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Post-Game Lobby - Week 2 Day 2

Check out all things EU LCS in the Post-Game Lobby!

We know it can be a bit hard to keep track of all the awesome LCS matches happening over the course of the week, especially with our new dual-stream format. Through the Post-Game Lobby you can keep up with all the action as we offer recaps of the week, and discuss all the LCS action with our casters and the help of a pro-player guest.

In the European LCS we’ve always put a lot of emphasis on featuring pro-players on the show and letting them have a big voice. Last season we started experimenting with having pros as guests on the desk during the day, as well as having them be part of a longer discussion about  the league in general after the last game wraps up. We decided to continue this and create the Post-Game Lobby, where match discussions are blended with a range of topics pertaining to pro-play, as well as a healthy amount of banter.

This episode features H2K’s AD Carry Freeze as he gives his two cents on the day’s matches and the current ranking of the LCS teams, as well as offering his opinion on the current AD Carry meta - spoilers, Caitlyn is S-Tier - and other topics. The Post-Game Lobby airs every Thursday and Friday after the last scheduled LCS match ends.


  • OG vs S04 post-match analysis

  • G2 vs SPY post-match discussion  - Caitlyn - Strength of Splyce

  • VIT vs ROC with focus on Vitality’s form

  • How European teams scrim compared to NA teams

  • Level of European teams after week 2

  • Why G2 is the best team in Europe

  • H2K vs FNC recap

  • Freeze on H2K’s intense preparation and Freeze integrating into H2K

  • FNC with Gamsu and Spirit

  • GIA vs UOL and the first pentakill of Summer  

  • ROC looking strong after week 2 and Freeze on Steeelback

  • What’s up with VIT - very linear in their playstyle

  • Player of the Game standings

EU Analyst Desk

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