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Post-Game Lobby week 2: Cabochard and Amazing

At the halfway point in the split Cabochard and Amazing give their insights on all things EU LCS

On thursday, Cabochard joined us in the Post-Game Lobby to talk about the current toplane meta, the development of the toplaners in Europe and the return of Shook to Vitality.

0:06: G2 vs FNC: Cabochard on Expect’s improvement on G2

1:46: FNC too risky in laneswaps and risky drafts - what should FNC change up

4:50: Support meta in EU and the power of Mithy

7:06: ROC vs GIA discussion

8:31: Toplane meta

9:40: Deficio ‘SmittyJ used to be discount Cabochard  but now it’s the other way around’

11:46: VIT vs S04 and the return of Shook - will be see Mightybear again?

13:28: OG vs H2K

15:00 H2K’s slump

17:20 Is Vitality a top 2 team

17:50 What’s up with all the ties

18:30 Is EU developing slower than previous seasons?

19:40 Toplane meta discussion

21:20 Player of the game leaderboard


OG’s Amazing sat with us on friday to wrap up week 5 of the European LCS. He gives us his expertise on the current standings, European junglers and shares some very interesting insight on the current state of H2K.


0:20: GIA vs FNC wrap-up  - Amazing ‘FNC is cocky in approaching the game’

4:15 FNCs drafts, Amazing on Spirit and Spirit vs Trick playstyles

6:46 ROC vs H2K wrap-up - H2K in a slump - Amazing ‘Jankos and Vander seem disconnected’

9:20 ROC still showing the same weaknesses, like many other teams in the league

9:40 Amazing ‘H2K lacks championship players’

12:00 SPY vs VIT - why Splyce’s system works, Shook vs Mightybear in Vitality

16:45 G2 vs OG - Why is it so hard for OG to finish games

18:40 Baron vs Elder Drake in the lategame

19:26 Standings at the end of week 5

20:00 Amazing on OG’s play-off hopes ‘We need to beat UOL and VIT’

21:30: Player of the game Leaderboard