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Attend the LCS - Unlock cool rewards!

Get diamond without grinding a single ranked game, and unlock cool prizes along the way - all just by attending EU LCS.

Last year we introduced a rewards card system for the EU LCS in Berlin. We wanted to give back to our most dedicated fans who made their way out to watch LCS in person, cheered for their favorite teams and brought endless energy and hype into the studio. We were amazed by how often some of you showed up regularly, and based on your feedback, we evolved the system for 2017 to make it more exciting!

This year there are new tiers, and even more rewards for you to collect. Everyone will be starting in Silver Tier - because let’s be honest, EU LCS fans place higher than Bronze - and as you collect stamps, not only do you unlock cool rewards, but also higher tiers. Once your Silver card is full, we’ll promote you to Gold (card tier, not in game), so you can continue collecting new items and rise up to Diamond Tier.

How can I get a rewards card?

That’s easy- come to the EU LCS studio in Berlin and you’ll get your first Silver card at the entrance.

How do I get stamps?

You get a guaranteed stamp for every visit to EU LCS. Occasionally, there will be other ways to obtain stamps, which we will share inside the studio.

What are the rewards?


Silver Tier

5 Stamps

League of Legends branded Swag Bag filled with goodies.

10 Stamps

Exclusive EU LCS poster signed by the on-air talent team and two free tickets to the studio. Unlock Gold Tier.



Gold Tier

5 Stamps

You choose: either a cosy Baron or Tibbers pillow.

10 Stamps

One time free entry for a 2017 Berlin studio show for you and a friend plus a guided backstage tour. Unlock Platinum Tier.



Platinum Tier

5 Stamps

You'll get to take home an exclusive Chrome Pulsefire Ezreal statue, not available in our merch store or anywhere else.

10 Stamps

No getting stuck at 99 LP for you - today you'll unlock Diamond Tier. You don't get a shiny border, but what you do get is even better...



Diamond Tier

Once you unlock Diamond Tier, you don't need to collect stamps anymore. Instead, you'll receive a personalized badge which grants free entry to 2017 EU LCS Studio Shows. To add some icing to the cake, we’ll also arrange a backstage meet and greet with your favorite team or the on-air talent team for you!

Where do I collect my rewards?

Rewards and higher tier cards will be given out by the Riot staff at the Merch booth inside the EU LCS studio.

I lost my card, what now?

When you unlock a higher tier, we’ll write down your name, so if you lose your card we can give you a new card of the same tier. Keep in mind that you will have to start with zero stamps on the replacement card and we will do this only once.

I am a Master or Challenger player, why should I start in Silver Tier?

Maybe try gitting gud so you can be on stage instead of in the audience. :^)

Where do I get tickets again?

Head on over to our tickets page for more information!

Make sure to bring along your card and collect your stamp whenever you attend. If you have any other questions about the rewards system, feel free to talk to any of the Rioters at the EU LCS merch booth. See you soon, and good luck on the grind!