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Reforged: EU Lolesports in 2018

It’s not just runes and rosters that have been reforged for the 2018 season; we updated lolesports based on your feedback and we’re going harder than ever this year! Check out the site updates and our plans for 2018.

#EUphoria was rampant in 2017: at the Mid-Season Invitational in Brazil, G2 saw off North America, China and others to reach Europe’s first major international final since the Season 1 World Championship in 2011. At Worlds 2017 in China, two European teams reached the Quarters—once again knocking out NA and other wildcards. Fnatic produced a near-impossible week 2 comeback to advance, while rookies Misfits knocked out NA favourites TSM and took the gods of SK Telecom T1 to their knees in an epic five-game series, just narrowly missing out on a spot in the Semis.

Now it’s time to look forward to the 2018 season of the EU LCS, as it looks to be one of the most exciting yet. With the new runes finally making their way to top leagues around the world and European teams seeing major roster shuffles, including four-time EU LCS champions G2 Esports almost completely rebuilding their entire roster, it’s time to engage the hype thrusters as the spring split kicks off on Friday, January 19.

Yes, Friday—for 2018 the EU LCS will move to new Friday and Saturday time slots at 6 PM and 5 PM CET respectively. Thanks to your continued feedback, we’re excited to move to the most requested time slots for EU fans. You can check out the schedule for the first four weeks of play and find ticket details here. We’re also moving back to Best of 1s in a single league, double round-robin format, which means you can catch your favourite teams every day on Lolesports, YouTube and on the Riot Games Twitch channel. You can check out all the details in the article "EU LCS in 2018 and Beyond" right here.

Along with the EU LCS format updates, we overhauled eu.lolesports.com for the 2018 season. You may have noticed the snazzy new look already, but our changes extend to content as well; we re-evaluated our strategy for 2018 based on the articles you’ve told us you want more of, including more guides, more interviews, and more casters and professional players lending their voices to EU lolesports than ever before. Our aim is to make EU lolesports the definitive destination for European content for years to come, and we’re building an excellent team of writers to regularly deliver high-quality, EU-focused content to you.

We’ve been reading every comment you’ve left us here, on Reddit, and on social media, and we appreciate your feedback. The feedback we receive helps us to make more informed decisions when making changes to the EU LCS format, the site redesign, and the content we’re producing. So keep sending feedback our way, and we’ll continue to make improvements.

Let us know what you think of the website redesign in the comments below, and give us your predictions for the spring split! We’ll see you back on the Rift on January 19.