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Here comes the EU vs. NA. Who will be victorious on the second day of the 2018 MSI group stage?

Check out the most interesting games that await in the coming MSI matches.

Fnatic vs Team Liquid

The rivalry between Europe and North America goes back to the beginnings of League. When the Korean and Chinese powers were still nowhere near their eSport peaks, it was crews from the Old World and their biggest rivals, representatives of the later formed NA LCS, that were paving the way. Every event at which our regions clash with each other and the rest of the world is a test of our strength and a vent for the emotions that accompany our rivalry. The 2018 MSI is on home turf for us Europeans. The world’s best teams have come to Fnatic’s well-known gaming house in Berlin to battle it out for promotion to the next phase of this prestigious tournament.

The first result in this war between the EU and NA will be seen on the second day of the group stage. The last game of the day, which starts around 16:00 CEST, will be a battle not only for the precious points, but most importantly for honor and confirmation of superiority in this old conflict. Local fans from Europe are no doubt preparing to welcome Doublelift with loud chants of “FNATIC! FNATIC!”, but are the EU LCS champions in the good enough form to come out on top?

Fnatic Broxah

Fnatic Broxah

A cold shower was waiting for both teams on day one. Both of them had one of the tournament’s favorites in their way – RNG faced Fnatic and KZ faced Team Liquid – from a region that was potentially a little weaker because it needed an additional elimination round to get to the group stage. Fnatic resisted a little more and their games lasted longer, but that doesn’t change the fact that the Asian teams generally presented themselves much better. The final score of this clash may be influenced by these crews’ previous match. Starting around 11:00 CEST, Fnatic will be the first up, facing the in-form Kingzone DragonX, while Team Liquid “only” awaits Flash Wolves.

Will Fnatic manage to beat KZ and be carried by the triumph to victory over TL? Or maybe their failure will undermine their hopes even more and Doublelift’s crew will get the point for themselves? Let us know what you think!

Fnatic vs Kingzone DragonX

The enormous hopes put into Fnatic were flattened by two bitter defeats. Their third match will probably be even harder, as they go up against the Korean Kingzone DragonX. For the LCK champions, it’s just another step toward the playoffs. They’re the favorites in the group stage and even for the MSI title. Winning the most valuable global league gives you a huge amount of prestige. This will be a difficult test for Fnatic, and while failure won’t be the end of the world, it will put the chances of the Europeans in the balance. Every defeat from that point on will put them further away from progressing to the playoffs.


Kingzone DragonX: Khan, Peanut, BDD, Pray

Unfortunately, the bar has been set high. KZ has two decisive victories under its belt, including the total domination of the Chinese RNG, the other favorites of this tournament. The balance they’ve struck since entering the competition seems to give the visitors better odds.

Do you think Fnatic has a chance of defeating Kingzone DragonX? Or maybe we’ll see another tournament with a triumphant LCK representative?

Kingzone DragonX 2:0
Flash Wolves 2:0

Royal Never Give Up 1:1
Evos Esports 1:1
Fnatic 0:2
Team Liquid 0:2

The most interesting moments of the first day of the group stage

Fnatic vs Royal Never Give Up

Fnatic gave their fans a ray of hope by opening the rival’s base. They were so close to success, but Uzi’s spider-sense started tingling at the perfect moment, managing to find Fnatic in an unfortunate position and then blow the opening points out of their heads.

Fnatic vs Royal Never Give Up

Although the hosts gave up in this duel, Caps, aka Baby Faker, locked Yasuo in this match and showed everyone a piece of good League.

Flash Wolves vs Fnatic

Rekkles is one the world’s best marksmen, but Betty from Flash Wolves apparently doesn’t care. A bold Flash right into the ranks of Fnatic was the impressive culmination of the Wolves’ dominance.

Evos vs Flash Wolves

It was strange to watch Uzi’s and Slay’s Kog’Maw one after another.

Royal Never Give Up vs Kingzone DragonX

When you show your superiority in an honorable 1v1, but your lane is haunted by an abyssal frog that spoils all the fun. Thanks for the SS, Uzi!

Which game are you waiting for the most in the next day of the tournament?
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