when you’re fed as top laner compared to a jungler. Even though jungle is a strong role, but it’s impacting lanes more than the other way around.  But you can impact jungle as well and invade and get the jungler ahead, but I don’t think it impacts as much as the top laner.

How important is top lane and jungle synergy?

Wunder: I think the word “synergy” is a little weird, because all that matters is that both of you know what to do in-game and what you need from each other. All of this is decided beforehand, like how we want to impact top lane and what we can do in the 2v2 top/jungle.  Then it’s all about communication and talking about when you need each other, and I think Wunder and I are  pretty good with that.

What are your thoughts on Maokai at the moment?

Wunder: I’ve played two games of Maokai this split. I feel like you’re fine, you can be ok, but you don’t really impact the game.  You kind of just sit in top lane and go team fight, and that’s basically it.

Trashy: Actually every day before the Maokai nerf we’d go into scrims and I’d point out Maokai was open and Wunder would just be like “... nah”. So yeah, I’m quite sure that for a lot of teams in the world Maokai is a great champion, but not for us.

Wunder: I’m not a top-tier Maokai player, but I’m also not bad at it. I just think that the way we play as a team he’s not a good pick for me to play.


Is there any top lane champion you wish you could play more right now, Wunder?

Wunder: I guess Irelia, something off-meta like her or Akali. A champ that is viable, but you can lose really fast or win really fast, I feel like that’s the type of champ that fits what I want to do in game.

Which one of you has the bigger champion pool?

Wunder: I think I have the bigger champion pool. It’s also hard, right? I played jungle once and I know that there’s only so many junglers you can play, and I think I exceed the amount of junglers that are viable.

Trashy: It would be really awkward if the jungler had a bigger champion pool I think.

Wunder: I don’t know, maybe.

Trashy: Unless you’re a tank only player.

Wunder: Oh yeah, but that isn’t the case for me thankfully.

Is it worth ganking top lane right now?

Trashy:  Yes I suppose it is, but not always.  but It’s extremely matchup dependent, you can’t base a game off of top lane right now. Right now with champions like Renekton and Rumble in the meta, these champions can have a lot of impact if you use jungle pressure.

Wunder: Yeah, it’s very matchup dependent. If I’m playing Shen into Poppy then maybe ganking top lane a lot isn’t the way to go, but I think the champions we play - and that a lot of people play right now - ganking top lane can be good right now.

Splyce will return to the Rift when they face Origen on Saturday, March 18th at 19:00 CET on watch.lolesports.com