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The Saturday stakes are higher than ever at the LEC Spring Playoffs

There’s more on the line than ever before, as the new Playoffs format gives room for revenge in a tantalising semifinal.

Editor's note: A previous version of this article used the phrase 'poaching' in describing a roster move. The term was used to reference the meme. We regret the error.

Saturday 13th April FNC vs OG - get tickets here

Sunday 14th April G2 vs FNC/OG - get tickets here

With a new format for the LEC Spring Playoffs that gives us even more scope for tantalising storylines, Saturday’s semifinal promises to be every bit as explosive as Sunday’s final this weekend at the Rotterdam Ahoy in the Netherlands.

You see, along with a new name and new look, the LEC Playoffs have been given a brand new format this year. Just three teams are heading to Rotterdam – Origen, Fnatic and G2 – where the entire split will be decided in two best-of-five matches across Saturday and Sunday.

The video below explains the bracket and each team’s route to the finals in more detail:

We think this new format will deliver more excitement, more emotion – what the LEC stands for – throughout the playoffs. But what are the ramifications for all the teams involved? Let’s take a look.

Fnatic’s fight back

Fnatic pulled a 3-1 win over Splyce

Against expectations, last year’s World Championship runners-up Fnatic made a lethargic start to the first ever LEC Spring Split, losing seven times over nine weeks. And yet somehow, the team coalesced when they needed to, and their 11 wins were enough to earn a tied third place finish and a Round of 4 match against fellow Worlds 2018 alumni Team Vitality during the regular Spring split.

Since then the squad have found their form, sweeping Vitality and then pushing aside Splyce 3-1 in the playoff quarterfinals, and head into Saturday with as much momentum as anyone. A few weeks ago it looked like Fnatic wouldn’t even make the playoffs – now they’re one match away from the finals.

Origen’s second chance at the ultimate comeback

A photo of Origen during Round 2 of the LEC Spring Playoffs

It’s not all over for Origen just yet

Origen almost made a fairytale start to their LEC return, finishing second in regular season after being relegated from the EU LCS and top flight European League two years ago, showing some of the promise of the OG squad that once made it to the semifinals of Worlds. The new look Origen couldn’t quite hit those same highs, however, and were dispatched ruthlessly by G2 in the playoff quarterfinals.

But here’s the thing – the new format means that Origen are thrown a lifeline in the form of entry into the Saturday’s Semis, a Best of Five match. Win that, and they head to the final against G2 on Sunday, and another shot at making one of the greatest returns in all of esports.

G2 Esports lie in wait for Saturday’s victor

G2 dominated throughout all three games

G2 Esports have been the team to beat in the inaugural LEC Spring Split thanks to their savvy squad additions post-Worlds, signing Caps from World Championship finalists Fnatic, and bringing in Mikyx from Misfits, while moving Perkz from mid lane to ADC – a risky move that has more than paid off, with G2 cruising to a 3-0 victory over second place Origen this past weekend.

As a result of their strong form G2 not only enjoy a one round-bye but two, meaning they’ll be well rested, and crucially prepared, for whoever survives Saturday’s vicious semifinal.

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