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Post-Game Lobby week 3 with guests Trashy and Odoamne

Check out all things EU LCS in the Post-Game Lobby

Mid-lane week kicks off on thursday but week 3 of the European LCS was jam-packed full of action. To get the lowdown on the teams and matches from last week, check out the Post-Game Lobby!


On Thursday, Splyce’s jungler Trashy joined us on the desk to talk about Splyce’s development, their 2-0 over GIANTS and the junglers in EU LCS.


Discussed topics:

Start: GIA vs SPY recap

  • 2:38 Splyce’s current form - Mikyx influence and not being an underdog anymore, team strengths
  • 6:48 ROC vs OG discussion: OG playing around PowerofEvil, Roccat’s early game struggls
  • 9:10 Trashy on different jungle styles - high risk high reward vs controlling junglers in the meta - 1-3-1 double TP comps
  • 12:40 FNC vs S04 recap - where is the S04 hype from week 1?
    Gilius on and off performance - why Trick is the best jungler in EU LCS
  • 16:25 Fnatic’s current form
  • 17:00 G2 vs H2K match of the week discussion and why H2K and G2 are the strongest teams in the league
  • 19:44 Trashy on BO2’s and playing more games
  • 20:25 Standings discussion and Splyce’s expecations for the split
  • 22:40 Player of the game ranking
  • 24:10 Elder drake vs Baron importance

In Friday’s episode, H2K’s toplaner Odoamne speaks to his team’s 3-1 week and their match of the week vs G2, he breaks down OG’s loss to GIANTS as well as going over the rest of the standings  shines his light on the strong picks for the toplane.

Discussed topics:

  • 0:00 - Recap Origen vs Giants
  • 06:00 - EULCS average game times and explanation from Odoamne
  • 06:55 - Schalke vs Roccat recap
  • 08:07 - Odoamne’s opinion on Ekko top after nerfs
  • 8:58 - Odoamne on Rumble in the current meta
  • 9:58 - Fnatic recap and Odoamne’s opinion of the team
  • 11:30 - Splyce and the bottom 7 teams level compared to H2K, Fnatic and G2
  • 12:50 - H2K vs Vitality recap
  • 14:06 - Odoamne on Cabochards performance this split
  • 14:33 - Best toplaner in EU?
  • 14:53 - Odoamne on Pr0lly trolling people on twitter
  • 15:55 - Standings
  • 16:40 - Vedius on who might break into top 6
  • 18:08 - Mid lane week teaser and hype!