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Quickficio’s Totally Accurate Spring Split Predictions

The EU LCS’ bromantic caster combo don their fortune-telling caps and predict the most important events of the upcoming split.

Rejoice EU LCS fans! After a long off-season full of speculation, roster swaps and gloating over Worlds results (EU>NA… again), the spring split is finally upon us! The action kicks off Friday, January 19 live from the EU LCS studio in Berlin at 6 PM CET. To keep the excitement building, we enlisted the on-air team’s resident Mystic Megs to take us through all the twists and turns we’ll see throughout the split: play-by-play caster Trevor “Quickshot” Henry and colour caster Martin “Deficio” Lynge. We carefully selected these categories to ensure you get the information you really need to know, but Quickshot and Deficio insisted on adding their own categories too. 

We’re sorry in advance.



Jiizuke is the first Italian player to compete in the EU LCS.

Europe has long been known for the talented rookies it introduces to the scene every year. We asked Martin and Trevor to pick the rookie they’re most excited to see perform this split, but with one exception: nobody was allowed to pick Upset, because that’s just cheating.

Deficio: I’m picking Sheriff! When I watched him in the open qualifier a while ago he was just blasting people in lane; he was super aggressive, mechanically gifted, he’s performed well in solo queue for a long time, and he’s confident. This guy can talk some smack. I’m excited to see him in the LCS facing off against players that are spoken about far more; players like Upset or Minitroupax. I think Sheriff can actually do some serious damage and maybe beat up some of the old names in the EU LCS.

Quickshot: I’m picking Jiizuke, the “Italian Stallion” (FYI: Deficio and Quickshot insisted we use this moniker...). I’m so excited to watch our first Italian player against a mid lane talent pool that’s historically been very strong. 

Deficio: And he plays some wacky shit.

Quickshot: I was very impressed with Giants in the promotion tournament as a squad, and four of those guys are returning under the Vitality banner, and I want to see that core and how well he plays. 


While EU LCS casters may present themselves as the absolute peak of professionalism on air, in reality they’re foul-mouthed brigands that are prone to a disastrous slip-up at any moment. None more so than Martin “Deficio” Lynge, but can we trust him to hold it in? Will Deficio be the virtuous one this split? Has he learned common broadcast etiquette and manners?


Amazing joins the analyst desk for the 2018 EU LCS

Quickshot: There’s no doubt in my mind it’ll be Deficio. Even when he’s swearing and we’re not live, the cameras are rolling, and we’ve run those videos in the past. Historically, he’s also been the most foul-mouthed caster in the history of League of Legends. So Deficio, with the help of our broadcast team.

Defricio: I’m going to say Amazing.

Quickshot: SHIT! I FORGOT!

Deficio: Maurice “Amazing” Stückenschneider hasn’t yet been tamed, he’s still a wild beast in his on-air mannerisms. He’s also aggressively opinionated, and he’s absolutely going to drop an F-bomb in there long before I do it. I bet he drops at least two during the spring split.

Quickshot later begged us to amend his prediction and say he also believes it will be Amazing, but insisted Deficio will take second place.



Pride proved his mechanicial prowess on Roccat—can he fulfil his potential?

Every split there’s a player that’s on the cusp of being something special. Whether they’re simply inconsistent or playing with a group of boosted monkeys holding them back, they’re just a step below greatness, but full of potential. We asked Trevor and Martin to identify which players will finally make it to the upper echelon and achieve greatness.

Quickshot: I think G2 Esports’ Hjarnan is most likely to grow. I like the team around him, with Perkz; Jankos; Wunder; and Wadid, and I think Hjarnan has always been one tier below S-tier in EU. There’s various reasons for that, but I reckon he’s going to shine, he’s going to grow, and he’s going to be a strong performer on this squad.

Deficio: I’m going for Pridestalker. First of all, he renamed to Pride which is so much cooler than Pridestalker, so that’s a big improvement already. He’s really strong mechanically and he’s on a team with solid veterans, so it’s time for him to unleash his own inner power. We’re going into a carry-jungler meta which will favour him, and considering Europe’s jungle pool isn’t particularly strong, there’s a lot of room for a guy like Pride to challenge the top, and I think he can do it.


In the 2015, 2016 and 2017 editions of “Love Island: EU LCS” it was of course Martin and Trevor who really clicked, becoming the casting desk’s most famous bromance. Following Trevor’s marriage, however, it’s time for a new power couple to enter the limelight. But, as one would expect, there’s early drama afoot on caster island…

Trevor and Martin

Name a more iconic duo. We'll wait.

Deficio: So obviously Trevor and I are married, which means there’s only one eligible colour caster left: Vedius. There’s plenty of play-by-play casters vying for his affection; there’s Pira, Medic, and Drakos. There’s already built-in synergy between Drakos and Vedius but it never feels like they’re ready to take the next step, they’re just flirting. So I think it could be Medic and Vedi, especially since they’re going to live together. 

Quickshot: But that could tear them apart. I also think Vedius might make a play for me, so I’m going for Quickshot and Vedius.

Deficio: I’m going for Drakos and Vedius, because ultimately I don’t think Vedi and Medic click enough, and when they live together they’ll get tired of each other and Vedius will drift to Drakos instead.


It takes a particular pair of teams to reach #80minutesthedream, but back in the 2017 spring split Origen and Roccat ensured that dream became a meme. Trevor and Martin will remember it better than most, though perhaps not fondly, as they were the (un?)lucky duo casting it. With Roccat completely rebuilding their team and Origen no longer part of the LCS, our experts look at who can take up their mantle for spring 2018.

Deficio: We know G2 and Fnatic will play pretty fast games, so it won’t be the likes of them. We’re looking for a couple of teams that will really struggle to close out games. When I look at the Giants line-up, I think this team could be in for some long ass games. 

Quickshot: And I can’t shake the feeling that this Unicorns of Love team would also struggle. Especially if you look at the players, we know Kold (formerly known as Trashy) isn’t the most decisive of late game shotcaller-types. 

Deficio: I agree, and I don’t really see a shotcaller in this Giants team. I think these two teams could give us a 60-minute game.

Quickshot: If we want to hit #80minutesthedream, however, we’re going to need something magical to happen.



Can coach André turn FC Schalke 04 into a top team?

Coaching staff has steadily been improving in the EU LCS over time, but like in any sport teams are prone to dropping coaches and bringing in new blood pretty often. Going into 2018 we’ve already seen some big changes, including G2’s four-time champion coach Youngbuck moving to Fnatic to manage the team. With so many changes, there’s a huge opportunity for Europe’s next superstar coach to make a name for himself.

Quickshot: André the (former) Giant for Schalke 04 Esports. Very excited to see what he can do with the team. He carried himself well when the Giants qualified for the EU LCS last year. He’s very opinionated, and he demands a level of respect that I haven’t seen from other coaches.

Deficio: I’m going with my boy fredy122, the ONLY undefeated coach in professional games in the EU LCS. Never lost a match. 100% win rate. 1-0 in series wins. First time he’s an actual head coach, and he’s been around the scene for a long long time. If this guy brings out Aatrox in a draft, he’s guaranteed to be everyone’s coach to watch. Also he can’t afford to lose that 100% win rate, it’s the greatest coaching achievement he has. 


Wow, there you have it folks. Some truly enlightening predictions there from the experts. What a privilege to be able to bring them to you, the loyal EU LCS fans. How can you not look forward to the broadcast now? Remember to tune in to the EU LCS as it kicks off on Friday, January 19 at 5 PM CET! Catch it on watch.lolesports.com, YouTube and on the Riot Games Twitch channel!